There are many silent pandemics in Ireland but this one I feel has slipped under the radar for decades

Invasive species are becoming a massive problem that is being left untreated

North Mayo/Achill is a prime example of this - the region is covered in Rhodo & Gunnera
Problem with invasive sp is they outcompete native species and impact our unique biodiversity

In abandoned areas, they are outcompeting natural succession of native trees species and therefore impeding the natural creation of temperate rainforests as well as dependent species
They also impact infrastructure. Japanese Knotweed roots can seek out cracks in foundations/walls and eventually undermine the structure. In the UK, you now cannot obtain a mortgage if certain invasives are on a property.
Giant Hogweed poses health risks. Its toxic sap can come into contact with human skin causing burns and scarring - and in very severe cases blindness.
Climate Change offers the invasive species in Ireland the chance to further expand and colonise the country. Combining the effects of Climate change and Inv Species on our biodiversity- our native species are really up against it.
Our national parks are being taken over by invasives - yet our NPs are supposed to be amongst the most biodiverse areas of Ireland - creating a monoculture of non-native species filled areas (e.g. Killarney, Connemara, Ballycroy)

This problem needs to be dealt with immediately
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