If @RahulGandhi was our Prime Minister, he would have handled the #COVID situation much much better. Here's why (Thread👇):
He had figured out the dangers of the virus back on 12th Feb 2020. While the govt was busy planning campaign for PM of another country with Namaste Trump preps with massive gatherings and while living in denial. @RahulGandhi would've started taking preventive action in time.
While the GoI was living in denial about the virus and fooling the people of India, had @RahulGandhi been PM he would've been honest to the Indian people and taking action to ensure preventive measures and stop the virus from spreading within time.
Had @RahulGandhi been the PM, he would have focused on the economy as well and prevented it from getting destroyed, back in early March 2020 itself.
Unlike our clueless govt, @RahulGandhi was well aware that we would end up paying a heavy price if immediate action wasn't taken. He was right. Things would've been different had he been the PM.
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, he would be ramped up testing on time and increased the ICU availably. For economy, he would give immediate assistance to daily wagers and street vendors and tax breaks to MSMEs.
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, he would've taken measures to control the destruction of our economy due to COVID in March 2020 itself, while the current govt was actually busy destroying it.
. @RahulGandhi understands the importance of being united as a country. Had he been PM, unfortunate incidents of Islamophobia, and blaming of the virus on a certain community, "corona jihad" would NEVER happen!
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, he would not play silly Social Media games, instead he would take real concrete action to stop the spread of the virus.
With @RahulGandhi as PM, we would have mass random testing to control the spread.
He would flatten the curve.
. @RahulGandhi would treat the covid warriors with the dignity and respect they deserve. The current govt cut salaries, forced them to donate to PM CARES and what not.
Under @RahulGandhi we would NEVER have an unplanned lockdown.
We would have had a vaccine distribution strategy in August 2020 itself if @RahulGandhi was PM!!!
He reminded the govt AGAIN in late August 2020 and asked them to put an inclusive vaccine access strategy in place. They didn't. Had he been PM, things would've been so much different.
If @RahulGandhi was PM, we would be have such a mismanagement of COVID.
None of this suffering would happen had @RahulGandhi been the PM.
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, the JEE-NEET exam would be held differently. Not by ignoring the anxieties of students, and putting lacks of students and their families at risk.
Our economy wouldn't have been such a disaster due to COVID, had @RahulGandhi been the PM. He would understand the situation in time and would do the right thing to protect it. The first step to fixing something is admitting that there's a problem.
This is from May 2020. Sorry missed this while was posting tweets from May.

Had @RahulGandhi been PM, he would've called the Niti Ayog's faulty predictions and course corrected well in advance.
Another missed tweet from earlier. Slight deviation from the TL, my bad. This one's from March 2020. Had @RahulGandhi been PM he would've taken the WHO guidelines very seriously and ensured minimum losses.
India would have been in a much better position wrt COVID handling with @RahulGandhi as PM.
Again he expresses concern over the vaccine distribution strategy. He first spoke of it in Aug 2020. The govt STILL has no well-defined vaccine distribution strategy in place.
None of these questions stand answered. Had @RahulGandhi been the PM, we would all probably been vaccinated by now. Or at least would have an idea of the timeline of when it's going to happen.
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, every Indian would be entitled to a free vaccine, through a well-defined vaccine distribution drive.
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, we wouldn't see such name-calling when there's an issue, instead we would see him fixing the issues at hand.
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, we would never see such fake promise and double standards.
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, millions of lives would never been destroyed. We would have a strategic lockdown, not a useless unplanned one like the one we had
We would definitely have a better and more effective vaccine distribution strategy in place if @RahulGandhi was our PM.
The negligence and over-confidence that we saw by Feb this year would never happen if @RahulGandhi was PM.
Had @RahulGandhi been PM, the people of India would have more faith in the govt. And all the issues arising due to lack of trust in GoI wouldn't exist.
If @RahulGandhi was PM, he wouldn't let 3-4 crony capitalists run the country. The people of this country will rule. There would be fair distribution of wealth.
This would never happen with @RahulGandhi as PM.
He wouldn't let us get complacent on covid, putting our own lives at risk.
We wouldn't have an unnecessary unplanned lockdown that took so many lives.
If @RahulGandhi was PM, he would ensure vaccine for all. We wouldn't be stuck in the need vs want debate.
If @RahulGandhi was PM, we wouldn't be celebrating our sorry situation with utsavs!
If @RahulGandhi was PM, these wouldn't need to be 'demanded', they would've been done.
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