59 obscure business insights based on my experience
1. Shell companies have many benefits, the best ones being efficient tax evasion and staying hidden from governments, creditors, and competitors.
2. Every country and city is tax-free with the right accountants. I don't care about exceptions.
3. One foreign contractor is worth ten western hires. The former has a good work ethic; the latter is complacent and overpriced. There are clear exceptions to this rule (Such as India).
4. Bank accounts in some jurisdictions are constitutionally protected until a certain amount. This means you can keep thousands of dollars away from the sight of the government legally.
5. Most things can be written off as business expenses. Even escorts (Call them "assistants").
6. If you make $500/hour and need to get something done, don't do it yourself. Hire someone to do it for you for $10/hour. I'm baffled at how many entrepreneurs don't understand this. If you break your printer, don't fix it yourself; pay someone else to do it cheaply.
7. A top-tier blue switch keyboard is a godsend for people that write long-form sales letters. High-quality tools help you produce high-quality work.
8. You can hide your identity from Stripe, PayPal, and even US/Europe-based banks in a mostly anonymous manner with off-shore companies in other countries and some "curated" documents. KYC can't prove anything.
9. Perception plays a larger role than you'd expect. You can get away with many, many things if you make people believe you are a Fortune 500, even if you are just working from your mom's basement.
10. Prospects that don't show up to calls are poor and not worth engaging with. Rich people understand the value of time; paupers do not.
11. The most annoying clients are the poor ones. They perpetually live in a state of scarcity, so they will nickel and dime you and email you at 3 AM. Conversely, rich clients will only want to be contacted once you "Get it done".
12. No market is saturated; it's just full of incompetent people. Being skilled and unique makes everyone else irrelevant.
13. It's fine not to be T-Shaped as long as you leverage someone skilled at what you don't want to do. I'm great at copy and pitching, hence why I'm a CMO; my associate is great at strategizing and managing; that's why he's CEO.
14. Affiliate marketing is the only "legal" enterprise that yields the same outrageous profits as drug trafficking.
15. Offices are obsolete. Presentation cards are obsolete. Middle management-type people are obsolete. It's a great era for lean, low overhead capitalism.
16. Escorts are of higher quality, cost way less, and save more time than the average girlfriend. Talk about return on investment.
17. Modafinil. That's the tweet.
18. Americans are prone to spending money on anything, especially now that the government prints welfare money like crazy. Get those stim checks.
19. Narcos know more about business than Ivy League professors. I came up with this insight first; your guru is just rehashing me for engagement.
20. Gurus know how to tweet, not how to run a business. Be careful with who you listen to.
21. Spending United States dollars outside the United States is a cheat code.
22. Expensive accountants are worth it if they can save you 10x what you paid them in taxes.
23. The right lawyer's knowledge will let you get away with the wildest business practices. Use ethically.
24. Wealthy boomers don't care about technology; they care about things being easy. Profitable lesson for zoomers like me.
25. Using your credit card for ad spend and large business purchases will basically grant you unlimited hotel stays and business flights.
26. You can "dropship" agency by purchasing templates and renting SaaS. You can't outsource profitable creativity and efficient strategizing, though.
27. Having fancy equipment is great for making work more smooth and more frictionless, but skilled businesses can make millions from $200 Chromebooks.
28. Everyone says "I help XYZ do ABC" in their pitch. Nobody stands out. Be more creative.
29. Most of the successful capitalists aren't incredibly smart or super educated. They just ruthlessly and boldly execute ideas for their companies or their clients.
30. Learn how to sell unethically so you can maximize sales' return on investment ethically.
31. Most business books read in business schools are written by managers and academia nerds, not businessmen.
32. Similarly, most books are just glorified Twitter threads with more noise than signal.
33. The key to owning a business that runs itself is understanding the role of systematization and the Pareto rule.
34. Marketing graduates don't know how to market. See Deloitte.
35. The FTC and similar regulatory agencies give you the exact playbook to be as unethical as possible with your marketing without getting into legal trouble. Google "Advertising Practices FAQ, Answers for Small Businesses".
36. If they killed Tr*mp's $4 million monthly income, they can kill yours too. Here's how to avoid getting canceled and starved by the tech giants and the lib mob: http://opsec.builtdifferent.io 
37. No, they don't want to "Hop on a call". Provide a tangible benefit before you ask for their time.
38. High testosterone and high-stress tolerance might be the greatest financial safety net you can possess as a businessman. You're basically fearless and hungry to bodyslam the world. Impossible to *not* make money when you're built like this.
39. Doing and having success in business will make you see how pathetic and loser-minded normies are. Make peace with it and surround yourself with other winners, so you don't feel lonely. Profit from the predictability of normies.
40. Hundreds of courses and "New York Times Bestsellers" are usually based on a handful of actually valuable books every guru and author is basing themselves on. Go straight to the source; playing the broken telephone game will cost you time and money.
41. The more expensive it looks, and the more unreachable it feels to the prospect, the more they will desire it. Underpricing only hurts *your* wallet.
42. Feel free to manipulate prospects and customers as long as you're delivering something that will make their life better, more wholesome, and easier. It's your moral duty to shill your life-changing solutions. "Boo hoo that sounds wrong" That's why you're poor.
43. Your energy levels and health are assets you can't afford to let depreciate and can be the catalyst for immense wealth. No 7-Figure tactic will make you rich if you're a lethargic, depressed idiot.
44. Detach yourself from money. It's just numbers on a screen. Stingy people will never become rich.
45. OPSEC is not optional. DocuSign, screenshots, chat logs, NDAs, etcetera. Learn to protect yourself because someone *will* try to fuck you over one day.
46. Shiny object syndrome is real, and you might be a victim of it without even knowing it. Again, it's not necessary to be T-Shaped. Focus on becoming great on one thing only.
47. You will never be able to be good at being CEO, accountant, salesman, copywriter, media buyer, etcetera at the same time. Learn to scale, outsource and delegate or stay an overworked freelancer forever.
48. Most things that can be automated can be repackaged and sold as solutions for other companies. Boomer types will pay thousands for it.
49. Repackage and repurpose your business's leftovers and make them an upsell for easy cash grabs.
50. Interviews with executives with 823 views on YouTube offer more value than most $997 courses.
51. Success is not that far away. You can overhaul your entire life in a year, and the game switches to "easy" mode until you hit your first Ms, then it's a whole new game. The first dollars are the hardest.
52. Real competition starts at the top of the pyramid, and your rivals will be as just as ruthless as you. Everyone below the top is playing on easy mode.
53. Middle-class and poor people buy status; rich people buy quality and anonymity.
54. You can make anything viral and trendy as long as it appeals to human nature. Pretty sure Netflix memes their lame shows into popularity by doing this.
55. Sales is king. The best product in the world will never make money if an efficient salesman doesn't pitch it.

56. Big money, big deals, and big networks are created in Twitter & Telegram group chats. No, you're not invited. Earn your spot.
57. The key to producing more is creating an environment that will reduce friction on things you shouldn't be doing, so you do the things you have to do by default.
58. It's not lonely at the top. The top is full of winners ready to welcome you. The bottom is full of losers.
59. Most normies are too attached to their vices, their emotions, and their loser personas. Don't change them; they will hate you for it. Profit off them instead.
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