Thank you Deputy CM @Dchautala ji for accepting #AravalliBachao petition demanding removal of Bandhwari landfill from Aravallis, cancellation of plan to build waste to energy plant in our forest, implementation of sustainable waste management in Gurgaon+Faridabad
7400+ people have signed #AravalliBachao  petition in 3 weeks of its launch & the numbers are growing every minute.



We sincerely hope that @Dchautala stands with the people & the Aravallis.
Request decision makers & media friends to see this short film made by #AravalliBachao group highlighting havoc that Bandhwari landfill is causing on people living nearby & explaining why decision to make waste to energy plant in Aravallis is disastrous.
After consulting with Waste Mgt Experts across India who have helped implement sustainable waste models in Kerala, Indore, Ambikapur etc, #AravalliBachao group is presenting practical solutions to manage 2000 tons of Gurgaon+Faridabad's waste daily
@MunCorpGurugram @yashpalmurar
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