There are so many talks about Pfizer vaccine. Everyone wants to get more vaccines here, get everyone vaccinated so that we can have slightly similar life to Pre COVID times.

But there are many limitations. Putting some facts & my questions here.
Storage & Shelf life-
Pfizer vaccine-
In Ultra-Cold Freezer (-60°C to -80°C) - up to 6 months
In Freezer (-15°C to -25°C) - up to 2 weeks
In refrigerator (2°C - 8°C) - up to 120 hours

2°C - 8°C - up to 9 months/expiry

2°C - 8°C - up to expiry
Fast forwarding story, consider Pfizer got approval by DCGI in India.

Vaccine will be available only at few cities in very few centres d/t cold chain & supply

For eg, Pune has 3 centres with Pfizer vaccine which can vaccinate 100 beneficiaries/day
That raises a question

Will people wait for their turn at these 3 centres to get Pfizer vaccine or will they take COVISHIELD/COVAXIN?

Will this boost up vaccination drive or slow down?
(Not comparing vaccines here- but looking at news & WA forwards, this question is valid.)
If we make this vaccine 'paid' only as per some suggestions. Only who are able to pay will get access to it. What message will it send to who can't pay for it? Won't it give rise to more vaccine hesitancy?

Currently both vaccines (SII&BB) are available free & paid.
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