You know something, Transformers can be whatever they want. Cars, planes, boats...heck even a oven.

They can also feel love, they can be straight, Bisexual, gay, trans, they can be anything. It kinda hurts to see some people ain't accepting of this. Times have changed.
Yes Transformers is a brand aimed at kids, but it's also aimed at older audiences now and a part of that is world building. Stores don't have to be straight and narrow or "just for boys"

I love the fact that there are same sex couples and transgender characters in Transformers.
It really adds more to them as characters, to the stories they are in, really makes their world more relatable. Transformers is an escape as well from the real world.

People will be against this, we can't change that, but the rest of us can unite!

Till all are one!
I've seen some things lately regarding this and....I dunno why there is an issue with Transformers being in love or being really does escape my as to why that is a problem.

Just glad atleast a majority out there support this and that's what I love about y'all!
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