The CCI is the DCG 2.0. it's a regrouped, re-branded anti-Bitcoin association from the 2017 Block Size War, with the same bad characters and actors trying to co-opt Bitcoin by virtue of their wealth. If Bitcoin succeeds, they will and must fail again.
It is clear that the bad actors have learned nothing over the last 4 years. What they're going to do this time is fork Bitcoin to prevent the coming improvements to it and kill the adoption of Lightning which will change everything. This is why they're not building on LND.
Coinbase and the other bad actors use ordinary database operations to move balances between users, leaving onchain for large consolidation. They use databases to replace onchain sends between users. In a CCI Blockchain Consortium, they could all use one database, and not LND.
To stop LND, they need to change “bitcoind”, the server and standard the network runs on. They believe they have enough users to fork Bitcoin into a new network that can absorb everyone, stop privacy improvements from being introduced and kill Elizabeth Stark's Lightning Network.
They also believe that the State can ban bitcoin 1.0, leaving them in full control of the protocol and all future development. The first thing they will do is increase the block size. This will do several things. It will make sending Bitcoin onchain cheap, killing Lightning...
...and it will prevent all small companies and players from running a full node without permission, strangling new competition at birth, and protecting CCI member's market dominance and positions of absolute power.
They will also cripple their version of Bitcoin so that it cannot be private, unlike Bitcoin Core (the real Bitcoin) which has privacy features coming that are also space saving, making it totally opaque and more powerful. The CCI must act now to kill Lightning and stop Bitcoin.
If I'm right, you will see CCI calling for:
1 Formal “democratic” community control of the protocol
2 An increase in the Block Size
3 Formal “Blockchain Industry Standards”
4 Membership of companies “in the space”
5 Overt rejection of privacy enhancements
6 100% Wallet compliance
These companies will claim they are for innovation, “Its in the name!” If that were true, they would all be adopting Lightning, and SegWit, which  has not even bothered to implement. The best they can hope to achieve is an American Gulag Altcoin, or “FAIL”
The world is a big place. Most people on earth can't qualify for a Coinbase account or an account at Jack's or any CCI member company. They don't care, and I'll leave it to you to name the sentiment behind their disregard for the vast majority of humanity. Bitcoin must win this.
Real Bitcoiners knew that attacks like this were coming. They've been planning for them, and have the means to defeat them. If they fail then Bitcoin wasn't good enough from the beginning. Now you'll see who is a real Bitcoiner, and who isn't, and you'll regret boosting traitors.
You know who the usual suspects are, and you'll know the feely de-cloaked traitors instantly. This is a binary issue. It is black and white. It is not nuanced, or a matter of perspective. You're either for Bitcoin or you're against it. It's as simple as that.
Watch the speech police, liars, and gallery of rogues dust off their 2017 playbooks to try and argue for the death of Bitcoin. If you're intelligent, or remember their names you'll be able to refute them easily. The next great test of Bitcoin has begun.
The first tweet in this thread is being blocked by Twitter. They don't want you to read it, because it tells the truth about the CCI, who is behind it, the history of the Block Size war, and why you should oppose top down control of Bitcoin. PLAIN FACT.
It's up to you to spread this thread and the inevitable other threads and posts on this subject from others that will be similarly blocked far and wide, so people are not gulled into thinking Bitcoin needs to change at the behest of millionaires, or that it needs "Governance".
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