Things wrong with this:
- AAVE is a black thing, not a people of color thing.
- Even with the evolution of AAVE into popular “internet slang,” there is still a double standard about who uses it. There are black children still getting put into ESL classes for speaking AAVE, meanwh
ile white and nonblack people on TikTok are building careers off of exploiting a culture that they are not a part of, nor are they in close vicinity to.
- AAVE is a CLOSED practice. Every culture has closed practices, and telling black Americans that we should share our ideas and
traditions just because they got popular worldwide is disrespectful, intrusive, and reeks of a colonizer mindset. Most of the nonblack people who use AAVE do not do it in “good faith;” so what it really sounds like is “just be proud of the exposure you’re getting, no matter how d
isrespectful and backhanded that exposure is.” Do you tell South Korean people to be happy about people who are not Asian wanting to become Kpop idols because it has gotten popular globally? Do you tell Japanese people that they should try to be inclusive with characters they inc
lude in animes because of how popular it has gotten globally? No. Even now, proclamations like “Only Asian people should be allowed to audition for South Korean entertainment companies” or “Quit asking Japanese people to represent you” are generally accepted despite how popular
both of these things are worldwide. Why do you always try to tell black people that since OUR cultures are getting popular globally, we should just roll with it; but nonblack people get to keep their closed practices CLOSED; even when they spread to other parts of the word?
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