The legality of this order is doubtful. In Babri judgement SC said “A finding of title cannot be based in law on the archaeological findings which have been arrived at by ASI..." ASI has acted as a midwife to all kinds of Hindutva lies, no one expects objectivity from it 1/n
| @AIMPLB_Official and Masjid Committee must IMMEDIATELY appeal before this order & get this rectified. ASI is only likely to perpetrate a fraud & history will be repeated as was done in the case of Babri. No person has any right whatsoever to change nature of a masjid 2/n
It is clear that the people who committed the "egregious criminal act" of demolishing Babri Masjid have been emboldened & will not stop at anything to take India back to violence of 1980s-90s & constant bickering over fictitious "history". 3/n
| @PMOIndia is required by law to enforce Places of Worship Act 1991 which prohibits conversion of religious place. He must find courage to intervene. Many were patronising us with talk about "closure" when we expressed our disappointment about Babri. Where are you all now? 4/n
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