1/100: It's time to examine the biggest snake oil seller of the planet - @BillGates: his detached worldview, his alleged philanthropic motives, the monopolisation of science, behavioural patterns of the wannabe saviour of the planet & possible endgames.
It's a #WildRide-Thread.⬇️
2/100: To understand the opportunist Bill Gates, one must rummage through history, as well as internalize his basic attitude: Total control at any price, ethical issues are non-existent in his world, collateral damages were and still are part of his daily bread, part of his game.
3/100: Plato & Aristotélēs had early ideas on "Population Control"; Thomas R. Malthus' "An Essay on the Principle of Population" (1798) outlines "the positive check to population": Diseases, wars, disasters, famines & pestilence, he wanted to utilize them. https://bit.ly/3dasgLZ 
4/100: Charles Darwin released "On The Origin Of Species" (1859), he hinted on the implications of human populations, but his cousin Sir Francis Galton became obsessed with the idea: He published "Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development" (1883) http://bit.ly/3cqOzhq 
5/100: Galton wrote:

"Its intention is to touch on various topics more or less connected with that of the cultivation of race, or, as we might call it, with 𝚎𝚞𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚒𝚌."

The term comes from the greek word 𝚎𝚞𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚜, and means 𝚘𝚏 𝚗𝚘𝚋𝚕𝚎 𝚋𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑.
6/100: In the early 20th Century Eugenics became an academic discipline at universities, organisations were formed and funded to gain public support. The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, the Cold Spring Harbor in New York rejected the idea that all humans are born equal.
7/100: Planned Parenthood was formed in America by racial eugenicist Margaret Sanger.

President of IBM Thomas Watson established a special subsidiary in Poland - "Watson International Business Machines", assisted in the Nazi invasion in Poland, the operation was managed in N.Y.
8/100: The Nazis mentioned the Eugenics program was being run in the US by IBM at the Nuremberg Trials.

Watson wasn't further bothered for war crimes, passed on IBM to his son Tom Watson Jr. His granddaughter Jeanette Watson married Margeret Sanger's grandson Alexander Sanger.
9/100: Bill Gates' father William Henry Gates II worked on the board for Planned Parenthood.

His mother Mary Maxwell Gates worked on the corporate board for IBM.

Bill Gates partnered with IBM to create @Microsoft.
10/100: William Gates was also an influential lawyer. Through his father Bill Gates learned the ins and outs of law and politics, how to navigate within the higher echelons of the elites, how to manipulate, how to gain total control.
11/100: Bill Gates is accredited for the 1st Microsoft OS, in reality he played no part in the invention.
"[...] licensed 86-DOS from Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products for $50,000 [...], re-licensed it [...] to Big Blue, which marketed it as DOS." https://archive.is/cBxNj 
12/100: While Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen was battling with cancer, Bill Gates sensed the perfect opportunity to simply cheat his longtime partner out of the company share - while Paul was - quote - “in the middle of radiation therapy”.
13/100: In 1998 Bill Gates’ business strategies came under fire: United States Department of Justice sued @Microsoft for AntiTrust Violation. During the 18 months trial, Gates gave hours over hours of testimony. https://bit.ly/3lZ0F4y 
14/100: The judge ruled that Microsoft violated the Sherman Antitrust Act, established to outlaw monopolies/cartels, Microsoft's position in the marketplace constituted a monopoly - threatened not only the competition but also innovation in the industry. https://archive.is/sUQYl 
15/100: The judge called to divide Microsoft in half. MS appealed, appeals court overturned the decision. Instead of seeking to break up the company, the Justice Department decided to settle w/ the company. MS agreed to share interfaces w/ other companies. https://bit.ly/3d7q6gg 
16/100: In a move to overshadow the negative press, Bill Gates invested 100 Million Dollars to setup the @gatesfoundation. Overnight Bill Gates was no more the ruthless tech monopolist, the new mantra from now on was: Bill Gates - the most generous philanthropist of the world.
17/100: Without even a hint of medical training, Gates styles himself highly as the omniscient demigod of the Life Sciences, a do-gooder, a philanthropist who knows where the planet is headed, population control is now gradually becoming his favourite topic. ¿slǝuɐԀ ɥʇɐǝᗡ
18/100: In stark contrast, Gates buys into the very corporations that actually represent the opposite of sustainability, humanism, philanthropy, social health & fairness. His tentacles are everywhere, strategically placed, he acts callously, first collateral damage occurring.
19/100: From the start the Foundation is busy investing in governments, pharmaceuticals that the foundation tells the governments to pass money to. Further $$$: petroleum, weapons, media companies (shills), harmful drugs, tobacco.
20/100: Gates invests into companies that cause harm to ppl, he claims to care about:

"[...] Slim & [...] Bill Gates, [...] announced [...] $50 million to Latam health project."

"[...] Slim owns Cigatam, which has [...] been 80% owned by Philip Morris."

21/100: In 2010 Gates bought 500k+ shares of Monsanto stock worth $ 23 billion, the goal: “feeding the world.” However, something overlooked is how similar the Microsoft & Monsanto business models are, their ability to lock businesses into their products.
23/100: Gates Foundation & Microsoft remain inseparable. Indonesia 2008, Wikileaks/Cablegate (2010):

“Ambassador requested a meeting [...] w/ the Gates Foundation through a Microsoft contact.”

Gates uses “health” as an excuse to have them commit to Microsoft at the same time.
24/100: Pattern: Gates selects a country with a high illiteracy rate, usually a 3rd world country, monopolizes the NGO sector under the premise of humanitarian aid, such as AIDS: simply claims male genital mutilation could solve AIDS (no scientific basis). ¿ loɹʇuoƆ uoıʇɐlndoԀ
25/100: Pattern: Most of the time, these pseudo-scientific test series end in collateral damage that cannot really be quantified. It's assumed that up to 35 million boys are affected. The whole thing was based on alleged studies that were "as full of holes as a Swiss cheese".
26/100: Pattern: Illiterate and poor people are persuaded to participate in Gates' immature vaccination programs with false promises, and again there is collateral damage wherever the eye can see. The next example involves illegal experiments by the Gates Foundation in India.
27/100: Pattern: Again, we're talking about collateral damage of unimaginable proportions, 491k Indian girls, women and babies were affected. The Indian parliament then formed a task force, which expelled @gatesfoundation. They returned to India in the wake of the Corona crisis.

"Correlation between Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Rates with Pulse Polio Frequency in India" @NCBI.

Gates couldn't buy that one away into oblivion. https://archive.is/DhmT3 
29/100: Pattern: In the past two decades it is almost impossible to find areas concerning "global health initiatives" that have been left untouched by the @gatesfoundation. They've managed to sneak their tentacles everywhere, we're talking about monopolization of the sciences.
30/100: Bill Gates supposedly philanthropic motives are not of altruistic nature as many Gates-fans would want you to believe. His master plan is calculated through in a very precise manner, the goal is "endless cash flow", without taxation hurdles.

“20:1 return rate”.
31/100: Gates is the top donor to @WHO, @CDCgov & all other global health initiatives. @gatesfoundation is the single most influential entity on the planet when it comes to global health strategies & masterplans. Those who receive his money, chant the mantra without hesitance.
32/100: Gates even requested @gavi membership of the @WHO executive board in 2017, therefore gained treaty signing powers, has absolute diplomatic immunity in its host country Switzerland and puts GAVI equal to the Bank for International Settlements & the European Central Bank.
33/100: Gates has trouble not getting caught up in outlandish conclusions or wrapping his megalomaniacal plans in more crowd-pleasing verbiage. This TED-talk already went around the world, under the pretext of global health a more sustainable population control is thought aloud.
34/100: Again we have to look back into history, the Kissinger Report, 1974 ( https://bit.ly/3sFk9gQ ):

"Although population pressure is obviously not the only factor involved, these types of frustrations are much less likely under conditions of slow or zero population growth."
35/100: Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller's partner:

“Who controls the food supply controls the people.”

2006: @gatesfoundation & @RockefellerFdn launched the $424 million Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) intertwined with vaccines.
36/100: Polio programs for Africa should be the saviour of the world now according to Bill & Melinda Gates. The outcome: collateral damages, highly alarmed African population who didn't want to be used as guinea pigs anymore.
“[...] the Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan notified WHO of the detection of a circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) in the country." https://archive.is/dkeNG 
38/100: Pattern: All this does not impress Bill & Melinda Gates, again Gates has a hard time hiding his enthusiasm for ethically highly questionable experiments, it almost resembles a desired fulfillment: Everything genetically modified must find its way into all bio cycles.
39/100: Bill Gates knows how to stretch the bow even further, so that it becomes somewhat more difficult for his followers to defend him. We are now entering somewhat even darker realms, in particular his business dealings with Jeffrey Epstein.
40/100: Pattern: Bill Gates is mentioned here by Ghislaine Maxwell as a big supporter of her Ocean Sustainability Program, which then suffered more than a little damage after it became known in which dark machinations the longtime life partner of Jeffrey Epstein was involved.
41/100: Although Epstein was listed as “disqualified” in @MIT's official donor database, the Media Lab continued to accept gifts from him. Epstein served as an intermediary between the lab & other wealthy donors including Bill Gates - $ 2 Million.
42/100: Gates had met Epstein many times.

“His lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing although it would not work for me,”

[...] Gates Foundation employees [...] had been shocked to learn that the foundation was working with a sex offender.
43/100: This extensive overview so far of Bill's behavioural patterns will help to understand the following core part of this thread: @gatesfoundation & the COVID-19 Crisis. Bill has a very sophisticated plan for the entire planet, his liberation vision seems a bit battered now.
44/100: Let's rewind back again to get the full scope: Especially in 2017 it seems like that Bill Gates was on a kind of tour to warn of future epidemics, already talking about new mRNA vaccine platforms (Moderna):

"most likely to, let's say, cause 10 million excess deaths".
45/100: At the Munich Security Conference in 2017: Bill Gates draws an already very dark picture of the future. He is talking about genetically modified pathogens, bioweapons, population reduction of 30 Million people in one year due to respiratory diseases - Hegelian Dialectic.
46/100: At the World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos Bill Gates is already advertising for his project CEPI - Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations - budget estimate is $ 460 Million. Now the new mRNA/DNA-"vaccine" platforms are already in the game, "plug & play" - ready.
47/100: To understand our current status quo intertwined with the @gatesfoundation we've to inspect 'Hegelian Dialectic' briefly: A crisis is created, a solution is posed, the balance between those two pillars becomes "The New Normal".

Follow @RosaKoire for more Agenda21 infos.
48/100: 2017: Anthony Fauci, Scientific Board member of the @gatesfoundation, stated at Georgetown University: there'll be a surprise-pandemic outbreak during the Trump presidency.

In hindsight: Marvelous forecasting skills, all Gates-affiliates share.

49/100: In Nov 2019 Pirbright Institute funded by @gatesfoundation was granted patent nr EP3172319B1:

"The present invention also relates to the use of such a coronavirus in a vaccine to prevent and/or treat a disease."


50/100: 13th Nov 2017: "The Next Pandemic"- supported by @gatesfoundation & @wellcometrust.

"An exclusive group of thought leaders gathered [...] to discuss how the world prepares for the next global pandemic, [...]."

Participant: Anthony Fauci.

51/100: Without any doubt, it can be said that Anthony Fauci is something like the right-hand man of the @gatesfoundation, and was before the actual pandemic. Especially in 2019, Fauci has received a number of large grants worth millions of dollars from the Gates Foundation.
52/100: Oct 2019: the ever-popular Event201 also took place, hosted by @gatesfoundation, @wef & @JHSPH_CHS. As in previous years (CladeX), it was again about a pandemic exercise, which was very accurate regarding problems in communicating restrictive measures for containment.
53/100: The global monopolization dilemma of the @gatesfoundation in context with worldwide pandemic narratives & research bias can only be treated superficially, all this should now provide enough "food for thought": Monopolisation of all areas of science with endless cash flow.
54/100: One of the main problems is the unrestricted influence of the Gates Foundation at WHO. Dr. Tedros, who has no medical training whatsoever, as well as Bill Gates, was already heavily involved in GAVI the years before. The Gates Foundation is the 2nd largest donor to WHO.
55/100: Add millions in grants to @imperialcollege - $79 million; 2017 - $279 million in investments to @IHME_UW, specialising in global health data collection, and computer modelling & forecasting. The @gatesfoundation is the demigod of Global Health Security & Vaccine Programs.
56/100: Narrative monopolisation can only work if Bill Gates also has all mainstream channels in his hands. And these news narratives are homogenised among themselves, critical voices find no place, the credo is: Bill knows where to go and how to find a way out of the crisis.
57/100: And then Bill has a hard time hiding the sarcasm that naturally arises with his omnipotence. Whether this is to be seen as a deeply human flaw or as boundless megalomania is not difficult to answer: Bill & Melinda have never made much effort to hide their amusement.
58/100: This grin can then only be interpreted as a kind of schadenfreude, or perhaps Bill Gates himself cannot believe how much his years of effort are now finally rewarded, and the reward comes in the form of "endless cash flow", control & power at all levels.
59/100: According to Bill Gates we have no other choice, according to him there is simply no way around following his advice, normality will only return when the entire world population is vaccinated with his "Next Generation" vaccine products.
60/100: And again Bill can't help grinning about the decline of the world economy. And of course, it's all the social activities that make this pandemic circulate in a vicious circle, "it's very hard to say, please ignore that pile of corpses over there in the corner".
61/100: If Bill meant and of course still means that all social activities should be restricted until the end of 2020, then we can actually be sure that his core message is really taken up everywhere, after all he has already predicted everything, why should he be wrong here?
62/100: Now it seems obvious that you've to solve the movement problem following Bill's global perspective: Certificates that prove that you're vaccinated, with technologies in which Gates has of course long since invested, the magic word is biometrics, I'll come to that later.
63/100: The most important thing for Bill Gates seems to be to vaccinate the older population first. Side effects are taken into account and he also has figures for this, for him it is a cost/benefit calculation. His forecast is 700,000.
64/100: Bill is surprisingly honest when it comes to the basic questions: He's not sure about effectiveness: 50% effectiveness? Will it prevent deaths? Will it prevent (re)infections? The current 1st gen. vaccines are - quote- "tools", the magic words are "2nd/3rd gen. vaccines".
65/100: Antibody testing in regards to background immunity is out of the question, something like basic immunity doesn't quite seem to fit into his world view. The human immune system, which has protected us from corona viruses for thousands of years, cannot be relied upon.
66/100: Melinda Gates believes that health care professionals and black, as well as indigenous people in the U.S. should be ranked very high in the priority order of the mass vaccination mega project.
67/100: Bill's prognosis concerning risk management is "Full Speed Ahead", according to him one has to work with compromises, already aware that long-term effects of his vaccines can occur in 2 years, nevertheless the motto has to be "that's 2 years too much of clinical trials".
68/100: And yet, in the end, one can then locate a kind of dissatisfaction in Gates. Not everything he thought up worked according to his ideas, you can really feel the business melancholy that he's not taken that seriously here and there. The solution is "the next pandemic."
69/100: To make matters worse, there are all the conspiratorial rumours surrounding his person, although he has invested a lot in benevolent media portrayals, the social media factor then saddens him a bit, an additional load of money should then solve the problem (more shills).
70/100: Where do you get such abstruse ideas that Gates envisioned something like biometric chip implants for everyone?

Perhaps because he is investing millions in precisely these technologies ?

"Storing medical information below the skin’s surface"

71/100: But more about that later. For the time being, let's stay with the "next pandemic". Bill & Melinda are rock-solid sure: "it'll get the attention it deserves". The mischievous grin should be excused, this is about Gates' forecasts, and that he has always been right so far.
72/100: Reminder: And how will the next pandemic be handled according to Bill Gates? With a global pandemic fire department, of course. This investment will be the best of all investments for our planet, Bill is convinced of that.
73/100: The problem of how to bring such a global happening under control contains the introduction of digital certificates. Microsoft has already made initial proposals at schools with regard to the PCR test status. Keep in mind: @Microsoft & @gatesfoundation are inseparable.
74/100: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is a huge supporter of Aadhaar, now the world's biggest biometric database. Here Gates discussed the merits of the Aadhaar database scheme and how it is preventing fake people from enrolling on government payroll, back in March 2020.
75/100: It's only logical and consistent to think about @ID2020 - the @gatesfoundation's heart piece investment in the pandemic - now in the context of the vaccination certificate and freedom of travel. If we look through the partners, we immediately realise, this is the endgame.
76/100: The quantum-dot tattoos intertwined with ID2020, which is an ambitious project by Microsoft to solve the problem of over 1 billion people who live without an officially recognised identity. ID2020 is solving this through digital identity. https://biohackinfo.com/news-bill-gates-id2020-vaccine-implant-covid-19-digital-certificates/
77/100: "The Good Health Pass Collaborative, an open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative to create a blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems that will help restore global travel and restart the global economy."

78/100: Another center piece & endgame from the @gatesfoundation is @Microsoft's efforts to deliver an operating system for human building blocks. Of course, you can - but you don't have to - combine all of this with medical gene therapies. The "benefits" are explained here.
79/100: The technology is still in its infancy, the endgame is biological computing at the molecular level to cure disease, with novel biomolecular applications. Transhumanism in theory and practice.
80/100: You can't leave out cryptocurrency from all the visions of the future, and if Gates has his way, it'll have to be centrally controlled instead of being decentralised, and mining is best done with the human body itself (ignore the numerology here). https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060606
81/100: "Africa is the testing ground for a biometric digital identity platform developed between Mastercard, Trust Stamp, Bill Gates’ GAVI. Trust Stamp provides id authentication through AI, GAVI is helping children access new & 'under-used' vaccines." https://archive.is/FOqjB 
82/100: It doesn't seem so far-fetched that Bill of course also buys up all the cultivation land he can get his hands on. Another consequence of connecting the dots. He has been buying up 242k acres of farmland across the U.S., he's now the top private farmland owner in America.
84/100: Rather incidental: "Over 1,2k emails released [...] reveal - the U.S. military is now the top funder [...] behind a controversial genetic extinction tech known as “gene drives”, $1.6 million UN gene drive lobbying op paid for by @gatesfoundation. https://bit.ly/3fvNyGS 
86/100: Ministry of Truth by Bill Gates? That was almost obligatory already, and it is most probably the one of 1000 fact checking companies Bill Gates has in mind.

87/100: "Water from human feces"? Here you go. https://twitter.com/BillGates/status/631602128574881792
88/100: "Poop perfume"? Rock'N'Roll Baby! https://twitter.com/BillGates/status/798987394838097922
89/100: "Endless mutational role playing game" with no clinical value and no data-controls (closed data)? You can bet your mother on it that it is @gatesfoundation funded ... https://twitter.com/BillGates/status/841750279972352005
90/100: Maybe now is a good time to let Bill Gates' cartoon ego sum up the whole dilemma for once.
91/100: The last 10 tweets from this thread point to more indispensable sources regarding Bill Gates, after all I could only scratch the surface here.
92/100: Reference should be made to the excellent work from the Corbett Report here, which goes into much more depth when it comes to the question of who Bill Gates really is. https://lbry.tv/@BillGates:f/WhoIsBillGates:e
93/100: An extensive data list and timeline of all irregularities regarding the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation can be viewed and plowed through here: http://techrights.org/wiki/index.php/Gates_Foundation_Critique
94/100: Also, I highly encourage you to follow the great scientist @Kevin_McKernan who meticulously traces the monopolisation of universities and science by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. https://twitter.com/Kevin_McKernan/status/1373382097222709250
95/100: @goddeketal https://twitter.com/goddeketal/status/1376932370562043916
96/100: How can we now defend ourselves against this monopolisation of our lives is a more than justified question. Non-conformity is the key to success. Do we really want a future in which our lives are determined exclusively by technocrats?

(thx 2 @SchwabBum 4 the artwork)
97/100: A means to success in non-conformity is of course always humor, in these turbulent times the credo must be to never lose your laughter, humor is a weapon against technocratic developments.
98/100: Last but not least, it is once again strongly recommended to deal with Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030. Many people do not realise that under the guise of sustainability a global inhuman policy is taking hold.
99/100: Nonconformity resistance involves basic democratic rights, we've struggled hard to gain over the last centuries, all over the world, but specifically in the Western Hemisphere. We don't want & cannot afford to give up these achievements for "endless profit" for a few.
100/100: I sincerely thank you for reading through this thread, please share it if you think my conclusions and analysis about Bill Gates are important and correct. To Bill Gates the call is started to strongly reconsider his hunger for power.
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