For foreigners in #Beijing, there is a walk up vaccination centre now operating at New Century in #Shunyi. Apparently super quick and simple. You don’t need an appointment.
The photos I saw had people receiving the Sinopharm vaccine (I’ve already had the first dose of this one). Don’t forget to take your passport with you.
The place is called Riverville Plaza apparently or 温榆广场 (Wenyu Guangchang). The vaccine costs 93.5 元 for foreigners or free for Chinese citizens with their ID.
Either way, I don’t think many foreigners are going to baulk at paying the equivalent of $USD14 to be vaccinated against the #coronavirus.
Somebody just posted this from Qatar Airways. I can’t see that situation lasting for long. There’s no way they are going to want to miss out on all the business from those who’ve received Chinese or Russian vaccines.
Some more vaccination locations in #Beijing available for foreigners... #China.
BTW it seems that place I referred to in the first post in this thread will wrap up 1st doses of the vaccine TODAY in #Beijing so might have to get your skates on for that place. Alternatively here are some other vaccination locations in the city. #China
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