alright, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna post on the truth about Disney
most of this stuff is out there already, but I think there's a couple things that I found that might be new
to start, years ago, I went to a college that was uniquely obsessed with Disney products, which has sort of 'gone nuclear' now what with media consolidation and Disney Plus.
I hated how my classmates were stuck watching movies for children instead of 2edgy movies like, idk, Wes Anderson or whatever bullshit I was into at the time, and I would joke about them being brainwashed.

I'm not gonna do a bio of Walt or his company, but there are some interesting facts about him. for one thing, he was born out of wedlock at a time when that mattered more to people and could provide a pretext for blackmail
aside from that, he -may- have been born in Spain, possibly still fathered by his adopted father. this is shadowy, because, as the story goes, Hoover and the FBI recruited Walt Disney and planted evidence suggesting he wasn't a bastard
what is certain, as reported by the NYT, is that Walt Disney was recruited as a secret informer for the LA FBI office from 1940-1966, according to FOIA information, much like Ronald Reagan
Disney did all kinds of above-board work for the US government, like propaganda cartoons, but before and after this revelation, which came out in 1993, the Feds and the Disney corporation fought hard to keep this a secret. why?
before I suggest an answer, let's look at a couple other weird things about Walt Disney

the Disney family is actually very old, and came to England with William the Conqueror; the name refers to Isigny, a French Norman town, d'Isigny, anglicized to Disney
if Disney was a Freemason, it wasn't public, but he was a member of the DeMolay International, a fraternal organization for young men ages 12 to 21. It was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1919 and named for Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar
one day I might do a boring thread on Disney's early financial rise. let's just say that, based on who financed them and when, it looks like they were chosen to succeed, since the Disney cartoons themselves weren't really like, uniquely good compared to their competition
another interesting thing about Disney and Disneyland: it's filled with Masonic and magickal symbolism.

I'm pretty agnostic about MAGICK per se, but like, if so, why? why is there a secret club at Disneyland called Club 33?
here's a clock at Disneyland with the astrological symbols, put up well before astrology went mainstream
again, I'm not exactly sold, but I've been told that there are alchemical/tarot symbols all over the King Arthur Carousel
also, let's talk about Disneyland's location. Walt Disney wanted a theme park for years, and he got the financing, but had to figure out where to build it
Disney hired our old friends, the Stanford Research Institute, to look at all the factors, like real estate prices, traffic, zoning, taxes, projected population growth, etc., and figure out the optimal location, which was apparently Anaheim
here's a weird fact that, on its own, might not mean anything, but might actually when compared to the previous and following facts: if we crack into the 'ol schizo Gematria,
Anaheim = 1+5+1+8+5+9+4 = 33
here's another one: Disneyland is located on the 33rd parallel, 33.8118 degrees to be precise
for High Weirdness enthusiasts, Dealey Plaza is at 32.78 degrees and Roswell is purported to have been at 33.104 degrees
anyway, Disney liked the SRI guys, and it seems like they picked a great spot, so he hired/stole several of them from SRI, including a Cornelius Vanderbilt "C. V." Wood

(center, I believe)
I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to confirm if he's related to the Vanderbilts, but I could neither confirm nor deny. regardless, he seemed to have been a brilliant man
Wood started his career as an aerospace engineer for Convair, a rocketry/airplane manufacturer, before working for SRI
after helping design Disneyland, Wood was hired as VP, general manager, and first employee. "Wood brought another prominent figure into the Disney fold, this time a retired Navy admiral named Joe Fowler, who had a distinguished 35-year career in the military.
here's Wood giving Nixon the key to Disneyland, lol
anyway, I think it was Wood's idea to have private companies sponsor rides/exhibits at Disneyland, like Monsanto's Inner Space, ARCO's Autopia, and GE's Carousel of Progress
Disney and Wood started to fight, and Wood left to make other theme parks, like FREEDOMLAND (failed) and Six Flags Over Texas.

to this day, Wood isn't included in the "Disney A-Z" encyclopedia cause I guess the split was acrimonious
Wood was a hard sciences engineer, friendly with big business and military brass, but he was also a freak. he was into Transcendental Meditation, believed in UFOs, and and co-founded the annual World Championship Chili Cookoff with Carroll Shelby
Wood also brought London Bridge to Lake Havasu, AZ, had a minor role in MIAMI SUPERCOPS, and "In 1991, Wood was accused of sexual harassment by a former administrator at Warner Bros", but no further details were ever made public

one final thing about Wood, he was a founder of the Mind Science Foundation, a private non-profit scientific foundation in.....................
San Antonio, Texas
the money behind the Mind Science Foundation came from Tom Slick, heir to an oil fortune. he was way into cryptozoology, looking into the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, Bigfoot and the Trinity Alps giant salamander, and he also had ties to Howard Hughes lmao
the MSF has given research grants to Fred Gage, Susan Greenfield, Christof Koch, VS Ramachandran, sponsored lectures by Temple Grandin and Jane Goodall, and has worked many times with the Mind & Life Institute to platform the Dalai Lama, lmao
the significance of MSF's proximity to San Antonio, well, I'll let you look into that
my point with all of this is to suggest that CV Wood is precisely the type of dude to get into telluric leylines and shit
in fact, Disneyland isn't just on the 33rd parallel, it's supposedly on the intersection of three planetary gridlines

what that means, idfk man, but like, Wood probably thinks it means something
oh also, SRI was involved with remote viewing, but so was the Mind Science Foundation, through Dean Radin, PhD, an electrical engineer and parapsychologist who worked at SRI, IONS, and received funds through MSF
anyway, let's backtrack to Walt Disney, snitching before HUAC in 1947 because he was butthurt about his animators going on strike in 1941
it wasn't my intention to trace every sus thing Disney or Disney corporation has ever done, so I have just a couple more subplots. y'all know about Disneyworld right? it's not on any leylines, but there's something probably weirder in its history
when Disney wanted to make Disney World, he wanted to make a city to go along with it, and that required a lot more land. and he knew that the moment it was announced, speculators would scoop everything up, so -some- measure of secrecy was merited
so who'd he tap to build a network of shell companies to buy up land? Paul Helliwell and Wild Bill Donovan
Paul Helliwell was "a lawyer, banker, OSS official, and CIA officer. While serving in this capacity he became director of Sea Supply, Inc. and president of Castle Bank & Trust. Helliwell was instrumental in setting up Civil Air Transport and Castle Bank & Trust"
Civil Air Transport was the premiere drug smuggling airline, and Castle Bank basically exclusively laundered CIA and mafia money. Here's Helliwell with Frank Nugan, lmao. Helliwell was a major player in the shit back in the day
Wild Bill Donovan was "a soldier, lawyer, intelligence officer and diplomat, best known for serving as the head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency, during World War II. He is regarded as the founding father of the CIA"
it would be impossible to understate how spooked up these guys were. short of like, Dulles or Angleton, there's really no one MORE CIA than these two, and that's who bought up land for Walt Disney, lol
the thing is, it isn't just that they secretly bought land. Helliwell and Donovan helped Disney set up compliant Potemkin Village city governments that would never oppose the Disney corporation. these were literally miniature South Vietnams that they set up
Disney realized "“the company would have to find a way to limit the voting power of the private residents" even though, they acknowledged, their efforts "violated the Equal Protection Clause" of the U.S. Constitution" lmao
between the laws they rammed through the state legislature and their powerful lobby, Disney has almost unlimited power in CA and FL.

"We don't have the authority to close the park down or close the rides" said chief of Florida's Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection
apropos of nothing, Paul Helliwell was in a law firm with Jerry Biederman, lol

@mmabeuf shout-out of course
as if Disney's ties to the alphabet boys aren't enough, there's a big one coming up
oh, and this is aside from the network of underground tunnels at Disneyland, don't get me started on that shit
in 1995, Disney merged with Capital Cities/ABC, with Disney in nominal control. just another entry in the long history of monopoly capital, right?

or was there something else going on?
Capital Cities was already a CIA front company, hahahahaha

"hey, wait a minute. does that mean ABC was controlled outright by the CIA?"
this isn't even really a secret, although nobody talks about it. William Casey, CIA director, was on their board of directors . in fact, the story is even darker
"In November 1984, in his official capacity as CIA director, [Casey] asked the Federal Communications Commission to revoke all of ABC’s TV and radio licenses, in retaliation for an ABC News report that suggested the CIA had attempted to assassinate a U.S. citizen"
"In February 1985, the CIA asked the FCC to apply Fairness Doctrine penalties to the network. The following month, ABC was bought by Casey’s Cap Cities. (See “The Seizing of the American Broadcast Company,” by Andy Boehm, L.A. Weekly, 2/20-26/87.)"
back to Walt Disney, he also worked for the feds at Lookout Mountain.

"but in what capacity?"

try to find out ;)
here's another one for my dedicated readers: guess who Disney also worked with?

Sandia National Laboratories and Los Alamos
now, to take a cue from Pynchon, I'm not going to say the final truth about Disney, but if you read between the lines, I think you know what I'm getting at

smart folks know what I mean

god bless
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