So ASAN, one of the few #autistic charities led by actual autistic people, seem to have lifted a lot of work from an #indigenous autistic advocate including specific phrases and are being an absolute and utter dick about it in a very specific abuse of power differentials from
a big charity towards a multiply marginalised individual way. They are refusing to credit them, compensate them, use the opportunity to lift and centre an indigenous #autistic voice, or even apologise and acknowledge the work this marginalised person has been doing and how that
has benefitted them and their work. I’ve heard from the person in question (not tagging them because I suspect they’re flooded with stuff about this but please get in touch if you’d like me to) that any direct communication from ASAN has been dismissive, hostile and patronising,
exactly as their public communications have been. This is honestly hitting me like a blow to the gut, and I’m white. I can so easily imagine the depths of exhaustion and betrayal that #BIPOC #autistics are feeling about this. Because this follows a pattern in two intersecting
ways - white people appropriating and profiting from the work of #BIPOC people and large organisations appropriating and profiting from the work of marginalised individuals, in both cases without acknowledging the labour of or compensating the original creator. This is very much
#WhiteSupremacy in action. It’s not only active, hate-filled calls for extermination or subjugation. It’s our society #systemically exploiting marginalised and disempowered people and robbing them of the fruits of their labour for profit. I’m sickened that an #autistic-led
organisation is perpetuating this and am feeling ashamed AF to be a white #autistic rn. Calling on white autistic sibs to stand in solidarity with our #BIPOC autistic sibs in condemning this. We have an obligation to call out and resist #WhiteSupremacy in the autistic community.
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