this is something that's been bothering me for a while now. teens on twitter, you are not activists. stop pretending and behaving like you are, or be an activist and be ready to take on the responsibility of being one and the consequences of it. leave activism to activists who +
actually know what they are doing. to people who dedicate their lives to it. you can and should for sure educate yourself maybe educate your friends, relatives and in general people u care about. but you might not be educated enough on this topic, might not know all the ins and +
outs and your "activism" can backfire. people won't take activism in general seriously if they see a bunch of teens retweeting something on twitter, guilt tripping and spreading misinformation being called activism. this won't help anyone and might actually do more harm.
you can still spread information and try to educate people without calling it activism and without guilt tripping other teens into "using their platform". they are also kids on a social media platform, they are not activists. let them be. leave it to people who know what to do.
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