CW:: ABO! DKBK, Breakup>Reconcile, NSFW- most likely, may have slight manipulation/obsession elements but nothing too serious, just a little toxic. <3

It was always quiet when Izuku got back. The muted clinking of plates and cutlery in the sink that he was so used to replaced by the whirr of the apartments ventilation fan. A buzzing low loop of sound that seemed to boom like a speaker in the silence.
He sits in the genkan, every movement slow and tired as he unties his shoe laces and fishes his wallet and keys from his bag. From there, its a lazy wander into the kitchen to stare into the fridge for 10 minutes before giving up and just grabbing a protein bar and
some cheap sandwich chicken from the fridge door. If he's really feeling proactive, he'll grab some broccoli from the veggie draw that had descended into disarray in the absence of his omega and chuck it in the veggie steamer katsuki had left behind.
not tonight though, hes tired tonight.

its another day of holding his ground, another day of pretending like he doesn't want to give in- all because of what? the omega? it couldn't be anything else. Never could be with him, Katsuki was his whole axis, he had been since they had
been pups. Even as an angel-faced little baby he had hung off the goo's and gaahs they'd shared, following the omega around as though he were already his.

but thats not true, is it?
Why? because Katsuki is both everyones and nobody's, and he'd made that pretty clear to Izuku when they'd broken up- an argument spurred on by god knows what.

It might've been the abandoned claim papers on the coffee table that had sat collecting dust for weeks
or it might've been the collar that katsuki consistently 'forgot' to put on each morning, but it was like their brains were in completely different planes of existence. Izuku was ready to put a mark on his neck and a baby in his womb, he was ready to pay a down payment on a
house with at least 3 bedrooms and a large yard, he was ready to sign everything away to Katsuki.

But Katsuki dragged his feet so uncharacteristically that Izuku had to stop and wonder if this was really the omega he had grown up with.
And yeah, maybe there always had been a power imbalance within their relationship, with Izuku desperate to just be in Katsuki's thoughts, in his dreams- his heart.

He was not insecure by any means, he knew who Katsuki was and what he was like
but, it was because he knew what he was like that he was desperate to have something solid, something that told him that despite all the alphas katsuki chose to surround himself with, Izuku was the one that Katsuki wanted to be cared for and pupped by.
Of course, all of these rosy ideals had shattered maybe two weeks before, one emotionally stormy evening wherein Izuku had finally reached the threshold of his patience.
Katsuki had come home from work in a decidedly pleasant mood (if his enthusiastic grunts of acknowledgement were anything to go by) and had half answered all of Izuku's questions whilst groaning into the scarred hands raking through blonde spikes
Izuku regrets it now, but he had held a small smile on his face as he scented Katsuki, asking what had him in such a good mood.

He never should've asked.

He realised it straight away as well, the smile falling from his face and his hands stilling in shock as Katsuki retells the
story of how another alpha had inquired about his mating status and asked if he could court him.

Izuku thinks Katsuki should've just spat right in his face and kicked him strongly in the nuts, it would've been the same level of disrespect either way.
He had dissolved into an anger unlike ever before, an unholy rage he didn't even know he had possessed, almost afraid that he'd do something to the omega who just looked at him in shocked silence, his lip caught in his teeth.
When Katsuki fought back, Izuku knew it was over. He knew this omega had no respect for him, no love. You'd have to be an idiot not to think it, with the blatant disrespect he showed him by even showing his glee at such a thing.
Izuku had been so angry that night, he'd had no choice but to leave, brushing past Katsuki who'd stood in the frame of the bedroom door, his fists clenched and his shoulders squared.

He'd been so angry he hadn't even noticed the quiver to the omega's lips and the shake to his
fists. After all, izuku was barely holding himself back from forcing a bite on the omega there and then, only repeating that it wouldn't mean anything even if he did.

Katsuki wasn't obsessed with Izuku like Izuku was with Katsuki. He didn't live and breathe the other the way
Izuku did.

He'd told Katsuki to leave by the following morning with a sober sense of clarity as he'd left, ignoring the enraged curses of the omega as he stepped out into the empty hall and made his way towards the elevator.
And to his credit, Katsuki had cleared out by the next morning- gone without a trace almost.

That was all Izuku needed. He had to let it go.
it was hard at first, having been working in the same office, occupying the same social circles, but Izuku made it work. He had to make it work.

Katsuki too, had been angry and distant, cussing and hurling insults at Izuku every time they met one another.
He wanted to say something back so bad, to get angry, to protest, to bring the omega back to his side whether he wanted to or not. But he wouldn't, how would he move on otherwise? he had to do this.

It was just like their relationship really- or whatever their entanglement had
been. Izuku wasn't really sure. Just the continuous cycle of Izuku desperately wanting something and Katsuki standing in the way of it, a big grin on his face and a mean glint in his eye.

he just couldn't do it anymore.
so he chews. He watches some mindless variety show on TV and he chews and chews and chews.

Until the picture of a blonde omega wrapped up in his embrace flashes onto the screen of his phone as it vibrates angrily against the fabric cushions of the sofa.

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At first he doesn't answer, the slow grind of his own molars against stale chicken being the only movement in the room. Its only around the 6th time that he gets tried of the insistent trill and buttons the call, instead of letting it ring out as he had prior.
this only seems to encourage katsuki who begins to text and call even more insistently- if that were even possible. Between he gets pings, from katsuki's number, from kirishima's, from sero's.

God his head hurts.
He doesn't think Katsuki will ever get it, doesn't think he'd ever conceivably understand why Izuku is doing what hes doing. After all, if he understood properly, he wouldn't dare send a text to his number from any alphas phone let alone the ones he felt most threatened by.
If he were to tell the truth, he's been deathly afraid that one day katsuki may have come home and packed a bag, not even saying goodbye as he trotted off with with Kirishima to build the life he denied Izuku.

It was this thought that allowed him to rationalise his feelings, his
insecurity, an insecurity provoked by katsuki's blase and frankly disrespectful regard for his feelings. Katsuki was driving him crazy, insane, he wasn't like this- had never been like this.

Katsuki had this way of bringing out this angry twisted side of him he desperately
wished to hide from those he loved. After all, it was so archaic for alphas to be so angry and domineering over their omegas, almost frowned upon.

Izuku didn't want to be like that, he didn't want to be that person and Katsuki made him feel that way.
It's with that thought that he picks up the phone after 53 missed calls.

the line is crackling and theres loud music pumping in the background- britney spears' toxic.

Izuku thinks its ironic, in a funny way.
Katsuki is loud and aggressive as he always had been, screaming into the receiver over the angrily pulsating bass. Despite everything, he can hear a cohort of voices belonging to alphas he recognises in the background
Sighing, he listens, the deep intonation to the omega's voice, the throaty rasp of an overtaxed mouth, the venom of a dexterous tongue.

He was intimately aware of all the things katsuki could do with that tongue, the power it held over him
another thing he'd have to let go.

"I'm blocking your number and changing the locks, if you left anything else come and get it on monday while I'm out"

the other end of the line is silent, only Britney filling the space between them on the fizzling static.
Izuku sighs, and transfers the phone to the other ear, letting his other hand rest in his lap, clenching his fist around nothing. His arms always ached when his mood was somber.

"I loved you a lot katsuki," He starts, speaking slowly and carefully into the reciever
he hopes Katsuki can hear him over the music, he would repeat himself again after he said this.

"I don't think we're right for eachother" he continues on, letting his head roll back to meet the ledge of the cushioned backrest
rolling to the side to glance over a picture of them together at the summit of a mountain they'd climbed when they graduated. Smiling sadly in the stony silence of the room.

"You make me into someone I'm not and i can't be that person- don't want to be."
Katsuki's yelling again, just yelling his name again and again, telling him to shut up and to be quiet.

He's not listening again.

Izuku just decides to give up, sighing and saying goodbye as katsuki yells at him not to end the call.

don't hang up, don't hang up, Deku-
thats all he can hear as he gently presses his finger to the big red button at the bottom of the screen.

its a weird sense of catharsis, blended with a stabbing pain that comes from deep within his alpha.
He allows himself to cry for the first time then, a subdued whine coupled with a steady stream of tears that just won't stop.

He's tired, he's sad and he's alone. His omega is gone, his mother is gone, his mentor is gone.

it's just him in this big apartment that he doesn't
even fucking need.

He wonders if Katsuki had ever meant any of those nods he'd offered Izuku when he'd excitedly nudged at the benefits of having a second bedroom, a little haven for their potential pup.

he chuckles bitterly at it now, feeling almost foolish for believing
an omega like katsuki would even settle for an alpha like him.

He knew it too, Katsuki was an omega among omegas for sure.

A powerful quirk and strong genes, smooth skin and soft hair, perfectly built and cultured, knowing martial arts and how to play instruments.
If you looked up pedigree in a dictionary, katsukis baby pictures up through his childhood and teenage years would take up pages and pages. He was just that perfect.

and Izuku knew he was not, and that he never could be, so he goes to bed that night in a cold bedroom and sleeps
like a dead man.

When he wakes, its blearily, dragged from sleep by angry incessant banging on the bedroom door. He's confused for a moment, bewildered by the noise, but then he remembers the lock on the door, the one from his last rut that had acted as the only barrier between
him and his alpha finally taking what it wanted and claiming katsuki.

Speaking of which, Katsuki is yelling again, his fists pounding against the door and ripping into Izuku's freshly awoken eardrums. He almost tries to fall back asleep, laying his head back on the pillow
before giving up, knowing that even if he wanted to, he wouldnt be able to fall back into the embrace of slumber.

So he gets up, scratching his head as katsuki slams away, drinks some water from a bottle tucked up next to the bed and surveys the mess.

Shaking his head,
he unlocks the door.

Katsuki's hand hangs in suspension, as if about to pound against the wood once more.

He probably the most lifeless and drained Izuku had ever seen him, remnants of eyeliner smudged around his eye and clothes dishevelled as though he'd tumbled through bushes
on his way there.

He looks bad, like he's been crying, like he's been in pain, like he actually cared that Izuku was calling it all off.

It makes Izuku happy to know, in some capacity, Katsuki was just as hurt as he.

tbc <3
Izuku waits, letting the startled silence hang between them like a bad omen.

For all his verocity, Katsuki had not spoken a single word since he had unlocked the door, frozen in pure distress that he failed to conceal within his scent.
He’d half expected to be met with an explosion to the forehead right out of the gate, but he can’t help but be suspicious of katsuki’s still frame.

It wasn’t like this was the first time they’d argued like this, sure it’d never progressed to the extent of seperation
But Katsuki had always been a crafty little bastard when it came to Izuku, knowing exactly how to twist the alpha further and further around his long, teasing little finger.

Izuku hated the version of himself that was so weak and susceptible to the will of the omega,
the version of himself that bit its lip and held its tongue when Katsuki would do or say things that infringed on his pride as his mate-to-be.

Not any more, he’s drawing the line in the sand now.
So he brushes straight past Katsuki, his shoulders squared and his face stony as he walks into the kitchen. It’s 2:47am and no where near his breakfast, but he contemplates an omelette. He wonders if he has eggs that aren’t gross, moldy mush and whether or not its worth running
to the store to pick up some shredded cheese.

He knows the omega is there, he can smell his distressed waft as it sweeps over the apartment, reclaiming its place in both Izuku’s head and his air con.

He’s examining the eggs and weighing out the pros and cons of food poisoning
when he hears a grunt and a harsh thump sound against the hardwood floors. Katsuki is there, breathing heavily and snarling angrily, his eyes are rimmed with hot tears and there’s a Photo frame and a fruit bowl laying lopsided on the ground.
“Stop fucking ignoring me” the omega bites out, his fingers twitching in a telltale sign that he was teetering on the edge of a complete breakdown.

It doesn’t matter though, Izuku won’t give him what he wants, so he continues on without so much as making a sound.
That only seems to enrage katsuki more, who makes it his mission to devastate the apartment as much as he possibly could. Photo frames, trinkets, ornaments and magazines strewn over the grey marl couch cushions, katsuki takes photos from the wall, art they’d bought together,
Just about anything of value that he can destroy he /will/ destroy.

But, most frustrating of all, izuku just watches, sipping at the tea he’d opted to make instead of an omelette and counting the grains of salt in the grinder on the breakfast bar.
Katsuki goes for maybe 20 minutes, wreaking havoc one moment and huffing obnoxiously the next as though he were just waiting for izuku to notice him.

“Deku. Deku.” Katsuki demanded his attention, felt entitled to it, it seems. He shows almost no remorse as he dances
all over the life they’d built together, the life that izuku had accepted he needed to let go of.

He watches him stomp and kick and yell, watches him tear apart their home but he just sips his drink and remains silent.
“Are you done?” He asks, another 20 minutes later, as the omega huffs out heavy tired breaths surrounded by the ruins of their furniture. His shoulders fall and his fists clench, glaring defiantly at the alpha as he stands across the way, doing nothing, saying nothing.
Katsuki goes to yell again, his mouth hoarse and his throat aching, but Izuku doesn’t even let him start.

“I’m selling the apartment”

It’s fun to watch the different emotions colour Katsuki’s face then, anger to confusion to incredulity flitting about behind those deep red
Eyes before they finally settle on fear. “What?” The omega mumbles, his voice sounding small for the first time that day “you... what?”

Izuku just sighs, turning around to place his empty mug into the sink. “A single alpha doesn’t need an apartment this big”
Another bang, another clatter.

“You’re not fucking single.” The omega yells, stomping as he rounds the breakfast bar to stand at the alphas shoulder. “did you hear me?” He yells again, reaching out to seize hold of Izuku’s muscular arm “you’re not fucking single, I said no”
He just shakes him off, walking around him to leave the kitchen and stopping only when arms loop around his waist. “Deku you’re not single,”

There’s a moment of peace between them, only held in suspense by Izuku’s cruelty. He allows this to be the last time katsuki will touch
Him like this, the last time he allows katsuki to take advantage of him like this.

“I am single, katsuki.” He replies firmly, going to unwind the arms that form a steel ring around his waist, struggling against the muscles formed through hero work
“No you’re not, you’re mine” katsuki whines into his shoulder blades, sounding smaller and more omegan then he ever had before.

There’s a simmering rage in the pit of his stomach at that, at how katsuki can turn it on when it benefits him, when it makes life easier for him.
He twists in the embrace, grabbing hold of the omegas jaw in his own iron grip, tracing the remnants of eyeliner as it streaks around his cheeks and eyes, watching the radiant glimmer of pink flecked throughout his tear filled eyes.

“And what about you?” He yells, teeth grinding
Against one another in utter anger. “Are you mine?! Were you ever mine?!”

The omega is still, unmoving, but tears pour from his eyes, his lip bitten thoroughly between worrying teeth as he gazes into the wild eyes of the alpha.

“I...I...Deku, I-“ katsuki begins, when he’s
interrupted by a bitter laugh that has him stopping in his tracks

“Don’t even bother, we both know the answer to that one”

Izuku drops the omegas jaw and turns to leave, rolling his shoulders in an attempt to remove the tension that had built up in their conflict.
“Just go Katsuki”

He almost gets to the safe haven of the bedroom, almost escapes the omega, but he’s stopped in his tracks when he feels a warmth against the bare skin of his back.

“Izuku, alpha..”

It doesn’t take a genius to know what’s happening.
The thick waft of pheromones fills the room, heat radiating through their joined skin. “Izuku..”

It’s a test of his patience, a test of his endurance, a test that katsuki is confident izuku won’t survive unscathed.

He can feel it bubbling up between them, that unmistakable pull that had captured him early on. The sugary sweet caramel, the dangerous sizzle of magnetism.

Katsuki couldn't reason with him, he knew that, so he defaulted to someone he could reason with.
And damn, if his alpha wasn't swayed.

For better or worse, Katsuki was an extremely appealing omega in all the ways god intended him to be. His proportions were frankly sinful, with a tiny waist and long muscled legs, a plush chest and a beautiful, bitable neck. He was perfect
to both Izuku and the inner version of himself that had already accepted to invitation of the omega and cast him into the bedroom, not intending to let him leave for the foreseeable future.

But this was the problem. Katsuki knew his way around Izuku's brain, almost like a
seductive little parasite, who'd worm their way from his brain to his pants if he wasn't getting his way exactly the way he wanted to have it.

Or at least, thats how it'd usually go, but izuku is determined not to concede to this end, knowing it'd only bite him in the ass in
the future if he gave Katsuki the proverbial 7 inches he was trying to run a mile with.

"What are you doing Katsuki?"

He wants to say hes denying him, wants to say hes staying strong, but hes already grown to half mast in his loose pajama pants, a dull ache pooling in the pit
of his stomach telling him to bend the omega over, to take, even to give.

A baby would be nice. Round and soft and cute and /them/. Their genes, their eyes, their hair, their skin, their quirks (or lack thereof). A little babbling ball of fat that represented the love between

Fuck, should he just knock him up? Should he just tie them together through a child? Should he cross that line?

In his heat addled brain it at least sounds like a good idea. Yeah, if they have a baby, Katsuki is his right? Katsuki belongs to him. Even if they don't
remain together he won't ever be able to even look at another alpha without thinking of the child they made together.

And Izuku, he would love a baby, a little pup of his own to coddle and care for and protect as their father. He'd do everything for that baby, no limits to the
things he'd do to support them.

But his rational brain knows this isn't right. That it means nothing if Katsuki doesn't want it himself- doesn't ask for it himself.

Not even just that, but izuku himself wanted to hear katsuki say it, say that he loved him, that he wanted him as
an alpha, as a man.

This wasn't right. It wasn't fair, to him or anyone else for that matter.

"Katsuki," he starts, his alpha voice booming despite his even tone "Let go of me."

And the omega has no choice but to obey, its his body's design to do so, to listen to the command
of an alpha, even if he didn't want to.

"Deku, no, Deku-" he whines, low and throaty and anxious, still largely affected by the burning hot need that oozed through his guts as a result of his heat.

"Deku, you can't-"

"Yes, I can. We're done Katsuki."
and with that, Izuku steels his nerves and walks into the bedroom, locking the door and allowing himself to collapse against the wall beside the door frame.

Katsuki is frantic, hes wild and out of control, scratching at the door and banging his fists, sniffing at the door jamb
in hopes of catching a whiff of crushed mint and sunny skies.

"DEKU! I'M SORRY BABE, SO PLEASE-" he yells and yells and yells for hours on end. They stood off against one another for the whole 3 days of his heat, Izuku living off emergency cereal bars and water from the
bathroom sink whilst Katsuki curled up outside the door, wrapped in the dirty, scent steeped clothing the alpha had left out for laundry day.

He felt bad- he really did. It had taken everything he'd had and then some to stop himself from just unlocking the door and allowing the
sobbing omega in to the nest they had once shared. But Izuku knows better, knows that if he would allow that, he'd allow anything, so he muffles his own needy groans into what had been katsuki's pillow and tries to keep track of the omega's scent in case he needed Izuku
for a genuine emergency.


By the end of the 3 days, Katsuki's scent is firmly steeped throughout the apartment, a gaudy angry smell that says 'this is my territory, don't come in here' to any hapless omega Izuku welcomes into the apartment in the future.

He wouldn't allow it.
wouldn't allow another Omega to reap the benefits of the Alpha he had cultivated and shaped for himself, the alpha who chased him perpetually, desperate to satisfy his every desire, just the way he wanted him to be.

But... now that alpha was trying to abandon him and his
heat fragmented mind, for the life of it, could not understand why.

Katsuki was a good omega, right? He was shiny and soft and strong, he could play the piano and the drums and the guitar, he could cook and clean and he was the epitome of everything an omega should be.
He'd even shown Izuku he was desirable! Even made a point of lauding how many alphas he could have if he wanted over him!

So why!? Why?! Why?!

why was he locked out? why was his alpha trying to throw him away? why was he desperately straining to catch a whiff of the alpha
through the door when he could just call his mom to help him get to safety?

When Izuku had kicked him out initially, he'd been indignant- furious, even. He'd be better off without that shitty alpha and his stupid fresh mint smell and his warm embrace and the fuzzy feeling
he got in the pit of his stomach even just looking at him. He was Katsuki fucking Bakugo, the Dynamight, the top 20 hero, the beautiful capable omega.

until he wasn't.

It was in stages, the blinding anger at even the sight or whiff of the alpha, the enraged denial to his
friends that he needed shitty Deku, the blinding anger that he seemed wholly unaffected by the one he'd once promised the world to. It wasn't until the second week of their separation, that things started to sink in for Katsuki.

Deku hadn't called him, Deku hadn't apologised,
Deku hadn't come to him begging on his knees for Katsuki to come back to him.

Oh. He really meant it, they were really done. He was really cutting Katsuki loose.

He hadn't been quite sure how to feel. Honestly, he had been in denial, reasoning that this was /Deku/ they were
talking about here. He belonged to Katsuki, he would come back.

wouldn't he?

Monday, nothing. Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday, nothing. Katsuki felt like he was going insane, desperate to catch even a note of that scent even if only along on the breeze.

Deku wouldn't even cross
paths with him though, choosing a different trainline to the one he usually did, going to a different grocery store, registering at a new gym.

When he found out he dissolved their couples membership, Katsuki had cried in the changing room, not knowing what to do.
That night he'd gone home, to his parents house of course, and taken the emergency key auntie inko had given his mother when they were growing up.

He probably thought this was the lowest point he'd ever been at in his life, sneaking up to the door of what had been the midoriya
family home before Izuku had flown the nest and unlocking the front door quietly.

Auntie is out at book club, he knows this because his mother was with her, so he doesn't worry too much about getting caught but he can't help but feel as though he were committing a crime.
he stops to glance over all the memories hung cramped on the wall, the snapshots of the roundcheeked Izuku he remembered from his childhood with skinned knees and all might patterned bandages.

Katsuki can remember every scratch and every cut, he had done them after all.
Stuffing the guilt down into the pit of his stomach he continued on to the door labelled "Izuku" by a hanging sign, sighing deeply before pushing the door open and breathing in the thick wafts of mint.

Auntie Inko had preserved the bedroom, a lonely little part of her heart
wrapped up in the memory of her little boy, so everything was as it had been the last time he had been there, albeit a little tidier.

He takes it in, the memorabilia, the yellowing walls, the desk covered in a thin film of dust, and laughs to himself a little, questioning his
taste as he kneels down beside the dresser and carefully pulls open the drawer.

Its not exactly the same but its close to something from a memory. A soft push of nostalgia involving ruddy cheeks and shared breaths beneath an all might comforter, a shared promise once the
lights had gone out to be together.

He sobs as he holds the dumb ugly tshirt to his nose, breathing in all he could with angry grief. What was he supposed to do now? How was he supposed to fix this?

Deku was angry at him, Deku was pissed, he could understand that at least but
he just couldnt understand how the alpha could just cut him out like that.

And yeah, he knows he was hesitant, knows he avoided any and all mentions of mating and pups and all the things that came with it, but he doesn't think its fair for Izuku to cast him aside because of it!?
he, in his own way tried to show Izuku that he, as an omega, was precious. a luxury that Katsuki bestowed upon Izuku because he was as great an omega as he was.

But, if he truly was better then izuku, why did it hurt like this? This impossible stabbing pain that hacks away at
his inner omega, clawing at his heart until it feels beaten and torn apart.

He gathers himself, placing a few more shirts and a blanket from the closet into a tote before replacing everything to the way it had been and locking the door behind him.
As soon as he's in the privacy of his own bedroom, Katsuki spreads the tshirts over his bed, rearranging them and rearranging them until they sit perfect, covering every inch of sheet that they possibly could.

Together with the few items of clothing he'd stolen from izuku when
he'd originally been kicked out, they covered maybe half the bed.

He sighs and curls up on the top half of his bed, nose buried in the garments strewn atop the sheets.

The next morning, he awakes expecting arms around his waist and the gentle push of lips against his neck
pushing his nose further into the scent that has him rolling around seeking the warmth that comes with it.

He realises it maybe 2 minutes later and its all he can do not to cry.

god, he hates this version of himself. The version thats weak and pliable and needs coddling.
He hates how sad he feels, he hates how sad he is, hates how futile everything feels.

So he goes out, he drinks, he parties and he tries to forget everything. the idiot squad are more then happy to comply, confiscating his phone on nights out so he can't yell into the receiver
Izuku about how useless his absence makes him feel, about how he'd take him back if he'd apologise.

It's not until one night where mina and denki had been particularly careless that he finally gets on the phone to the alpha. He's angry, he's /hot/ and he's entirely spurred on by
anger and a desperate want to get something from the alpha, anything. He's using any phone he can get his hands on, perched in a corner against a wall as he alternates between kirishimas phone and sero's, just mindlessly texting, anything to get him to pick up the phone.
and he does, eventually, but its not anything like Katsuki expected. Izuku is quiet and contemplative, slow and calm. he keeps his composure as he tears Katsuki's world apart piece by piece and tells him they're really done.

Katsuki doesn't even wait, he leaves right there and

He steals a taxi from some messy ugly chick and pays out his ass for the hour drive to the apartment they once shared, jamming his key into the lock and tearing his way into the living room.

Izuku isn't here, where is he? where is he? where's his alpha? where did he go?
why is he trying to leave Katsuki behind?

he catches a whiff of him from the door and goes to burst through and do something, anything, to get the attention of the alpha- but the door is locked.

he bangs and he bangs and he bangs, but nothing happens, no one comes,
and he starts to wonder if Izuku is even breathing in there.

god, what has he done.. what has he done..

he never stops the banging, cursing the thick anti-rut door as his fists turn red and his wrists ache.
and then, an hour later, Izuku opens the door.

tbc <3
On the 4th morning of their stand off, Izuku finally exited the room.

The open curtains produced an unwelcome veil of light that burned his eyes and had him stumbling as he exited the room, throwing a wrist up to shield him from the light.

He'd become used to the dark room,
spending all his time curled up in the blanket, rutting into his own fist as he crushed katsuki's pillow between his biceps.

His virility had been out of bounds the past few days, as if sensing the heavy presence of the omega outside his door and urging him to go, to claim, to

He had never encountered a greater test of his endurance.

At times, he had briefly left the room in the hours where Katsuki snoozed, making quick efforts to set down food and water for the omega who remained curled up by the door no matter how many times Izuku
relocated him to the couch.

It had been those small moments, gazing fleetingly over blonde lashes, flattened against red, angry cheeks, eyelids rubbed raw and lips swollen and bitten through. Izuku might allow himself the small remittance of brushing a hand over blonde spikes,
and imagining a world where they're at peace together, Katsuki wants him- is obsessed with him, wants nothing more to start a family and just be together, to live their lives together, just-

when he starts spiralling, its a sign to get up and walk away.
That morning, however, he stayed.

He looked over the omega, as it really would be the last time he'd allow himself to. He knew after this, there was no going back, he had to move on and this was their final goodbye. He'd already contacted the real estate agent and
asked for the necessary papers. They were ending this, splitting up and going their separate ways, as if they hadn't spent their entire lives together.

Katsuki is asleep still, the light casting across his face makes him look like a heavenly body, platinum blonde hair
glittering like strands of gold in the light. He was an untouchable being for someone like Izuku, how foolish had he been to believe otherwise?

So he scoops the omega up, careful to not wake him, and cradles him as though he might break if he were to hold on too tight.
its a short journey into the bedroom, strewn and steeped in the stink of desperate alpha, where he lays Katsuki down amongst the pillows.

He hesitates for a moment, staring at how the others head shifts to reveal his neck, the drowsy pucker of his lips, the way he invites Izuku
in without even realising it.

But of course, Izuku knows better and pulls away.

Except, no, because Katsuki has wound a fist into his hair and is dragging him down, forcing the alpha to cage him beneath his arms, forcing them to share the same breaths.
"Where are you going?" Katsuki says lowly, a sweet throaty baritone that reverberates into the deepest depths of Izuku's soul and shakes his resolve to its very core.

"To tidy up." he manages to croak out, the intoxicating waft of omega pheromones starting to permeate his
rationality. Katsuki chuffs, a sound often reserved for their most intimate moments, and lifts the other hand to join the hand tangled in green curls.

"It's fine, so just stay here"

Izuku is resisting the pull, he is, but Katsuki is a real force to be reckoned with when he
wants something. He holds the Alpha exactly where he wants him, pushing his chest from the comfort of the duvet to brush up against the chest of the alpha above him.

"Katsuki." Izuku warns, knowing he's already lost, knowing he's in too deep, knowing that he's been caught in
the spiders web.

"Don't call me that.." he whines lowly, a tone that Izuku is unaccustomed to hearing from Katsuki in any context.

"Call me the name you gave me..." kryptonite words spoken against the shell of his ear, "Call me Kacchan..please, you-.. please"
God, what had Izuku done to deserve this. What had he done to deserve such a trial.

The worst part was he was so close to giving in, to just giving Katsuki what he wanted. He only needed a little push.

It wasn't even like he wanted to split, like he didn't love katsuki
because god knows he does.

He loves him so much that it kills him. it breaks his heart even to look at him sometimes, because Izuku knows that if it were to be choosing between the rest of the world and that one omega that held his heart? he'd choose Katsuki in a heartbeat.
But he's not sure katsuki feels the same and thats the whole point. thats why he's putting himself through all that pain.

He can't live with that uncertainty and he cant live with all the issues that come with so he decided not to. didn't he? izuku's not so sure anymore.
somewhere between the teasing tug of his hair and the seductive words laid into his ears like promises he's losing sight of what matters.

He can only think of what it might feel like to brush impatient fingers over pebbled nipples, to plunge his length into the velvety warmth
of the omega below him, to pump him full until his stomach bends tastily with the promise of a stable future between them- a family.

It's not like Katsuki is telling him no either, far from it. the omega is wound around him like a cobra, pulling him down into his chest and
laying feathery kisses along the alphas jaw. He keeps one firm hand wrapped in Izuku's hair and allows the other to scrape over his scalp, his back, his neck, his shoulders, anywhere and everywhere he could reach.

His nails scrape teasingly over Izuku's bare shoulderblades and
glide carelessly down the line of his spine, pausing to tap at freckles and scars that spread out along his lower back like a starry sky.

Katsuki was an astronomer, romantic and devoted, drawing constellations and making prayers on the stars that led Izuku to believe in love,
just as he'd always wanted to. He had always been good at it, why would now be any different?

His breathing is laboured and heavy and his mind is foggy, each kiss strips away another layer of resistance one after another.

He's already lost and he knows it, so he gives in.
(((NSFW STARTS HERE! I tweeted ab it earlier but this is an nsfw thread so this is your fair warning! i don't know what exactly will entail but im thinking breeding kink, manipulation (w/ full consent), tummy bulge maybe (i make no promises), lingerie because if my art is any
indicator, i like my katsukis in lace, biting and what have u, likely slightly ooc-kacchan but hes been slightly ooc this whole time so nothing new, i cant think of anything else so this is your fair warning. Oh also kacchan has mixed genitalia
as do most omegas in this particular thread, where instead of having a vagina or a penis he has a vagina with a penis-like clitoris appendage that ill refer to as a cocklet. so essentially he has both a vagina and a penis because i couldn't choose and we put it to a vote.)))
When Katsuki had woken up, there was a simmering heat low in his belly that told him that although his heat had mostly subsided, his arousal had yet to leave him.

He had been content to lie there and embrace the waves of feeling that wracked his body with an absolute
vengance, content to lose himself to thoughts of the alpha less then 2m away- through that stupid door that Katsuki hates with a passion even though he had told deku to install it.

And he had, for a time, unmoving and peaceful, only the slight movements of his hips against the
soaked fabric of the underwear he wore the night before, white lace that he knew Deku liked and, in turn, made him feel sexy and powerful where his power and pedigree could not.

But the door had clicked open and his movements had halted.
If Deku found out that he was awake.. if Deku knew he was back to normal.. would he kick Katsuki out? Would he cast him aside?!

So he froze, laid out amongst blankets deadly still with his face schooled into sleepy neutrality despite the swirling pleasure in his gut.
He can feel deku standing over him, a grand looming presence that keeps him still and on edge. Will he move him to the couch again? shake him awake? what will he do?

Katsuki doesn't have to spectate for long, as Deku moves closer, crouching now, as he brushes the back
of his index finger over the milky smooth skin Katsuki was so proud of. It was just another thing that made him one of, if not /the/, best omega.

God, he hopes Deku remembers that fact soon.

its all he can do to stay still as deku looks at him, ignoring the urge to surge
forward and wrap the alpha up in an embrace. Maybe Katsuki just needed to remind him, y'know? just show him one of the many reasons why he had loved- no, loves Katsuki in the first place.

it wouldn't be hard either, especially as stong arms scoop him up and cradle him as they
move into another room. He doesn't know exactly which, but its not in the direction of the genkan and thats all katsuki could really hope for. It meant Izuku wasn't getting rid of him.

Not yet at least.

Even without sniffing the air, he could tell that they had crossed the
threshold into what had been their nest- their bedroom. The air is so thick and polluted with the strong menthol sweet scent that rolled off of deku in waves whenever he was in a state of arousal that katsuki was straining to keep still, desperate to create some relief
at the sudden gush of slick that was dribbling from his hole but afraid that Deku might bust a sharp U-turn straight into the hallway if he alerted him to his wakefulness.

He's set on fluffy pillows when hes finally placed down, his throat thick with the pure wafts of
arousal floating around between them to the extent of losing his head. He's starting to drift, his omegan instincts haywire at the thought of his alpha, so virile and wanting him so much, so ready to breed, that he cant help but grab on as Deku goes to pull away.

God, Katsuki was so turned on. He was practically shivering with need, combing his eyes over the alphas exposed chest, evaluating the curves of hard muscle and the slight swell of fat around the edges where Katsuki's absence was felt.

After all, Katsuki was the sole
inhabitant of their house that could cook to a good level. Deku was useless in the kitchen, just like he was useless without Katsuki, and that was one of the things Katsuki liked about him.

That he needed him, didn't know how to operate without him. It made him feel good to
know that Deku would only be the best version of himself if Katsuki were there by his side.

But Katsuki didn't like one thing about this situation. His name.

In the entirety of their knowing one another, Katsuki could likely count the amount of times Deku had referred to him
by his actual name on one hand but, of recent, he had begun to run out of fingers to count on.

It was abnormal, strange, and it gave him this weird complex feeling that begged him to right the alpha, told him angrily that he needed to correct him before someone got hurt.
so he does, in a voice he doesn't recognise, a voice he didn't even know he had. He had meant to demand it, to admonish the alpha and force him to call him by the name, force him to do as Katsuki tells him.

But instead he begs. Pathetic and small and quiet, the version of
himself he'd learnt to hate of recent but could not control.

So Deku gives him an inch and he runs a mile with it. He kisses his jaw reverently, because his inner omega is begging him to, its begging him to wrap his way around the alpha and drag him down into Katsuki's space
and he does, because it feels incredibly good when he does. He can only obey the wishes of his body, the things it craves, the things its been telling him to chase for the last 2 weeks.

He lets one hand dance, wandering a lonely path down the meaty planes of the alphas back,
as he whispers promises of love and care into his ears, promising the world and more. He wasn't sure if he meant it, or where it'd even come from, but he says it nevertheless because Deku eats it up, inclining his head into his affections and giving katsuki the encouragement
he needs to kiss his way up to the corner of the alphas mouth, rubbing their cheeks together and staring into misty green as he nips at the alphas lips inquisitively

It was like Deku's mind was somewhere else, somewhere far away where he wouldn't allow katsuki to follow.
Katsuki hates it.

so he bites again, harsh and needy and unyielding, licking over the fissure he creates in the alphas lips with tender care. He wants his attention again, craves his focus, and he'll do anything to have it, even if it meant he's have to nurse some of the wounds
he'd create by the end of it.

He whispers his name like a mantra, gently ghosting his lips over Izukus, who is frozen still as though prey caught in a trap.

Katsuki chews his own lip and glances over Izuku again, his expression still absent, conflicted.

Katsuki is far from done.

He leans forward, his eyes lidded and heady as he breathes in their proximity and slowly presses their lips together, startling Izuku enough to pull him from his own head but not enough to spur him into action, so katsuki works fast.
he kisses with fervor, with experience, coaxing the alpha slowly into reciprocating through teasing licks and nips that have their lips meshing against one another with a slow profound sort of need.

Because Katsuki /needs/ this. Needs this feeling that Izuku gives him, needs the
way he makes him feel. He'll do anything for it.

The hand that had adventured its way along Deku's spine finds its way back up to wrap tight around his neck and his legs find a new home loosely hanging around Deku's raised hips.

He hooks them together carefully, slotting into
his missing piece and keeping him affixed with kisses and tightening grips.

Its after about 10 minutes of a slow lapping tide that the waves begin to tear forward, Izuku's hand lifting from the matress to hook on Katsuki's small waist. Its a feeling that fills him with a
ridiculous sense of small glee. Finally, he was reciprocating, finally he was touching him. He'd waited so long, worked so hard. He wanted his reward.

Deku's hand slides from his waist to grip into the meat of his thigh, lifting the omega by the leg with one hand and dragging
him to lie further beneath his body.

More slick gushed forward, Katsuki who was already well aware of his manhandling kink was not at all surprised, but was a little dismayed that his underwear had finally admitted defeat and allowed the slick to ooze straight onto the bedsheets
Deku had yet to notice though, already lost to his inner alpha as he practically bit his way into katsuki's mouth, swallowing up all his moans and whines with a particularly vicious swipe of his tongue that had Katsuki's head spinning.

It wasn't like Katsuki had gotten any
real gratification sexually recently. Deku was angry at him and the idea of seeking satisfaction from anyone else had thrown him into a fit of distressed hysterics that only his mother had been able to coach him out of.

He had been lonely, unable to get by with the toys like he
had before he and deku had gotten together and now even the thought of them made him sad. After all, once you've had the real thing, who'd want to go back to something as empty and sad as silicone?

He doesn't have much time to think on it, however, as Deku pulls him from his
thoughts with an exploratory hand that drifts its way over his throbbing cocklet.

He hadn't touched it much during his heat, knowing that it'd be much too sensitive to handle, but the rubbing wet lace and slippery lubricant of his slick culminate into a dangerous pressure that
has his toes curling.

Deku gives him one more searing kiss as he moves back to hover over him and katsuki chases the feeling of their lips pressed against one another, chases the hot contact they share each time they so much as brush fingers.
But Izuku pushes him down, grounding him against the mattress as he rubs his thumb insistently against the little cocklet twitching and begging for attention in the confines of lace.

Oh, thats right. Deku likes white lace.

A rush of adrenaline courses through him, pulling one
hand from its position wrapped up in curls to drag it over his scent gland, fixing deku with a flirty smile as he lets his hand lift slowly from his skin until only a finger tip remains that hovers teasingly above his nipple.

No sooner does Katsuki watch his jaw clench in
restraint as he dragged upwards so that his backside is aloft, deku yanking his panties down just so that his cocklet springs to freedom, blushed an angry pink that begs for Izuku's attention.

he licks his lips at the sight, anticipation rife behind the dark depths of his
eyes as he surveys the eager serving of omega before him.

Ah, Katsuki has missed that face, that maniacal unbridled hunger for everything he has to offer, a brand of desire that only Deku can offer him.

He bites his lip as Izuku breathes over his slit, nestled comfortably
below his cocklet, that was swollen and glistening from the events of the last few days. In the first place, Katsuki had what one would probably call a puffy pussy, meaty and soft and squishy. Deku would bury his tongue between those folds often and just enjoy the feeling of his
cushiony slit as he lapped up the juices that spilled there as though it were water and he were a dying man.

He starts at the cocklet, wetting his fingers with Katsuki's slick and allowing his fingers to glide slowly up and down the small shaft, occasionally pressing a thumb
into the underside that would glide all the way down and take a swipe at the lips of his pussy with torturous force that had Katsuki's legs twitching in their new position on Izuku's shoulders. That was nothing compared to when Izuku finally parted the lips to flatten his
tongue against the velvety inside though, taking time to savour the taste as Katsuki's legs thrashed around his head. He never once let up on his cocklet either, rubbing insistently away at the tender skin until there was a building pressure Katsuki regonised as only one thing.
"Deku- agh,,ah-fuck, ah- DEKU" he groaned, his hands wrapped desperately around the alphas biceps as he held him prone. "I'm com- AH! I'm mm, don't.. its coming, its-!"

He squirted right in his face then, a shower of clear liquid that had his stomach shuddering in pleasure
the muscles twisting and spasming and fighting one another in his gut.

And a cathartic pleasure, a pleasure that had him smiling despite himself, his expression all dreamy and absent. Deku had made him come, deku was here, deku was looking after him.
He'd forgive him for the 3 days he's neglected him and for the two weeks he'd ignored his existence, he'd forgive him trying to leave him, he'd forgive it all, because deku was here and Katsuki can feel his cock throbbing against his shoulder where they meet and he knows Deku
wants him too.

He's expecting the pleasure to stop as he'd reached his climax but it doesnt, instead deku pulls him through the aftershocks by swallowing down his cocklet so that its completely engulfed in the hot warmth of his mouth, dancing along his tongue as he teases it

Oh god..oh god oh god oh god.

Katsuki is reaching up, desperate and needy and impatient as he somehow manages to catch Izuku's head between his hands. "Deku, kiss.. give me-" he starts, but Izuku doesnt even let him finish.

His world spins as hes picked up again,
Izuku leaning his back against the headboard and depositing the omega at the end of the bed. He palms over his bulge and throws his head back in frustration.

Izuku, his alpha. All sweat glistening muscle, soft lines coupled with hidden hard edges. Katsuki wants him.. he wants
him so much. he can't give this up, won't give it up- how could he? when Izuku looked like that?

The alpha is panting, his sleeping trousers and underwear pulled down to reveal Izuku's cock. its thick and hot, almost glowing an angry red as deku drives it into his clenched fist
with reckless abandon. Katsuki wants to taste it, to hold all 7 inches of it in his mouth and show Izuku what a good omega he is, how good he is at taking it, how good he is at being the perfect omega.

so he sheds his shirt, a form fitting black sleeveless turtleneck from his
outfit three days prior and begins to crawl his way up the bed, laying on his stomach so his face is only centimeters away from the frantically moving fist.

He brings a hand up to press against Izuku's balls, heavy and full, and massages at the skin there, cupping and squeezing
lightly, the way he knows Deku likes it, before bringing the skin into his mouth and sucking.

Deku's fist slows and his head leans back slightly as he embraces the pleasure, catching his lip between his teeth in an attempt to muffle a groan.

His voice is thick with pheromones,
low and gnarled and hot. It has even Katsuki groaning against his balls as he stares up at his powerful jaw through thick lashes.

he groans, the vibrations pushing deku to take in a sharp breath that has his omega singing in happiness.

he feels good, he likes it.. alpha likes

so he keeps groaning, keeps humming against the balls in his mouth and stroking over them with his tongue, just chasing the feeling of elation that floods him whenever Izuku groans in pleasure.

he starts leaking pearly beads of precome that dribble all the way down to pool
near Katsuki's top lip, the salty taste permeating his mouth and sending shivers along his spine.

Deku took hold of his hair, gently pulling him backwards as he released his balls from his mouth, instead laying his thick cock against Katsuki's forehead, looking down on him with
an unreadable expression. The length is hot against his face, heavy and sweaty and begging for the warmth of Katsukis mouth to swallow it down and lave it with attention.

His mouth hangs open, he wants it, he's waiting for it, and deku knows it because instead of offering it to
him, he slaps it against Katsuki's face a few times, a dark kind of amusement dancing behind his eyes that has katsuki entranced.

Katsuki pokes his tongue out, laying it flat in invitation, and Izuku presses the head against the wet muscle, pushing the small globs of precome
into the ridges and dips of his tongue as he smiles a small, wicked sort of smile.

yes, this was it, this is what Katsuki needed.

So he opens wide and swallows the head into his mouth, careful to avoid scraping the sensitive skin with his teeth, instead sliding his tongue in
circles around the circumfrence of his cock.

Deku's hand comes up to fist into his hair, soft and gentle at first with tentative scratches and small rubs of encouragement but, out of nowhere, its like something snaps in him, his eyes betraying nothing, and begins to slam his
cock into the back of Katsuki's throat. He's harsh and angry and he doesn't give him the chance to breathe, instead forcing him to huff small breaths between each merciless piston forward.
but Katsuki takes it in stride, ignoring the thudding pain and the pricking tears to force himself wider, wider, to accept everything, to take it all in.

And god does Deku go in, he goes in harsh and strong and rough, he plunges forth with a vengance,
uncontrollable and visceral and greedy as though Katsuki were only something to be tossed around and used freely as he wished.

Try as he might, Katsuki began to feel a sense of fear, a small nudging feeling rising from his shortness of breathe and aching jaw,
the way deku chucked him back onto the mattress and reentered his mouth angrily, his thumbs hooked between Katsukis canines to hold his mouth open for the intrusion.

This wasn't how it was supposed to go, this wasn't what he'd wanted.
He'd planned to pull him back in, to coax him into a sense of familiarity that would have the alpha right back in the omegas arms where he would be malleable and easy to steer. Easy to placate.
But he doesn't know what to do, too afraid of abandonment to say no, to push him away, too desperate to have the alpha back to think straight because in that moment... he could do anything.

nothing was too big an ask, he would give Deku whatever he wanted as long as he kept
looking at Katsuki like he was the most beautiful being to ever grace the earth.

or at least, thats how he'd usually look at Katsuki.

right now, he's indecipherable, his gaze hungry and dark with lust. The muscles that tense and flex beneath his skin are taut,
rippling as Deku forces Katsuki's swollen lips and nose to nestle against the unruly nest of green pubic hair that sat at the base of his cock, finally spilling a hot stream of his seed directly into Katsuki's mouth.

Usually, Katsuki was a spitter, not particularly crazy about
the unpalatable taste of semen, but Deku holds his nose, forcing the omega to gasp and swallow instinctually, absorbing a part of Izuku into his stomach.

He bleary and dizzy when deku finally sinks back on his calves, leaving the space above Katsuki empty and cold.
god, is he leaving? is he going? no, please...

Katsuki reaches out, dizzy and disoriented as he was, grabbing at the air for the alpha. "Deku, kiss.. please," he rasps, blinking through the tears in his eyes. "Please-"

but it never comes, instead feeling a ghostly graze
against the dusky pink colour of his perky nipples that has his whole body shivering.

He can see a little clearer now, able to make out the moving shapes as hes once again lifted, this time landing in Deku's lap, his cock nested between the cleft of Katsuki's asscheeks while
his chest supported the omega's back.

Almost immediately, the alpha begins the fondle the little nubbins, switching between flicking them insistently and circling them torturously slow, punctuating each cycle of movement with a harsh pinch and tug that he knew Katsuki was
weak to.

but all Katsuki could think about was that he'd asked- no, /begged/ Izuku to kiss him twice now and the alpha had ignored him both times, instead choosing to completely ignore the omega's pleas in favour of watching him squirm from the pleasure of his nipples.
"De-mmm" he groans, trying to twist in the alphas hold to join their lips, but Izuku darts one hand up to catch hold of Katsuki's jaw, large palm pressing harshly against his bobbing adams apple as he gasped his way through Deku's sudden thrusts.

"hnn" he's whimpering again,
that small voice he hates creeping its way out into the air already full of groans, gasps and moans that have him clenching his eyes shut in shame. He was so desperate, so needy, that even he couldn't stop the irregular thrusts of his hips against Dekus rhythmic gyration as
one hand continued to abuse each nipple interchangeably.

He wracked his brain, or at least, whatever part of it was conscious enough to humor a coherent thought. What if deku never kissed him again? What if Deku, completely fallen out of love with Katsuki, would make this their
last encounter? What was he supposed to do? How was he supposed to keep the alpha by his side?!

He needed Deku, needed him to be happy, needed him to feel good about himself. He wasn't even sure he could survive without him anymore, if the last few weeks had been any reference
as to how life might feel without the loving presence of the alpha.

How could he keep him? Think! God what could he do!? He couldn't lose this, couldnt lose the admiration and the security he'd become so accustomed to. He loved deku, right? Loved how he made him feel, loved how
loved he was, revelled in his reverence and adoration.

Without warning, Deku pushes him forward, Katsuki's forehead meeting the mattress unceremoniously without his hands free to brace him. Deku's cock lines up with his slit and suddenly the thought occurs to him.
A baby.

Of course, how could Katsuki have overlooked it? Deku wanted a baby, a child- a family and a picket fence and all the flowery notions that came with it.

Best of all, he wanted that with Katsuki. That was while they were here, no? that was why they had fallen out in the
first place. All because Katsuki hadn't been ready to mate or procreate.

Yeah.. why didn't he think about that before? it was so simple.

But lucid Katsuki knew why he hadn't thought about that before. Lucid Katsuki knew that he hadn't given Deku a child because lucid Katsuki
knew that if that child were to ever take precedence over him.. if that child were ever to become the apple of his alpha's eye, he wouldnt be able to stand it and god, he was so afraid of hating his own child.
but he wasnt of a present mind, he wasn't entirely there, his whole mind was focused on the sole fact that yes, he was going to give Deku a baby, was going to give him a family and everything he wanted.

He'd even sign those claim papers he had skirted around for weeks on end
so he slowly begins to grind the sopping folds of his cunt back on the hard blunt head of the alphas cock. His cocklet is wet and hard, dragging against the rough cotton of the used bedsheets and sending jolts of electricity up the alphas spine.
"Breed me," he groans, turning his face sideways to make eye contact with the alpha frozen above him "I want your babies,"

he repeats those words like a mantra, his eyelashes flat against his red cheeks as he dips the tip against his entrance, one hand going to spread the lips
of his pussy apart to swallow the head of the alphas cock.

"God Deku, I want your pups so bad," his bottom lip catches between his teeth "I want your babies- oh god,"

The swivel of his hips distracts Izuku from all the noble ideas of moving on he'd employed, instead entranced
im finishing this another time,, i wrote a whole ending and it fucking deleted i hate it here.
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