[Thread] Every pro-abortion argument mirrors 19th century pro-slavery arguments. I'll show you:

Argument from ownership: “This slave/baby is my property/body. You can't tell me what to do with it.”
Argument from privacy: "No one is forcing you to have slaves/abortions. Mind your own business."

Argument from superseding rights: “My property/body autonomy rights come before the rights of a slave/fetus.”
Argument from inevitability: “Slavery/abortion has been around for thousands of years, it’s never going away. We might as well have a safe and legal system in place for it.”
Argument from pseudoscience: “Slaves/fetuses aren’t really people. They aren’t like us. Therefore we are human and they are not.”
Argument from socioeconomics: “If slavery/abortion ends, the slaves/babies will end up on the street without jobs.”
Argument from the courts: “Slavery/abortion was vindicated by the Supreme Court. It’s been decided. There’s no point in arguing it. It's settled law."
Argument from faux-compassion: “Slavery/abortion is in the best interest of Africans/babies. The world can be a cruel place. It’s best to protect them from it by keeping them enslaved/aborting them.”
Argument from the assumed hypocrisy of the other side: "You say you want to end slavery/abortion, but you don't want to live with freed slaves/adopt unwanted babies yourself.”
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