A real man does not share in the guilt of a crime committed by other men (or women.) When you see a crime, you condemn it, you demand for justice and continue being the great upstanding man that you are. Don't go preaching to every other man about being a "better man." Amen?
If a man commits a crime against a woman and is brought before you,a real man does not condemn the criminal outrightly without asking question just so he is seen as a good woman.

A real man asks questions, sincere/genuine truth-finding questions without taking any sides. Amen?
As a man, your job is not to protect women from being harmed by degenerate men (or women). You also have yourself to protect because you can be a potential victim.

Your job is a man is to be a responsible, hard-working citizen who doesn't pose any threat to any woman...or man..
If you see criminals harming a woman (or man), it is not your responsibility to be a hero. You are not the police. Call the police.

Your job is not to be a criminal and to ensure we have a society where criminals get the punishment they deserve, away from us sane citizens
As a man, be very open to helping other men (more than woman I'd say). Men are not used to getting help because the society doesn't care about men who need help.

There are million of organisations/individuals dedicated to helping women. So a help rendered to a man is priceless
Please if you have any other sermon for men, please share it under this thread for other men. Use the hashtag #InternationalTwitterMensDay so we can RT and engage
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