thread on @/dxmbmxtt and their lying and cheating
so a while ago i met this person named Jade. Jade and i started talking we did sexual stuff over text and i sent them nudes on multiple occasions. and i thought things were going well. Jade had gotten jealous of a friend of mine who said they liked me and also mailman i said +
was cute. and it was fine since i thought the jealousy was adorable. so i would get equally as jealous, it was never toxic just comments like “your mine” but once i commented that under a post and @cuinpurgatory responded saying that Jade was theirs so i texted Jade and she +
told me that the situation with her and Petal was complicated but she did like me but she had no way of proving it. so i decided to distance my self a little bit which meant we talked a lot less, throught that whole time i kept saying i didn’t want to intrude on anything Jade +
and Petal had but Jade said that there was nothing to intrude on. so i ended up getting back onto good terms with Jade. Jade assured me that Petal liked her but she didn’t know if she liked Petal back or not but she did know that she liked me. and i began asking questions +
about Petal and Jade’s friendship. i asked if they had dated and Jade told me that “idrk. its like we're in a relationship. but theres things we say and things we dont. idk. likei said, really weird” and immediately after that i got a dm from Petal telling me that +
them and Jade were together and to stop hitting on them and so i took a screenshot and sent it to Jade in which they responded “ i know they're trying to get you to answer, but would you please just ignore them.” and so for a while i did, until i ended up sending the screenshot +
of the things Jade sent to me. it was revealed that Petal and Jade were in fact dating and that Jade had been lying to Petal abt the friendship she had with me and lying to me about the relationship she had with Petal.
Screenshots will be provided below but all in all the point is, please don’t cheat on people who love you, it can be emotionally and mentally draining to them. we decided to post this thread to let people know what Jade has done and we do not want anyone to send them +
hate or anything like that, we simply just do not want this happening to anyone else since it caused us so much pain and sorrow.
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