Stepped out to head to Majestic to check out the situation. Just capturing what I am seeing at Marathahalli (1/n)

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Marathahalli bridge bus stop on Old airport road towards Majestic, before Marathahalli signal. People waiting to go to Shivajinagar, Majestic, Yeshwanthpur etc., no buses of course. Some of them are waiting for over 15 mins at a bus stop where we see buses every few mins. (2/n)
Marathahalli bridge bus stop towards Kundanahalli. Usually buses every few mins and at least 3-4 BMTC buses wait here at any point of time. (3/n)
While I was clicking pictures of the opposite side, I saw a van stopping at the bus stop towards Majestic. He took off before I could speak to the 'conductor', but the guy waiting to go to Majestic got on to this bus. The conductor didn't seem keen to take me on board 🤔 (4/n)
The scene at Marathahalli bridge bus stop towards Majestic (after signal). People are negotiating with autos. I tried to ask for Shivajinagar or Majestic. They said they are only running till HAL or Domlur on shared basis. (5/n)
I was planning to take an Ola auto. But an auto driver taking passengers to Manipal on shared basis, he kept soliciting me to get into the auto. So I took it till Manipal for 40 Rs. (6/n)
Four of us traveled in the auto getting of at different points and others boarding in between etc till Manipal hospital. From there, I took another auto to Shivajinagar where I am meeting up with @vinaysreeni to head to Majestic. More later (n/n)
Btw, the bus fare to HAL and Manipal are in the 15-20 Rs range in BMTC. We paid double the bus fare today!!
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