This picture got my attention. We know Matt Gaetz investigation is due to Joe Greenburg‘s case. Chris Dorworth is a part of the company that basically make sure their clients are in the news & they do damage control 1/
Then I came across an article about Joel Greenburg in the Orlando Sentinel that said don’t worth contributed to both Greenburg & Gaetz’s campaigns. It says Greenburg hired Ballard partners (Where Dorworth works) & said that they were friends 2/
In the same article this picture of the 3 of them at the White House (June 22, 2019) appears. They look pretty friendly so I dug a little more. Apparently Gaetz, Dorworth, & GOP state House Rep. John Tobia were roommates. 3/
Then I stumbled across the fact that all 3 were also members of the Florida House in November 2012. So these 3 have been buddies for at least a decade. And this was while Gaetz’s father, Don Gaetz won Florida Senate. 3/
Then there is this interesting Joel Greenberg tweet. We’ve already seen the picture of Roger Stone w/ Matt Gaetz & Joe Greenburg. Halloween 2017 Greenburg tweeted pics with Roger Stone & Milo Yiannopolis...looking for Matt Gaetz.
Ok...just ran across this from July 25,2020. This was when Joel Greenburg was running against Brian Beute. It says that Roger Stone hired people to harass political opponents & posted identical posts as Greenburg. Helping a friend?
I just now saw this tweet by Amy Siskind. A network run by a Proud Boys member & network of fake social media accounts linked to Roger Stone were harassing Joel Greenberg’s opponent. That’s starting to tie Stone’s 2 worlds together.
Then there’s this helpful graph. It shows Roger Stone tied to OathKeepers, Proud Boys & Matt Gaetz & Joel Greenberg. And I also included Stone’s 2 defenses of Gaetz in the past few days. #GaetzGate
Did a little digging on Roger Stone & the Proud Boys. Leader Enrique Tarrio was tied to threats against the judge in Stone’s 2019 case. Stone also named Tyler Zilokowski (Whyte), Jacob Engels & Ray Perez for helping threaten the judge.
This is the night before the Dec. 12 Stop the Steal rally in DC showing Stone w/ Ethan Nordean & Tarrio. They are pretty much inciting violence here OK and those two allegedly helped plan the Capitol attack
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