Hello! I’m in a cross-party Govt commission this afternoon about the future of the welfare system (and redesigning it so it works for everyone) post-C19 and I’ve written my notes on it but just want to make sure I’m not missing anything glaringly obvious or impactful/important.
If you can spare a min to share/reply I’d be very grateful, and your contributions could make a massive difference. (I have examples across the board already for all of the below, just always keen to have more!)
1. Examples of first time Universal Credit claims, delays, frustrations, or if it went well for you? Also changes for existing UC claimants, and the disparity in legacy benefits.
2. Particular aspects of Govt response that helped alleviate issues faced by those already in receipt of social security/welfare support?
3. Particular aspects of Govt response that worsened issues faced by those already in receipt of social security/welfare support?
4. Do you think public attitude to state financial assistance shifted as a result of COVID-19? (I’ve written a massive essay on this but keen to know if I’m along the right lines!)
5. Examples of well designed unemployment support schemes from other countries? (I’ve got the UBI/Basic Income model already, along with others. I just don’t know everything! 😌)
Please keep answers polite - this is a genuine opportunity to engage with people in power to make actual, real, meaningful change to support those who need it most and whose voices are rarely consulted. Links and sources appreciated, as well as anecdotal/experience.
I’ve already written 16 sides of A4 on this myself but I’d like to give you the opportunity to be heard and represented - this is running for a while so this is just a springboard meeting, and 338k heads are definitely better than one on this.
Aware this isn’t the most scientific data gathering method but in my experience it’s a bloody effective one for things like this. I’ve got all the stats and numbers and hard messaging, just need some humans to hammer it home. Please do share with appropriate networks, and thanks!
Should add - if you don’t want to reply here or have LOTS to say, my email is jackmonroediary(at)gmail(dot)com & please use the subject line WELFARE as it gets hoofed into a neat folder rather than buried in *checks* sixty three thousand four hundred and eighty one unread emails.
Thankyou again! And no I’m not a closet Tory, (lol please do read anything from the last decade of my work) but I’ve campaigned for years for a better welfare system so to be invited to the table on this conversation feels constructive and possibly even a bit hopeful, if we dare.
PS I am also making a firm recommendation that this is opened up for a full comprehensive public consultation (not just doing tweets!) - just want to make sure intentions aren’t misrepresented. Thanks!
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