This new controversy regarding #FreeHinduTemples reminds me of our Supervisor who a few years ago had bought a plot of land on the outskirts of the city & built his modest house.

Slowly as other houses were built & occupied the talk of a temple came up.

That was 5 yrs ago.
The then 30 odd home owners & now around 45 are still discussing, arguing with tempers running high over the ‘logistics’ of putting up their place of worship.

What began as an idea to bring together a community has in fact split them right down the middle with the local MLA
taking sides.

So the plan is on hold.

At the same time, with not even a dozen Believers in the neighbouring area, a small mosque came up almost over night, without much ado.

The adjacent empty plot is used for Namaaz & Azaan is heard 5times a day through the locality.
Only last week on Easter, a tempo under the aegis of a nearby popular missionary school depicting the Resurrection of Christ, drove through their streets bringing out children & parents to see the pageant.

This, in a neighbourhood where thus far, there are no Christians.
For a person who has rarely gone to a temple to worship & admittedly knows little of the nuances involved
But -
listens, reads & hears all sides of what should be a momentous movement....

don’t miss the woods for the trees.
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