[Thread] 1. VACCINE ARRIVAL UPDATES: According to #ZweliMkhize, J&J has confirmed that just over 1 mil #CovidVaccines will be delivered to SA between 22 + 24 April. They will all come from the local Aspen plant (previously we only knew they'd arrive in the 3rd/4th wk of April).
2. #ZweliMkhize: The 2nd and 3rd J&J #CovidVaccine batches in May and June (900 000 per month) will come from Belgium (the first batch will come from Aspen in SA), so delivery will be more complex. We'll get an exact delivery date within the next 2 weeks.
3. #Pfizer 1st batch of #CovidVaccines is likely to arrive in April. Next week, Pfizer will tell SA how many doses + also a specific delivery date (if there are no payment glitches). #ZweliMkhize previously said we'll get 5.5 million doses between April + June.
4. The 200 000 Sisonke J&J #CovidVaccines that were going to arrive this Saturday (10 April), have been delayed. They will now arrive early next week. Reason: unavailability of direct flights.
5. Can you register on the electronic vaccination data system yet? No, not if you're not a health worker. There will be announcement once you can. People over 60 will be prioritised, as age is the most NB factor determining death, hospitalisation+moderate to severe illness.
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