Listen to your heart, Matt. Oh, wait...
Sure, Jan.
"It is unlikely that Bill Barr would have investigated one of President Trvmp's biggest allies as part of an extortion plot."
"QAnon fans' defense of Gaetz is particularly ironic because the entire point of the conspiracy theory is to uncover a global underage sex trafficking ring supposedly being run by the leaders of the Democratic Party."
but then, there's this... "Keep in mind, when this investigation was opened,.. that investigation had to be signed off on by their supervisor, the head of the criminal division and briefed to Bill Barr himself,"
"Given Jordan's past, his statement declaring Gaetz's innocence drew instant ridicule -- check out some reactions below."
"Though the reports of the DOJ investigation into Gaetz have focused on the sex crime, the document reportedly given to the Gaetz family proposing the funding of the rescue operation suggests (Gaetz) is facing scrutiny for a wider range of conduct."
"We searched through all the available records and found nothing to support Gaetz’s claim. We repeatedly asked his staff to show us the records and heard crickets. We asked Gaetz directly — nothing, radio silence."
"One former GOP staffer said Wednesday that their office had an informal rule to not allow their members to appear next to Gaetz during TV hits, fearful of the inevitable scandal that would come out one day."
“Matt Gaetz is basically the shrimp tail in your Cinnamon Toast Crunch,”
This just keeps unraveling!
"sources say investigators are also pursuing allegations that Gaetz may have used cash and drugs in his dealings with young women and also whether any federal campaign money was involved in paying for travel and expenses,"
"Gaetz also credits Trvmp with making life a little bit easier in Washington for a guy like him who, as he put it, “arrived in D.C. as a single man after a couple of long-term relationships that didn’t work out.”
"Gaetz, a Florida Republican, is now the target of a Justice Department investigation that is focusing on allegations that the Republican congressman and (Joel) Greenberg recruited young women and paid them for sex,"
"(Joel) Greenberg has maintained a close relationship with Gaetz for several years. Both were rising stars in Florida’s Republican Party in 2016."
Pictured here, Stone, Gaetz and Joel Greenberg
"But, Gaetz, I think, he'd like to be Donald Trvmp. He's not. And it's very foolish of him to try to carry off the Trump routine that he can keep talking and talk his way through these things," McCarthy said."
"If these scandals seem to demand how a member of Congress, entrusted to hold power in Washington, could behave in such a way, the reality may be the opposite: Only a member of Congress could behave like this and get away with it."
"Gaetz has always been regarded as a grenade whose pin had already been pulled. The congressman had a reputation for a wild personal lifestyle that, associates say, occasionally bordered on reckless."
"The reason you haven't seen people in MAGA world defending Gaetz is less about him being unpopular, which he is in a lot of circles, and more about the fact that he hasn't done a single thing to make people comfortable to defend him."
"Gaetz was the chief opponent to that legislation. Goodson said he remembered a meeting in which Gaetz said that if someone sends an intimate image to their romantic partner, then that image becomes the partner’s property to use however they want."
"The once-great “Moral Majority” is now a party that welcomes and protects avowed sexual predators and pedophiles."
"What is wrong with the people who knew about this and yet were more concerned with their own publicity than they were with the safety of their coworkers, upholding of the law, and the business of the country?"
"The Justice Department has been exploring whether Greenberg procured women for Gaetz and whether the two men sometimes shared sexual partners, including the 17-year-old at issue in Greenberg’s case."
"When you can’t get your colleagues to stand beside you and even Jim Jordan stops answering your calls, it’s time to step aside."
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