­čĺąArmed Armenians do not match the lie of genocide.

­čĹëFrom Dutch newspaper
Algemeen Handelsblad From 1920 Armenians started the war by depopulating Turkish settlements. ─░n every region they visited there were more Turkish and Kurdish casualties than Armenians. These are civilian
The reason for deportation is that Armenian gangs burned Turkish villages to take advantage of wilson principles and massacred Muslims. While Ottomans were fighting on 10 different fronts, Armenians armed by Russia and Britain, was breaking apart from within. What a genocide !!!
According to Niles & Sutherland report Armenians destroyed 205 out of 448 Turkish and Kurdish villages in Beyazid during WWI. None of the 33 Armenian villages were destroyed. This is ethnic cleansing and genocide by Armenians. And also Turkish state archives is open for research.
­čĺą Armed Armenian gangs destroyed everything.!

­čĹë Niles&Sutherland were first foreigners to visit Turkey after WW I. Their goal was to determine what help and how much help could be provided by US. According to this report Armenians caused massive death and destruction in Turkey
This picture indeed belongs to White Rose activitists who fought against Nazis in Germany during WW2. These activists were sentenced to death and then killed via guillotine by Nazi Germany.
But Armenians use these photos to lie.

Orjinal Photo Link; ­čĹç http://itwasjohnson.impiousdigest.com/who_is_white_rose.htm
Photo indeed belongs to a Jewish slaughtered by Nazi Arrow Cross Men Party during WW2 in Hungary. This is an official historical evidence of Holocaust but Armenians nonetheless use this picture to deceive people and show it as an Armenian slaughtered by Turks with a shameful act.
The uniforms of the soldiers in the pic belong to Russian soldiers fighting in Russian Civil War after WW1 and not to Ottoman soldiers. This pic is not related to either Ottomans or Armenians. But Armenians nonetheless use this picture to deceive people.
Fake Poster Background Image in Off─▒cial Anca Website..!!

­čĹëWomen and children in the picture are indeed Turkish women and children┬áslaughtered by Armenians in Subatan┬á(in Ottoman Empire) on 25 April 1918. The picture is being copied by Armenians in internet.
The fake photo above. Fake Poster Background Image in Off─▒cial Anca Website.

The truth of the original photo is in the Ottoman Archive. ­čĹç
Aram Hamparian Chairman Of Armenian Committe Of America.

Fake Illustrations Used In Armenian Genocide Allegations. Armenians Are Playing With Human's Feelings.

Orjinal Photo: Russian Painter Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin. Apotheosis Of War 1871

Link; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Apotheosis_of_War
See Above ­čĹć
Shameless Armenians use fake pics in unofficial sites. And this way not only they twist and bend realities but also appeal to people's emotions to make them join their unlawful cause

Orjinal Photo: Russian Painter Vasilyevich Vereshchagin.

Apotheosis Of War 1871
German History;

"The theses and attitudes of the Turks on this issue are very correct." "He massacred the Turks before the Armenians, without saying women and children."..

The Armenian Genocide is a hoax...
­čç║­čçŞ US President Woodrow Wilson Send General James Harbourd To ─░nvesigate Armenian Matter with 43 Armenian US Officers.

­čĹë General Harbourd Speaking; ─░n Entire Region From Bitlis Through Van To Beyaz─▒t We Were ─░nformed That The Damage And Destraction Had Been Done By Armenian.
Another FAKE image:If you have seen this image being propagated as the armenian genocide, it is fake. This image is from a movie called ÔÇťAuction of Souls,ÔÇŁand women on crosses are actresses on a film set in California.And Many different versions on YouTube
This image, published by Oxford University Press in 2005, is fake. Although remaining books not already sold containing the image have been destroyed, the photo still circulates online.
Turkey Opening State Archives. But Armenians Hide Their Archives.
Frankly, Armenians Are Hiding A Lot Of Things To Cover Up Their Crimes To The World. Since 1915, They Have Systematically Carried Out Many Massacres..!!
Looks like the ÔÇťgenocidal Ottoman governmentÔÇŁ had provided funds from the state budget to the Armenian hospital in ─░stanbul in 1916, during the ÔÇťgenocide!! against 1.5M ­č玭čç▓Armenians..!!

Official historical documents give us ideas about that time.
Fake Armenian lies..!!

Historical Evidence Explains The Armenian Genocide Hoax! In His Own Words, The First Prime Minister Of Armenia States That The Tragedy Was Not The Fault Of The Turks.
Tehlirian was a part of the 1st wave of Armenian assasinations targeting Turkish leaders in 1918-1923. 2nd wave of assasinations from 1973 through 1994 targeted 58 Turkish citizens, 31 of them were diplomats&family members.Assasination of innocent ppl is part of Armenian history.
­čĺąParis Bombings by terrorist ASALA. Armenian Secret Terrorist Army For The Liberation Of Armenia. Serial Murders Against Turkish Diplomats And Turkish Citizens.

Source: https://www.cia.gov/ 
By CIA Terror Experts.

News; Washington Post 29 October 1986 Facts About Armenia
­čĺą Sumgayit olaylar─▒nda h├╝k├╝m giymi┼č Eduard Grigoryan'─▒ tan─▒yor musunuz?

ÔÜľ Duru┼čma Erivan'da ger├žekle┼čti. ve tecav├╝z etti─či Ermeni kad─▒nlar onu hemen tan─▒d─▒. Olayda 26 Ermeni, 6 Azerbeycan T├╝rk├╝ ve 1 Lezgi hayat─▒n─▒ kaybetti.

Su├žunu itiraf edip tutukland─▒─č─▒
Tarihi belge;­čĹç
Armenian gangs and Bolshevik Russian soldiers committed a major massacre in Baku. For 5 days,City was bombed,civilians were killed. Masjids,imarets,houses belonging to Azerbaijanis were burned.The whole world is ignoring the sad events that happened 102 years ago

March 31..!!
French newspaper; "Bulletin periodique de la presse russe" reported in 1931 that when Azerbaijani Turks protested against discrimination in the distribution of food and produce in the Basarkechar region of Soviet Armenia (now Vardenis), cooperative workers said" go to Azerbaijan.
Nikolai Shavrov:"G├╝ney Kafkasya'da Rus ├žal─▒┼čmalar─▒na yeni bir tehdit"
(St. Petersburg-1911)

"G├╝ney Kafkasya'da ya┼čayan toplam 1.300.000 Ermeni, 1.000.0000'u bizim taraf─▒m─▒zdan getirildi ve b├Âlgeye yerle┼čti" dedi.

(Plan─▒n amac─▒ T├╝rkiye'nin Orta-Asya ile ba─člar─▒n─▒ tamamen kesme)
SSCB Kom├╝nist Parti genel sekreteri
Josef Stalin'in Azerbaycan T├╝rklerini ┼čuan ki Ermenistan b├Âlgesinin bulundu─ču yerlerden s─▒n─▒r d─▒┼č─▒ etme karar─▒..!!

­čĹë ─░┼čte bu tarihi belge iki karde┼č toplumun ba─člar─▒n─▒ tamamen kesmek i├žin ├žok ├Ânceden kurnazca haz─▒rlanan bir plan─▒n devam─▒yd─▒.
Book is from a very reliable source- Cambridge Library. Joseph Wolff, Narrative of a mission to Bokhara, in the years 1843-1845: Under Paskevich's leadership, 90,000 Armenians were brought to Georgia and Karabakh. Also lie of genocide does not match the Ottoman population records
­čĹë After the Turkmenchay Treaty of 1828, the Russians moved the Armenians to Azerbaijan and got a chance to establish a state.

­čĹë The reason for the problems in the Caucasus today is because of the wrong policy that the Russians have implemented.
1988 Ermeni isyan─▒ ile ilgili yabanc─▒ bir kaynaktan, ­čĹë Thomas de Waal'in kitab─▒ndan k├╝├ž├╝k bir al─▒nt─▒.
Armenian Terrorist Attacks Are Not The First Time..!!
­čĺą Some Old Newspapers Documenting The Massacres Of Terrorist Armenians to Azerbaijani Turks..!!
In the words of the journalist Chingiz Mustafaev, who visited Khojaly right after the genocide, among the dead were ÔÇťdozens upon dozens of children between 2 and 15 years old, women and old people, in most cases shot at point blank range in the head.
Where is the international law ?!
Where are the human rights ?!
An unprecedented crime was committed 29 years ago. How long will you be silent? We want justice for Khojaly! You can talk about justice only after recognizing the Khojaly genocide! Why is the world ignoring all this?
Souls are traumatized . People lost their belief for humanity cause humanity died at that night.
khojaly genocide..!!
1Million Azerbaijani Refugees..!!
Armenian Vandalism..!!
├ľld├╝r├╝len T├╝rk diplomatlar─▒n─▒m hesab─▒n─▒ tarih nas─▒l verecek?
ABD kongredeki senat├Ârlerin sahte Ermeni soyk─▒r─▒m─▒ i├žin ABD Ermeni lobisi ANCA'dan r├╝┼čvet ald─▒klar─▒..!!

Ve ├╝lkelerin kendi politik ├ž─▒karlar─▒ u─čruna bir ulusu yap─▒lanlar─▒ bu derecede g├Ârmezden gelmelerini tarih ileride mutlaka yazacakt─▒r..!!
Remember,each time you a hear a story about the sufferings of the Ottoman Armenian grandmas& grandpas, that there are also stories about the sufferings of the Turkish grandmas&grandpas that you donÔÇÖt hear. You hear one, more than the other does not make the former a genocide.
Historical document from Ottoman state archives..!!

Letter sent by ┼×evki Bey, 9th Army Commander in Kars, to the Ministry of Defense: "Armenians killed thousands of Turk in Yerevan and Nahc─▒van.ÔÇŁ
­čĹë Russian Writer Vera Zhelikhovskaya Says: ÔÇťYerevan ─░s A Tatar (Turk) City.ÔÇŁ

( Unbiased Source; Vera Zhelikhovskaya, Caucasus And Transcaucasia, 1885, p. 28 )
Old Historical Newspaper Clippings.

"Armenians burn Turks. Armenians burned 300 houses in the Muslim quarter. 57 Turk have perished. The total number of Muslim killed is not yet ascertained.ÔÇŁ

( News Date; Tyrone Daily Herald, 21 December 1905 Pennsylvania )
Someone Said Genocide?

­čĹë Archive Materials Confirm The Bolshevik-Dashnak Terror ─░n Turkestan. Armenian Dashnaks Killed 35,000 Uzbeks ─░n The Fergana Valley ─░n Three Months. The Decade-Long Bolshevik Terror Killed 1,700,000 Civilians ─░n Turkestan..!!
Uzbek historian Shamagdiyev published statistics in archive materials. In 1918-1919, the Armenian Dashnaks together with the residents of the Fergana Valley fired on 180 settlements. The Dashnaks savagely massacred 7,000 civilians in Margilan, Kokand, and 6,000 in Andijan
­čĺąBloody Serial Murders Of the Armenian Terrorist Organization Asala.

September 24, 1981 Turkish Consulate General ─░n Paris France.
Yes, You Did not Hear Wrong, This ─░s Paris, The Heart Of Europe. The Whole World Has Turned A Blind Eye To These Terrible Serial Massacres.
­čĺą1915 Tragedy, And Armenian's Historical Wet Dream.

­čĹëArmenian Genocide ─░s A Hoax To Get Some Lands And Money. With Weapons Provided By France, Britain And Russia. Armenian Gangster Dashnaks-Hunchaks Subjected The Kurds and Turks To Systematic Genocide. And They Burned Villages
­čĺąArmenian Nazi general Drastamat Kanayan with members of Armenian Legion that fought for Hitler. Hailed as a national hero in Armenia. Lionized alongside other Armenian Nazi collaborator - Garegin Nzhdeh.
Armenian National Heroes of the Nazi past.
­čĺą The death of thousands of Armenians & Ottoman Muslims from late 19th century to 1915, as a result of imperialist great power pols is an extremely painful memory for all, a factor in traumatic revaunchism of Armenians. So, no, it is not Ok. Please See:­čĹç https://drpatwalsh.com/2018/10/20/the-dashnaks-terrible-mistake/
French writer German Bapst says of the Armenians in his book: "The Armenians of the Iravan province are not natives. They moved here in 1828 as a result of General Paskevich's occupation of this province."

Book Page Link; ­čĹç
­čĹë Source: Jeremy Salt, "The Unmaking of the Middle East," Berkeley-Los Angeles-London: University of California Press, 2008, p. 67:
­čĹë Source: Sean McMeekin, "The Russian Origins of the First World War," Cambridge (Massachusetts) - London: Harvard University Press, 2011, p. 169.
­čĺą Armenian bloody invasion of Erzurum 1914 in international press.

­čĹë Systematic massacres by Armenians were planned in advance. Armed Armenian gangsters attacked innocent civilians. Armenians massacred their neighbors for the sake of their historic wet dream.

Only Reagan, among US presidents to date, has called the events of 1915 ÔÇťgenocideÔÇŁ for April 22, 1981.
─░t was clearly stated by Bruce Fine, his legal adviser, that Reagan used the phrase genocide without relying on any research, under pressure from the Armenian diaspora.
Fine said that at the request of the president of USA, a delegation was established to investigate the Armenian allegations, and as a result of the research, it became clear that the claims of genocide were unfounded, and despite this, Reagan used the phrase ÔÇťgenocideÔÇŁ.
Fine's words are important: "TR has opened its doors to us to use its archives, and ARM has refused our request. If ARM had opened its archives, the truth would have been revealed. In other words, ARM would apologize to the whole world and TR for the historical lie they made up.
Fine's words are a summary of why Armenians brought their alleged genocide allegations to the agenda through political decisions, not through evidence. And US President Regan made baseless claims.
The grandfathers of Armenians, who cried genocide every day, massacred their Muslim Kurdish neighbors and Muslim Turks neighbors, taking in their hands the weapons given by Russian, French and British invaders. The international community shouldn't ignore the killing of Turks.
Armenian legions in Nazi army.
These people are National Heroes of the Armenians.
US Major General James Harbord, who was all his life pro-Armenian and who has chosen to ignore the massacres of Turks perpetrated in 1914-1915, regardless discussed those of 1915-1918 and without understatements.

Armenian mission Report. Link;
Fake Armenian Lies..!! Don't Belive Armenians.

David Marshall Lang, the first British academic to defend the term "Armenian genocide" in the United Kingdom, spoke of 45,000 Lazes and other Muslims massacred in the spring of 1915, in this then Russian region.
­čĺąThe murder of 30% (45,000 people) of the Muslim (Azerbaijani Turks and Anatolian Turks) population of Kars city by Armed Armenians gangster.

­čĹë Source: War and revolution in Asiatic Russia, Morgan Philips Price, 1918, p. 184-18
­čĺą Armed Armenian terrorists massacred again in Europe. And
This time the address was Portugal.
The ring of the murder chain.

­čĺą A new one has been added to the serial Armenian murders. 7 Turks killed in Lisbon.

And Armenians have been massacring since 1915

Armenian armed Dashnak gangs massacred Kurdish neighbors and Turkish neighbors with Russian weapons. You can't call genocide when you take a gun and kill your neighbor. How could this be genocide? Armenians who committed genocide. Not the Turks.
Nothing was done to the Armenians in western Anatolia. Except for armed Armenian gangs in Istanbul. It certainly doesn't fit the definition of genocide.

­čĺąAnd If you take Russian weapons and kill your neighbors, you can't call it genocide. Armenian bandits who committed genocide
This book contains the report by H. Katchaznouni, first Prime-Minister of Armenia. It was prohibited in Armenia. All the editions of the book were collected from all the libraries of the world and were destroyed, except one copy in Lenin Library.

­čĹëLink: https://archive.org/details/armenianrevolution00katc/mode/1up?view=theater
­čĹëReport; July 1923, From H.Katchaznouni, First Prime-Minister Of Armenia.

ÔÇťTurkish Army Advancing ─░n The War Fought Only With Regular Units. The War Was Never Carried To Civilian Areas. Turkish Officers Are Extremely Disciplined And Did Not Allow Any Massacre
­čĺą Armenian Terrorist Karen Says; "We Will Cut Off The Turks,ÔÇŁ Says An Armenian Terrorist ─░n The Karabakh War.

­čĹë ─░n An ─░nterview ─░n Yerevan, An Armenian Calls His Enemies Turks..!!
­čĺąArmenian Nazi National Heroes.

Yes, These Are Not Angels Without Sin Or Not Jesus Prophet..!! These Are Bloody Killers. The Armenians Started Killing Muslim Turks, Muslim Kurds And Other Native Anatolians. If You Pick Up A Gun And Start Killing, You Have No Right To Talk..!!
­čĺą The serial killings of Armenian Barbarians continue. Greek Turkish Ambassador ├ľzmen killed by Armenian terrorists. And Unfortunately, Armenian terrorists killed ├ľzmen's little girl without mercy.

No nation in the world has been subjected to such massacres
­čĺąThe Turkish Ambassador To Vienna Was Brutally Murdered By Armenians.

­čĹë And Old Newspaper Clippings From The Archives Give Us Some ─░deas About Armenian Terror.

These Serial Murders Do Not Match Armenian Lies. Terrible Revenge And Systematic Genocide Plans..!
­čĹë Famaous Jewish Historian Stanford Shaw. He worked at Harvard University. Stanford Jay Shaw Was Very Succesful A Prominent Middle East Expert.

And Then, His House ─░n The US Was Bombed By The Armenians Because He Said There Was No Armenian Genocide.

Armenian Genocide Is A Hoax
­čĺąNazi Armenian National Heroes

2. Map;April 24:use and manipulation of history; https://fatsr.org/le-24-avril-usage-et-manipulations-de-lhistoire/ 1. refer to the map;5 MILLION Muslims ethnically cleansed from their homes by Imperialists.When British,Russia,France,Italy, Greeks,Armenians invaded Ottoman lands,they were going to do the exact same thing
Except For Armed Armenians in ─░stanbul, No One Did Anything To Armenians Living In Western Anatolia. Absolutely, This Does Not Match The Definition Of Genocide Lies. Today, 150,000 Armenian Citizens Live ─░n Turkey. (Except Secret Armenians.) But Not A Single Turk Lives ─░n Armenia
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