If it wasn't for Christopher Eccleston, where would Doctor Who be?

If it wasn't for CE we probably wouldn't have had series 2.

Christopher Eccleston is the reason why I never stopped watching.

He was my first Doctor and I shall stand up for him until the end of time. https://twitter.com/TomVance_/status/1380287939196948482
If it wasn't for CE, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Sir John Hurt, Peter Capaldi, Jodie Whittaker and Jo Martin's roles would never have existed.

Christopher is the reason why Doctor Who became popular again, a new Doctor for a new generation and a fantastic actor in the lead role.
This thread could go on forever considering all the reasons why Mr Eccleston is brilliant as Nine.

Which is another reason as to why we never skip Nine because Nine is so important to Doctor Who and the rest of the fandom.
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