1. Y'all wanna talk about actual racism? Remember when they caught a Chinese ship that had African men they enslaved for 7 months, barely feeding them,regularly beating them and had them on forced labour. 7 month without a penny

Let's talk about their fucked up anti-blackness:
2. In Africa on our own lands treating us like slaves, beating us freely. You don't see Asian twitter talking about this..Asian antiblackness is fucked-up worldwide, y'all "anti-asianness" we do is isolated to a couple USA neighborhoods with gangbangers https://twitter.com/Botanyakunu/status/1039414455711551488
3. In Asia despite what the black Asian-worshipping masochists try their hardest to turn a blind eye to, we are treated like subhuman shit. There's multiple cases of African men being murdered or nearly murdered for being seen with a local girl https://twitter.com/KenMijungu/status/1044252075062964225
4. You go to Africa and literally treat the locals as subhumans for your own enjoyment. Wode Maya made a video on the growing number of Asians going to Africa to seek tribes and treat them like specimens to mock in an human zoo
5. I need more African people in power with guts like this man was and even there if these Africans had done to them what these Asians did to us but in Asia? They'd all have the death penalty.Africans are way too kind to foreigners,more of us are waking up https://twitter.com/Dilichukwu_/status/1251175891700527107
6. You go in our countries and try to start apartheid 2.0
7. And you keep on trying to build apartheird 2.0. Don't get me started on what's going on in Zambia with countless street/road signs/panels being in Asian languages ONLY that no local can read. https://twitter.com/fccpcnigeria/status/1238811189716680705
8. Remember when lil pump the mexican said "ChingChong" in his song? Asians flocked in the thousands to spam his comment section with anti-black slurs. Don't forget when they blamed the corona virus on black people. Alot of these came from hypocrites that had black Stars as avi
9. Remember when they decided to collectively blame us a the cause of the corona virus and proceeded to show off how utterly racist and hateful they were?
10. They'd refuse access to hospitals to black people, even pregnant black women https://twitter.com/MarsdenMarshal1/status/1251227969776832512
11. This barely scratches the surface of how utterly racist and anti-black y'all are REGARDLESS of the continent you're on, the country you're in. Regardless of how much more educated a black person is compared to you, nothing will stop you from being anti-black against him
12. It is not a class thing. It is simply pure unfiltered racism and the false belief of being superior or above us in any shape or form.

They made a petition to deport an african D-list celebrity in korea because he dared to criticize blackface
15. So in addition the the ones that set the fire,an Asian woman helped them plan this gruesome murder of an innocent African family huh? I didn't hear Asian twitter speak on this, we wouldn't hear the end of it if black people had participated in burning an Asian family alive
16. Chinese practicing neo-slavery in Nigeria.People regularly beaten,some got nerve damage,they needed to be amputated.Theyre locked in,theres vids showing the filthy conditions theyre eating/sleeping in while the Chinese workers get luxurious conditions https://twitter.com/Truthfully83/status/1293474007711232001
17. When they come to our lands, they are treated well, too well indeed and that's the problem of alot of black countries,being kinder to outsiders and neocolonizers than they are to their fellow black people. Let's see how the favor is returned in Asia:
18. Even black folks enjoying their night is enough to incite unprovoked violence from locals,only for the police to arrest the black victims.I've seen Africans being gunned down on the spot.Who knows if this man would have survived if fellow black ppl hadn't stopped his arrest
19. Can't even shop in peace in their countries ,they had started blaming the corona on Africans. Denying them access to anything needed to survive and kicking them out of the appartements they had already paid for Forced to starve on the freezing streets. This was another event
20. "okay but this is not in America"

Regardless of the continent,whenever they see a black person,a good portion of them are extremely prejudiced and treat us as if we were subhumans they were forced to set their shops around and get rich from.Mistreating us at any opportunity
21. Noticed how they absolutely never have smoke for white people who actually mistreat them but instead act like docile puppies then turn around and attack us for the slightest thing they'd never attack yt people for?Plenty of dissatisfied yts not paying ,0 assault like this
22. Most of us can relate.From childhood we are assumed to be intellectually inferior regardless of how better than them you may be at school because the stereotype of them being geniuses really got to their head(alot of non-blks do this,I experienced this ALOT from ele to uni)
23. Here's NBC debunking the rhetoric that have been trying to force down our throats for the past couple months about anti-asian hate crime in the black community

24. Remember that black girl that was shot in the head because a racist lady accused her of stealing an orange juice bottle and that Korean lady never saw the inside of a jail cell?
26.I was sent this despite how skeptical you may be (cause I definitely was at first).Give it a listen.Don't pay attention to the click baity title but you could make a case for it tho,skip to 0:40I'm not sure what vaccine that was sent she's refering to
28. You're probably seen this already but if you haven't,it truly drives the point home. There's countless panels on the streets/roads that are in Chinese and can't be read by the locals, Zambia is rapidly becoming a Chinese colony
29. if china had their way, they wouldn't hesitate a second to enslave black people . Just yesterday this chinese man in zambia ordered a BM to carry him. The zambian risked losing his job if he didnt do so

Thankfully hes getting deported but id jail him https://twitter.com/AfricaFactsZone/status/1371583703873359877
31. All over america asians constantly harass and beat on the very people use to get rich from, black people. Many of them open beauty supply stores that exclusively cater to the same black people they loathe then proceed to discriminate against us https://www.ebony.com/news/asian-beauty-supply-owner-punches-black-customer/
32. The worst of it?When black women decide to create their own beauty supply stores so other black people wont have to face racism when shopping,they get discriminated against and locked out of the lucrative black hair industry by the Koreans that own it
35. Owners of Chinese Company intend to expand their factories notorious for poisoning several aquatic reserves in Gambia. They are currently fighting to grab land from women who use the land as their only source of survival https://fulaninewsmedia.com/the-gambia-women-gardeners-cried-as-chinese-firm-fight-to-acquire-their-lands
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