all these kpop complain tweets about concepts, genres, variety/entertainment-related stuff, etc. made me realize that ppl are really blind when it comes to skz.. like i swear they have EVERYTHING u need and they release refreshing content(a lot) and music
concept-wise? they have everything from cute, youthful, bright concepts to dark agressive hard-hitting ones, their discography is very diverse hence it makes their side MVs so dynamic too.
content-wise? their variety shows and youtube series have a wide range of selection. may it be to the loud-chaotic ones or the genuine, get-to-know (2kids room for example) series
music wise? heck they release at least one skz player/record or digital single like every month 😭
like no matter what aspect may it be with music, variety, and the way they express their love for their fans? they can do everything in a genuine approach and they always prioritize showing their true selves while releasing content and music
and to top that all off, majority of the things they do are from their own hands. they are always involved in every process like performance stages during awards shows for example, from conceptualizing and rearranging. them being a self-producing group is their main charm
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