Thread: Attention people (Ireland) who qualify for a vaccine under Cohort 4 based on a high BMI. There seems to have been a change for this particular cohort - hospital consultants/clinics are NOT referring this group for vaccination, you have to ring your GP.
I have Crohn's Disease, which in itself isn't included in the list of conditions to qualify for vaccination, but I also have a high BMI. I've attended St James's for 20 years for this disease and been weighed at EVERY app, as weight is a metric of disease activity.
I assumed that because my weight is taken consistently at this clinic that the hospital would be referring me for vaccination under the High BMI cohort, but when I contacted them today they said no, contact your GP. So I did! And guess what ...
Apparently they don't know anything about vaccinating cohort 4, they were under the impression the hospitals were doing it. SO! I rang the HSE helpline and a very helpful woman, Emma, advised me that hospitals were doing all other conditions but GPs would vaccinate the high BMIs.
So then I got back to my GP and advised them of this, direct from the HSE and they didn't know anything about it. They're still vaccinating the over 75s and have no more info. They took my name but ...I'm not optimistic. HILARIOUSLY ...
...the HSE website said EVERYONE in Cohort 4 will have their first jab by May 3! MAY THIRD! When the GPs don't actually know they're supposed to be vaccinating cohort 4 and are unable to even say if they will do in the future.
So if you qualify in Cohort 4 with a high BMI, it's worth ringing your GP to see what the story is. Maybe they got lucky with vaccines and are further ahead in their programme than mine and know all about their responsibilities towards their patients and will add you to a list ..
... or maybe you'll be the first person giving them this information. Who knows?! Who can tell?!
TL/DR - if you've a high BMI ring your GP to ask about a vaccination cos according to the HSE Helpline today 8/4/2021 they're the ones who will help you.
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