Amy, an #obeisant employee,worked late to finish a report. She missed her bus &dreaded the long walk home.She spotted him #limned by the streetlight & shivered as she hurried past. Heavy footfalls followed &she ran!
“Miss,your boss sent me to drive you home.”
#vss365 #vssdaily
But did her boss really send him? 😈😈😈
2/ She stopped as a #ferocious dog stood growling in her path. Terrified,she backed up & into the driver. With no place to run or #hide, she called her boss’ cell,no answer!

“Stand down,Satan. Don’t want to upset her. My name is Damon & my car is over here.” 
#vss365 #vssdaily
3/ “I don’t know you so I’ll walk,”she said.

“It’s 1:20 a.m., you’re downtown & there are a lot of predators on the #hunt.”

Was he a predator,too? She was damned either way.“On one #condition,tell me my name,show me your driver’s license & muzzle the dog!”
#vss365 #vssdaily
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