There was only the black.
The young woman, allowed herself to sink further into the abyss. Overcome with the loss of identity.
A rose appeared, floating in the dark.
Without #vacillating, she reached for it, gasping for air, a reason to live again.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
The girl woke with a start, throwing off a blanket. It was dark, yet no stars pieced the night. She felt like crying despite not knowing why.
"Ah! You're awake," a voice said.
The girl turned to see #porcine like creatures runing around an old man. #amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
Respectfully the girl bowed her head imitating some custom that was entrenched in her psyche.
"No need to be so #Obeisant!" The old man chuckled. "You're among friends, What's your name?"
The young girl hesitated, she didn't even know her name.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
The old man then noticed the rose, a sight he wasn't #prepared for, the young woman spoke, interrupting him.
"I'm sorry, I don't know my name, or anything at all. Only thing I remember is the garden of roses, and the shadow with the mask."
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
"A rose garden? Maybe find a #painting, but real ones are long gone." The pig like creatures next to the old man started squealing at the sky.
"Guess it's time already eh?" He murmured.
"Time for what?" The young woman asked, turning in surprise.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
As the young woman looked up, the sky began it's display. With the sound of breaking glass, an ghostly orb cut its way out of the night sky, gaining an ethereal halo. There was no where to #hide from it's malevolence.
The ground started rumbling.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
The ground nearby swelled and cracked like an egg, and the old man panicked:
"Run! The Phantom Dawn has triggered a #hunt!" He grabbed his curious little porcine creatures. The young woman was confused but saw the urgency when the creature roared.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
The young woman ran for her life, but something seemed wrong, like she only moved in slow motion. The beast caught up and went to slam its massive tail in to her, aiming to smash her like an #egg. She became a deer caught in headlights.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
The old man couldn't stand to look as the monster's tail connected with the young woman, the force of the impact threatening to blow his #basket weave hat off his head. However the woman still stood. Her eyes now empty of all but one thing. Rage.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
The young woman, #whose appearance belied the maelstrom of power that had lain hidden behind her crystal blue eyes, launched into the air. The monster reared up to meet her head on. Under the bale gaze of the Phantom Dawn, the two clashed.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
The old man watched the scene unfold. With the elegance of a #bird, but the strength of a charging rhino, the young woman attacked the monster. Every blow sounded like thunder. She spared its life so it could slink away in disgrace, its head bowed.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
As the old man hesitantly approached, the young woman's picture of innocence returned, her eyes regaining their expression. She collapsed to her knees, unsure what to feel after everything that had happened, confused even more about herself.
#amwriting #vss365 #phantomdawn
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