Warning ⚠️ Graphic!!! Attacks in China Thread

October 28, 2013, Beijing. 3 #Uyghur members of Turkistan Islamic Party drive a van into crowds of Tiananmen Square. After hit the guardrail, ignited stored gasoline in the car. Two tourists killed, 38 injured
March 1st, 2014. 8 #Uyghur attackers wielding long knives stabbed people indiscriminately at Kunming train stations in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. 31 civilians killed, 143 injured.
April 30th, 2014. A knife and bombing attack at Urumqi train station to coincide w Xi Jinping’s visit to #Xinjiang 3 killed, 79 injured.

#Uyghur jihadist organization Turkistan Islamic Party (frmerly known as ETIM) claimed responsibility
May 22, 2014, 5 #Uyghur attackers drove 2 SUV into crowds of farmers market in Urumqi, capital of #Xinjiang. Attackers threw bombs into crowd. 31 killed, 94 injured.
August 17, 2015. 2 #Uyghur attackers Adem Karadag and Mieraili Yusufu set off bomb attack at Erawan Shrine, Bangkok that’s frequented by Chinese tourists. 20 killed, 125 injured.
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