hey! tonight starts Yom HaShoah, a Holocaust Remembrance Day for the six million Jewish lives lost in the genocide. i know it’s fun to tweet about mcyt but there’s much more important things to discuss tonight and if you could take time to read and rt, it would mean a lot!

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what is important about Yom HaShoah:

Yom HaShoah is a day to remember and honor the six million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust. it’s also a day to learn how to avoid something like this ever happening again.
what you can do to help:

uplift Jewish voices !! rt and learn about their struggles, and don’t speak over them. i will be listing some threads by Jewish people and an information thread so you can continue your research and knowledge on Yom Hashoah.
an informative thread on Yom HaShoah: https://twitter.com/merldies/status/1379888672170860544
resources to learn about Yom HaShoah: https://twitter.com/moontwerk/status/1379812056422092801
how to be a better Jewish ally: https://twitter.com/isohldrinkstea/status/1379873674086481920
don’t forget the Holocaust, and don’t forget those who were and still are harmed by the event. do your part.

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