Thanks to Twitter's censorship of genuine voices, and #CancelCulture, this giant thread on violent misogyny within the trans community won't let me add more content, and I had to delete a few items. You can still browse it here:
The archive of Part 1 can be found here. These aren't my original screencaps or videos so please share as needed. I just compiled them all:
So Part 2 begins now. We will NOT be silenced. If Twitter and all social media companies can go to bat so hard for trans people, a tiny community, then they can the same for women.

Here's what happened to @MsSarahPaulson when she took a stand against bullies recently:
On #TransDayOfVisibility we saw plenty of stats flying around. Like this one. For the record: 53,000+ women are murdered each year. This is likely a very low estimate.
I think this is an attempt at reverse-psychology
And now some quotes from trans activists:

'The asshole is a universal vagina through which femaleness can always be accessed'
I'm sure we all heard about the WWII Nazi book burnings during history class. They never did tell me what books they were burning though:
'I am in a lesbian relationship with a trans woman'

'sometimes she uses her girlcock to fuck my pussy, and its very lesbian'
A moment of clarity
Reddit: the place where important questions are asked:
Schizophrenia has been relabeled and repackaged as 'a plural system'
I'd like to report a murder...
Wendy Molyneux is one of the creators of Bob's Burgers, Deadpool 3 and some other garbage I've never seen. Here she is threatening violence against women who want female-only spaces like rape shelters and public restrooms so photos of them peeing don't show up on stalker sites
When we speak of female erasure, this is what it looks like.
There are many links between transgenderism and autism. If we truly wanted to help these kids, doctors like this would not fear losing their jobs!
A major taboo in the trans community is detransitioners or those who have regrets. Reddit constantly bans informative forums for and by trans people whose story goes against the accepted narrative.
Let me introduce you to 'Ebony':
🚨 NSFW 🚨

'Ebony' is a white man who identifies as a black woman. But not a regular black woman, nope. A 'sissy ghetto whore'.
Reddit has another trans community called 'Transmaxxing' and it''s as batshit insane as the rest.

Here's an incel taking the initiative:
And some more stellar Reddit advice:
Many such cases
For anyone wondering what real advantage males have over females in sports, here is the worlds strongest woman arm-wrestling a few normal guys. Despite her steroid body, she still can't compete:
Some more proof that male athletes and female athletes play at different levels and should remain separate unless they choose otherwise. Transwomen have the unfair advantage of male athletes. To deny this is to lie.
Here's a transman (or whatever) complaining about being misgendered at an abortion clinic. While getting an abortion.

'People at the clinic constantly read me as a woman'.
PinkNews is another garbage media outlet, if you can even call it that.
I had no idea that Planned Parenthood offered transgender hormone therapy to kids. Don't forget to tell them your pronouns!
Speaking of which, Planned Parenthood's Houston HQ spawned this classic
Ladies: winning sports competitions is not what matters... except to transwomen!
Read these 2 and try to picture the person who wrote them:
More dead gay male erasure:

Alan Turing was chemically castrated. Don't think that will stop trans activists from claiming him!
Reminder that serial killer Dennis Rader, aka BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill), who murdered ten people between 1974 and 1991, was a bondage fetishist and autogynephile who took photographs of himself in simulated torture scenes, wearing women’s undergarments mask.
More trans rape fantasies. And why are so many transwomen also porn stars?
Oh look, this guy again!
'Women have the right to sexually refuse anyone at anytime for any reason'

Wait, here comes 'Riley'
That voice...
Female erasure.... and pedophilia acceptance rolled into one!

I've always considered myself somewhat to the left, politically, but then the left started promoting shit like this and now I'm apparently a Nazi or something. I'm with whomever dislikes kids getting f*cked.
This classic will never EVER get old. The man hidden inside was quick to come out!
Proof that I'm not totally unsympathetic!
Homeschool your kids, for the love of GOD!
Same person as above. More autism.
Another incel who became the girl he always wanted to have sex with
Here's a 15 minute video with questionable language BUT has many photos and videos that I can't post here. You'll see the true horrors of sex reassignment surgery. NSFW!
🚨 NSFW 🚨

A photo in the last mega-thread showed a guy who had checked into a motel and cut off his own penis, then posted pics to Reddit. A few weeks before he did that, he cut off his balls. Here's his post:
Law Lets Female Rape Victims Select Female Forensic Examiners; Trans Activists React With Outrage
Somewhat related: this women went undercover as a man to see what it's like and... well, maybe transmen should watch it before fully committing.
No one is safe:

super-liberal Chuck Schumer edition
What does a 'safe place' even mean anymore?
Someone invites a trans girl to a girls sleepover and... well...
Remember 'Hannah' Mouncey, the 6'2" 250lbs trans footie player who threw a fit because the rest of the female team didn't want to shower with him? Well here's what he looks and sounds like on video:
'The research finds that autistic resistance to social conditioning appears to play an important role in the incidence of transgender identity.'
There was a rally at Melbourne uni today because a lecturer there created a website for women to share their stories about how they'd been affected by trans people being allowed into women's spaces like shelters or changing rooms.
This was deemed 'transphobic' because women should learn to keep their mouths shut, apparently. Not surprising after trans activist attempts to silence victims or rape and FGM. Anyway, here is the awesome website: 
At the moment there are 57 pages of stories. Here are a few samples:
So I had to make sure that the non-binary trans abortion woman in this video was real and we weren't being trolled. Unfortunately, she's real!
Here's another autistic meltdown:
And of course she has an OnlyFans and works at a sex store. Are all trans people sex workers?
‘You put the men in menstruator’ 🥸
‘Menstruator in need’

Thank you to @adult_human_fem for giving me anxiety this morning!
What the f*ck about them?
Trans misogyny 101:
Just a tiny sampling of the violent misogyny that Twitter allows by the trans activists
18 years old
Even Ace Ventura knows them when he see's them
What a difference 2 decades makes. Now this is a lived reality for many young girls and women!
James Bond will be trans before you know it.
Time to get back on track!

Female erasure 101:

Thank you to @adult_human_fem for all of these!
Female erasure 101:

'menstruating people'
'people experiencing miscarriage'
Female erasure 101:

'people with periods'
'people experiencing miscarriage'
'menstruating people'
Female erasure 101:

'people with periods'
'pregnant folks'
Female erasure 101:

'menstruating bodies'
'pregnant and lactating people'
'black birthing folks'
Female erasure 101:

'lactating people'
'vulva havers'
'people with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)'
Female erasure 101:

'birthing people'
'pregnant people'
Female erasure 101:

'black birthing people'
'black birthing bodies'
'people with vulvas and vaginas'
Female erasure 101:

'birthing people behind bars'
'pregnant people'
'everyone with a vulva'
Female erasure 101:

'gestational carrier'
'pregnant people'
'average menstruator'
'millions of menstruators'
Female erasure 101:

'a menstruator in need'
'black menstruators'
'gestational carrier'
Female erasure 101:

'average menstruator'
'people who bleed'
'pregnant people'
'young menstruators'
'Gestational carrier' has to be the most dystopian name anyone could use for women.
'Birthing bodies' reduces women to reproductive meat machines!
'Lactating people' technically includes men who dose up on hormones to 'chestfeed' their kids.
'What type of human are looking to date?'
'A vulva haver'
We may need to rename it 'womenstruation' because the autists aren't understanding
How will The Avengers fare against 'The Non-Men'?
'Stop right there! This is a club for non-vulva havers only!'
Cbeebies is short for Children's BBC. It used to show cartoons and kids stuff. Now it's part of the BBC's social engineering arsenal:
To celebrate #TransDayOfVisibility this guy wants to physically fight women. Will #CancelCulture come for him for his violent misogyny?
After all the bullshit, puberty blockers are found to be ineffective. Unless the effect you desire is to physically damage a child's body...
Reddit may have reluctantly gotten rid of one of it's pedophiles but it's still a cesspool of garbage. This was supposed to be an apology? An explanation?
A gay man stabbed 2 other gay men. That's the story. But journalists have to drag the female sex into it
Who's the spineless jerk that said 'OK' to THIS!?
🚨 NSFW 🚨

Remember this guy who likes to jerk off in women's restrooms? He's still at it in Massachusetts:
🚨 NSFW 🚨

That thing they said never happens keeps happening!

This 'transwoman' specializes in pissing and masturbating in public, often women's restrooms or at Target. Totally not a sexual fetish though.

Reminder that in the restroom video he posted, there were women coming and going while he filmed.
🚨 NSFW 🚨

Here he is in a women's restroom at a public mall in Massachusetts. Right at the door, for any girl or woman to see. I'm pretty sure this is illegal, but ManyVids sells these no problem.
🚨 NSFW 🚨

Another mall public women's restroom. This is why there needs to be female-only spaces and no men, no matter what they think they are, are legally allowed inside.
🚨 NSFW 🚨

This guy is far from alone. Here's a sampling of what ManyVids has on sale for transwomen masturbating or having sex in public restrooms.

That thing that never happens.....
OK enough with all the porn garbage. The point has been clearly made:

Men, either trans or pretending, gain access to female-only spaces for sexual purposes. It’s not even a debate. It’s reality.

Allowing people to self ID puts half the population at increased risk.

No more!
There are people who argue that these are all women 🤡
Female erasure 101:

England Rugby defines a female as someone that ‘does not produce male levels of testosterone’
We're gonna need to retroactively edit movie titles now
Got busted for being a neo-Nazi? Just claim to be transgender, it's your 'get out of jail free' card!
They buried the fact that this was actually a man near the end of the article. Nice hitjob on women!
Another 'end of article' game changer, if the photo didn't give it away!
Many such cases.
Hey, gotta respect the preferred pronouns of the pedophile daycare worker
Many such cases.
No safe spaces: female-only prison edition
This is who women are supposed to share public restrooms with
Please use the feminine pronoun when speaking to and about this rapist
He exposed himself at a f*cking MATERNITY STORE!
'This was clearly a heterosexual incident because the man was wearing a dress' - some trans activist somewhere
Trigger warning: they keep misgendering this poor woman
Some more threats of extreme violence, this time public torture, towards women who are uncomfortable with dangerous men in their female-only spaces. A lot of these women already suffered violence and just need safe spaces. Thanks @vonbrucken for the link!
Where does this particularly violent unwashed person fall on the political spectrum? Yup, faaaaaaaaaar left. You may have noticed a LOT of trans activists are pro-communism. Does she have any inkling of what life is like for women, or LGBTQ+, or ANYONE, under communism?
I'm not ready to venture onto TikTok yet but here's 'Trannysaurus' the 'terf killer'. We all know that China's Communist Party owns and controls TikTok.
More threats of violence against women on TikTok. This time by a F2M trans who just got her breasts removed and adds voice effects to sound manlier.

It's April 6th and I just reported it for violent content. Lets see what happens.
Admit it, you thought I was exaggerating!
Trans women are 𝚠̶𝚘̶𝚖̶𝚎̶𝚗̶ biological gestational carriers!
Transwomen are women...
Will they edit out this scene in Kindergarten Cop or display a warning beforehand?

Ladies: imagine a one night stand where this happens. It's like an episode of Tales of the Unexpected!
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