. @takarasmall, founder of @VentureKidsCan, is holding a year-long Wikipedia edit challenge with her community to amplify Canadian women and Black, Indigenous and people of colour communities in tech.
“It shouldn’t be a surprise to people that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of colour communities) are under-represented on online platforms,” @takarasmall said. “If it happens ... in the physical world, why would it not happen in the online world?” http://torstar.co/pUwy50EgdL4 
The most recent 2020 survey by Wikimedia — the site’s parent organization — found that 87 per cent of its editors are men. The survey did not ask about race, but almost half live in Europe and one fifth in North America. http://torstar.co/pUwy50EgdL4 
“You see really long articles on Dungeons and Dragons characters, and you see an independent female artist having a small article,” librarian Sarah Severson said.

“You don’t know what’s missing unless you have diversity within the editor forces." http://torstar.co/pUwy50EgdL4 
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