Since 1905, the Arizona State Fair has been a shining jewel in DWTN Phoenix, drawing residents from across our State. In order to bring fun back to the community, the AESF Board today voted to move forward with the 2021 Fair on the Wild Horse Pass Development Authority. 1/5
“As the impact of COVID-19 continues to affect the way the live event industry operates, we've been exploring ways to hold an event safely and successfully,” said Wanell Costello, Executive Director. 2/5
Board Chairman Jonathan Lines added, “While we are hopeful that vaccine distribution will mean a return to normality, this temporary location gives us the ability to plan and ensure the Fair goes on no matter what,” said Jonathan Lines, Chairman of the State Fair Board. 3/5
Over a million guests visit the Fair each year. And beyond Cotton Candy, Turkey Legs, Funnel Cake and fried food on sticks, beyond the Skyride and the Mega Drop, the fluffy animals and Coliseum Concerts, are the memories Arizonans have treasured for generations. 4/5
For 2021, this tradition continues at the Wild Horse Pass Development Authority. 5/5

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