today, I'd like to tell you the truth about alien abductions
something like this requires several types of disclaimers up front, so let me get them out of the way. first of all, I'm all kinds of interested in theories about fields of research/scenes and I'm intensely interested in the UFO topic, even if I'm not actually interested in UFOs
I'm not willing to make categorical statements about UFOs; I'm not even -really- doing it for abductions. but UFOs, by definition, encompass a much broader range of experience than abductions, so I'm not speaking about those per se
also as a heads up, I'm not really going to argue with UFO/abduction believers, I'm just gonna say what I think. that said, what I'm emphasizing here is my belief that most people tell the truth as they understand it, unless it's their job not to. keep that in mind.
so, there are three very distinct types of experiences, right? UFO sightings, alien abductions, and alien contactees, frequently with overlap between each thing. with each one, there's a perceived decline in realism/trustworthiness with each of the three
that said, much like UFO sightings, they're confounding. people claim they're abducted, and what are you supposed to do with a story like that? usually they aren't making money off their stories, and it can diminish their social standing. and the abductions are so outlandish
that said, much like satanic ritual child abuse, most people don't actually listen to what these people are saying, because of the 'alien' factor, and often there's some kind of class tensions at work
a really instructive way to analyze alien abductions is to look at the case of crop circles
crop circles were originally pretty basic geometric designs, and no fractals as crop circles appeared until after Mandelbrot "invented" them in the 90s

there's no conceivable reason why the UFOs would suddenly start doing fractal crop circles: ipso facto, it's just humans
I didn't come up with that: the guy at ISGP wrote an exhaustive article debunking crop circles. my point is not to "debunk" crop circles, I'm just intensely interested in who's doing them and why
so if I basically don't believe in aliens, what are we talking about w/r/t abductions?

let's pivot for a minute
CIA officer Miles Copeland (whose son managed The Police and IRS Records) said, of Congressional investigations into mind control, that "the congressional subcommittee which went into this sort of thing got only the barest glimpse
Victor Marchetti, 14-yr veteran of the CIA, said that mind control research continued and that claims to the contrary are a "cover story"
indeed, the Congressional subcommittee looking into this only looked at the CIA, but there is strong evidence that work along these lines was also being carried out by NASA, the Atomic Energy Commission, the US Navy, and the Defense Department
George Estabrooks, psychologist (and Rhodes Scholar ;) ) was hired by the Department of War during WWII to research the use of hypnosis during warfare. the OSS was pursuing research along these lines at the time as well
I won't go into the full history of MK Ultra right now. just remember to ask yourself, "who told you it didn't work?"

let's pivot back to alien abductions for a second
a prominent feature of alien abductions, apart from probings and weird experiments, is the idea of implants. more disconcertingly, a lot of abductees actually do find objects.

so uh, what's up with that?
Jose Delgado was a Spanish professor of neurophysiology at Yale University, "famed for his research on mind control through electrical stimulation of the brain". he famously implanted a chip in a bull's brain and stopped it from charging during a bullfight
"Delgado stepped into the ring with a bull which had had a stimoceiver implanted within its brain. The bull charged Delgado, who pressed a remote control button which caused the bull to stop its charge. Always one for theatrics, he taped this stunt and it can be seen today."
he also wrote "Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society" which advocated the use of this tech to civilize mankind, which was not well-received, lol
let's also look at Robert Heath, a psychiatrist at Tulane University. he would implant electrodes in his subjects' brains, and achieved notoriety by attempting to cure homosexuality through those methods.

imagine that: combining conversion therapy with electrodes in the brain
John C Lilly, the dolphin man, also reportedly worked along these lines, implanting monkeys who could pleasure themselves to orgasm through pressing buttons to stimulate electrodes in the pleasure centers of their brains
also, while I was researching this stuff, I was not anticipating an Animorphs crossover.

what did KA Applegate know, and when did she know it?
they were working on this electrode research at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, lol. apparently they were able to get primate mothers to ignore their crying babies, choosing instead to press the orgasm button over and over.
Yerkes - Yerks. I'm just saying, its a weird coincidence that the alien that literally does mind control on you also happens to be the name of a facility where they were working on this technology.

where you at, Applegate?
another weird aspect to alien abductions is missing time. abductees report weird gaps in their memories, sometimes entire days go by, and their memories work in weird ways. often, there are 'screen memories'
supposedly, Soviet professor of physiology LL Vasiliev was able to report remote hypnosis, which might, when combined with Delgado's stimoceiver, conceivably be able to induce hypnotic trance states
also, all of this technology existed back in the 60s, and it's unlikely that they stopped working on it.

remember that billboard that could make you hear voices?
we're talking RHIC-EDOM - radio hypnotic intracerebral control, electronic dissolution of memory.

where do you think they got this idea? lol
from the 1977 Senate hearing, Gottlieb confirms that microwaves had been used to wipe out memory in animals
to pivot again, Robert Anton Wilson promoted "mind machines" which could provide a drugless high, promote creativity, expand consciousness, create out-of-body experiences
one type is the Hemi-Sync, which works with brainwaves by making binaural beats in your ears. I'm not gonna pretend to know anything about that, but it's very interesting since abductees often report a "stereophonic sound" effect preceding their encounters
in 1984, members of the Order (who murdered DJ Alan Berg) contacted scientists, trying to buy research along these lines for $100,000, as covered in this book
according to the Christic Institute, "Every Senator and Congressional representative has a "wavie" file...they claim to be victims of clandestine bombardment with non-ionizing radiation/microwaves/extra-low-frequencies (ELF)"
of course, this is classic tinfoil hat shit. but what's more likely, that every paranoid schizophrenic is well-read on advances in psychiatry and government research, or that they're subjected to it? lol
I'm not taking a hard stance either way, do your own research, lol

anyway, nobody ever stops to think much about the victims of all this mind control research, which probably reaches into the tens of thousands at least, and must include a large amount of the mentally ill and homeless. pretty fucked up that we reduce mental health spending
anyway, let's get back to alien abductees and apply Ockham's razor. aliens are not the simplest solution, nor is mind control. the simplest solution would be that they're crazy, right? skeptics often run to 'paranoid schizophrenia' with alien abductions
the problem is that paranoid schizophrenics are actually pretty hard to hypnotize, while alien abductees are surprisingly easy to hypnotize
also, most paranoid schizophrenics have mainly auditory hallucinations, not visual ones
to get back to abductees and their screen memories, this was absolutely something they were researching
screen memories, man.
like I said, one thing that fascinates me is conspiracy theories about the conspiracy theory field, and one that got busted wide open is the manipulation of Paul Bennewitz, UFO enthusiast, by Richard Doty, Air Force disinfo officer
that said, what was Bennewitz actually saying? he was obsessed with underground military bases with UFOs, which has sort of become a meme in the UFO community. much of this, again, can be traced back to Doty's disinfo
the thing is, Dr. Jolyon West discussed creating a Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, which would treat "inner city turmoil" through these methods, and said he was going to house the center in an abandoned Nike missile base
you think they ever got any of these bases running?
a lot of people know the story of Betty and Barney Hill, an interracial couple that was abducted in 1961. interestingly, we can see the crop circle dilemma pop up, here, in that the aliens inserted a needle into Betty's belly to test if she was pregnant
that's known as amniocentesis with a needle, and it would not become public for years to come. however, it is rarely used now, as there are more advanced methods.
what's more likely? that aliens would be using a tech that's about to be adopted by mankind soon, and then replaced by humans in a matter of years?

or is it more likely that humans abducted the Hills?

don't forget that COINTELPRO existed at this time, lol
the Hills were prominent NAACP members, and their abduction story, if nothing else, removed them from the struggle, due to their story.

and it might've been more nefarious than that.
aside from the possibility of brainwashing someone to be a literal human recorder, Victor Marchetti talks about efforts to bug cats, as in, literally implant surveillance devices on them. there are multiple possibilities, here
don't let's forget Strieber talking about being abducted -and- having been experimented upon as a child at a military base, lol
so, to start to wrap things up, let's talk about possible actors other than the State, re alien abductions. let's talk about UFO cults, hahaha
there was Virgil Armstrong, who led a UFO group, believed that humanity was more spiritually advanced than the aliens, and taught a doctrine of "love and light". major New Age themes, and believed that there were no fewer than 26 underground UFO bases
unfortunately, Armstrong boasted of 9 years with the CIA and 10 years with the Green Berets, and was close friends with General John Singlaub (founding member of the CIA, player in Iran-Contra, headed WACL)
that's the thing about contactee groups (admittedly a broader, weirder phenomenon than individual alien abductions): they can all be traced back to weird right-wing groups, often specifically Guy Ballard's I AM movement specifically
"Guy Ballard's "Mighty I AM Religious Activity" grew, in large part, out of William Dudley Pelley's Silver Shirts, an American Nazi organization. Ballard himself never openly proclaimed Nazi affiliation, his movement was tinged with an extremely right-wing political philosophy"
"Ballard "decreed" the death of FDR. The I AM philosophy derived from Theosophy and...bears a more-than-cursory resemblance to the Theosophically-based teachings that informed the proto-Nazi German occult lodges" like the Thule Society, lol
"After the war, Pelley (who had been imprisoned for sedition during the hostilities) headed an occult-oriented organization called Soulcraft in Noblesville, Indiana. Another Soulcraft employee was the controversial contactee George Hunt Williamson"
"UFOs Confidential was co-authored with John McCoy, a proponent of the theory that a Jewish banking conspiracy was preventing disclosure of the solution to the UFO mystery"
"Later, Williamson founded the I AM-oriented Brotherhood of the Seven Rays in Peru" which got into major ancient aliens, Lemuria, and New Age territory
"Another famed contactee, George Van Tassel, was associated with Pelley and with the notoriously anti-Semitic Reverend Wesley Swift (founder of the group which metamorphosed into the Aryan Nations"
seems like there's something up with Blavatsky's Ascended Masters concept inevitably leading to the redpill on the Jewish Question.

sounds bad, man!
"The most visible modern offspring of I AM is Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant, a group best-known for its massive arms caches in underground bunkers"
"CUT was recently exposed in Covert Action as a conduit of CIA funds, and according to researcher John Judge, has ties to orgs allied to WACL. Prophet is becoming involved in abduction research"
"Another UFO contactee, Frederick Von Mierers, has promulgated both a cult with a strong I AM orientation and an apparent con involving over-appraised gemstones. Mierers is an anti-semite who contends that the Holocaust never happened and that the Jews control the world's wealth"
"UFORUM is a UFO org popular with abductees; its founder is Penny Harper, a Scientology breakaway who connects their teachings with pronouncements against the Illuminati and directs her members to read the Spotlight, an extremist publication"
one of my favorite cults, Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, gets into all the same New Age UFO bullshit, and JZ Knight got into the QAnon shit. I'm telling you, man.

cults all have these bizarre extremely right-wing ties
"Some modern abductees, with otherwise-strong claims, claim encounters with blond, Nordic aliens. the Nordic aliens spring from the dubious spiritual tradition of Van Tassell, Ballard, Pelley, McCoy, etc."

would it surprise you that it's some racist bullshit?
"In the 1960s, Rev. Wesley Swift spoke at length about UFOs, claiming that there were "good" aliens and "bad" aliens. the good ones, he insisted, were tall blond Aryans who hailed from the Pleiades. he made this pronouncement long before the current trends in abduction lore"
now, I'd like to wrap up by citing the book that I used for most of this thread - Martin Cannon's The Controllers - An Alternative Hypothesis of Alien Abduction, which has a very interesting history
afaict, the Controllers was first published by MUFON, and then it was put out by Feral House. however, Feral House states that they never published it, despite there being an ISBN and everything
on top of that, Cannon started getting threatened, and walked it all back. to this day, he says things like "Yes, I regret every day having written that piece"

so, you know, draw your own conclusions about the value of The Controllers, lol
this topic is endless, and endlessly fascinating, but I gotta stop sometime, so check out the Controllers, and DJ Smokey's Kush Alienz mixtape, which I listened to on a loop tonight

god bless
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