"Obesity is caused by an abnormal excess storage of energy as lipids in adipose tissue due to a net imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure"

Replace obesity w/ any condition/disease, and it's the same thing: manifested by thermodynamic (energy transfer) misbalance https://twitter.com/NiacinIsHealth/status/1379983233706770434
In terms of dementia prevention, this circuit is governed mechanistically by limiting the progression of accumulating thermodynamic net energy forward as we become increasingly more sedentary and immobile after age 70.
Told ya https://twitter.com/NiacinIsHealth/status/1378014661640093698?s=20
^ https://twitter.com/NiacinIsHealth/status/1353109461704060929?s=20
See through here for more... https://twitter.com/niacinishealth/status/1380816788410277891
And as for application in #COVID19 https://twitter.com/NiacinIsHealth/status/1380857689895493632
Bye bye #SARS_CoV_2 https://twitter.com/niacinishealth/status/1377377736788860932
Niacin, which we remain profoundly deficient upon from daily diet, in ample supply is intrinsic to dynamically preserve fine-tuning of energy homeostasis over life and to prevent + revert unleashing of bioenergetic misbalances that can cascade into autoimmune presentations as so: https://twitter.com/niacinishealth/status/1379852918959050752
"Obesity is caused by an abnormal excess storage of energy as lipids in adipose tissue due to a net imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure"
https://faseb.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1096/fj.201801951R https://twitter.com/niacinishealth/status/1380836724096524293
One way you can conceptualize how maintaining sufficiently supplied NIACIN (by supplementing beyond diet) intrinsically protects & combats against #SARSCoV2 infection into #COVID19 progression is through stabilization of energy flow as expressed in lipids (to high HDL/low LDL) https://twitter.com/niacinishealth/status/1380720593507598339
Upon adjustment for HDL-C, BMI is shown to play no independent role in #COVID whereas controlling for BMI does not affect the association of HDL-C with #COVID19, which points directly to HDL-C as driving the pathogenesis forward.


#epitwitter #MedTwitter https://twitter.com/niacinishealth/status/1380720590429024257
This points to lipid stabilization providing a dynamic marker of how balanced energy flow is through the body to counter against inflammation progression into vascular disease, metabolic syndromes, viral-induced #COVID19, neurodegeneration, morbidity in MS
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