One last note than I have to go:

Some health workers reached out, hospital and LTC nurses and paramedics, to share graphic details of their personal, extreme suffering during pandemic.

They just wanted to talk. I'm grateful.

I am shocked, horrified, and heartbroken, for them.
They are suffering extreme PTSD.

When they ask for help, they are often turned down by the system, and WSIB.

Astoundingly, the system is rigged against them to deny them even the most basic care and services they need.
They are doubted and belittled at every turn, with govt officials and management suggesting their PTSD isn't real or a fraud.

This is happening, as we speak, to countless health workers. Leaving them little options but to quit bc they know they are not well enough to work.
As a result, some are ending their lives because they are discarded and made to feel unworthy.

This after sacrificing their whole selves far beyond human limits, for far too long without rest, and care.
It is an ongoing atrocity committed on a mass scale in Ontario through-out pandemic.

They need the public's help. Desperately.

We need to scream loud for them. This will turn out to be one of our greatest shames.

There are so many blocks preventing them fr telling us publicly.
Their suffering, and abuse at the hands of a system that is built to suppress reporting and reject taking ANY responsibility, is far worse than most people in Ontario can begin to comprehend.

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