there's a lot to say about Marilyn Monroe. but I'd like to talk about the forces that propelled/(groomed?) her to stardom, the Kennedys, the Feds, Communists, organized crime, espionage, and the hint of even darker forces that destroyed her life.
up front, I should say that growing up, I was only vaguely aware of her through like, the Misfits, a certain type of woman being into her, and being into classic movies. and of course she's one of the brightest Hollywood stars. but man, there's a lot more going on with her
also, I'm not really going to do a conventional bio, but she was a serious and talented actress; her movies are hilarious and the Misfits is a very good film
and she read deeply and widely, which is a trait I admire. like, before getting into the parapolitics, I'll just say she's a tragic figure, because she was cruelly treated and abused by just about every man in her life.
Marilyn's mother had paranoid schizophrenia, and so Marilyn grew up with relatives at times
as so often happens, mental illness runs in the family, and Marilyn sought treatment for her mental health throughout her life. she was probably borderline, and anyone who has or knows people with BPD would recognize her behavior as very similar
Monroe worked at Radioplane during WWII while her first husband was a merchant marine. Radioplane actually used to make drones - back then used mainly for target practice. she was "discovered" while working there
Private Conover was an army photographer shooting women doing war work for Yank (lol) magazine. he was assigned to the armed services motion picture unit.
Private Conover's commanding officer? a one Captain Ronald Reagan. feel free to think on that for a while.
through Private Conover and other photographers, Marilyn finds her way to -get this- Blue Book Modeling Agency. later, there's a USAF Project Blue Book, but I'm not implying anything
oh, lemme do a CW: child abuse here, heads up
so Marilyn Monroe was known to not always tell the truth about certain parts of her life, and perhaps she did that more often than the average person. but nobody ever said she was fundamentally deceitful, just that sometimes her stories were different when she told them
although the circumstances sometimes changed, her whole life she maintained that she was sexually assaulted as a child, and would often tell people about it in an era when it was not common to discuss it publicly, which is heroic
she maintained this story her whole life, and she would only ever lie about small details, not major parts of her life, so I see no reason to doubt it. she's much more than a survivor, but it's important to remember this story when things come up later.
let's not forget how Freud accidentally discovered widespread child abuse in his psychiatric practice, and then backed away from it
Marilyn Monroe's first husband, James Dougherty, was the first trainer of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) with the LAPD, which is certainly also something to think on for a while
the LAPD was on the vanguard re inventing SWAT, and SWAT pops up in a lot of very interesting things
also, its not parapolitically significant, but respect to Monroe from one lifter and reader to another
"Marilyn...thought of herself as working class and paid homage to the common man. In her last interview, in 1962, she would say, 'I want to say that the people - if I am a star - the people made me a star, no studio, no person, but the people did.'"
skipping over her early career, Marilyn had an affair with famous snitch Elia Kazan, who was not a snitch at the time of the affair. instead, he was a well-known and respected radical director
Kazan called her "a touching pathetic waif". Kazan, of course, has been credibly accused of sexual assault, and named names to HUAC.
around this time, Marilyn fell for Arthur Miller, who'd go on to become her third husband. both Kazan and Miller were both in the CPUSA, and she got deeper into the world of radical politics
I know I'm jumping around a bit, but HUAC, the House of Un-American Activities Committee, was concerned about reds in Hollywood. they wanted confidential informants on the inside
they had a confidential informant named T-10 who reported on the Hollywood Independent Citizens’ Committee of Arts, Sciences and Professions (HICCASP), which the FBI considered Communist-front organizations. who was CI T-10? none other than Reagan, again
back to Marilyn. her biggest dream was to be recognized as a serious actress, so she joined the Actors Studio, which Marlon Brando and many other famous actors attended
the Actors Studio taught the Stanislavski Method, which "mobilises the actor's conscious thought and will in order to activate other, less-controllable psychological processes—such as emotional experience and subconscious behaviour—sympathetically and indirectly"
Konstantin Stanislavski was one of the most influential figures in theater. he and his method are very, you might call, occult-adjacent, and his method can be very emotionally turbulent, relying heavily on intuition and drawing on the subconscious for inspiration
Stanislavski's book on acting, An Actor Prepares, discusses the concept of Prana, a Sanskrit term for vital spirit/essence, and he adapted Maeterlinck's the Blue Bird, which is a very interesting work itself
the CIA had a Project Bluebird, lol. I'll try to draw this together, I promise
in the Blue Bird play, which is basically a fairy tale, two children set off to find the 'Blue Bird of Happiness', but have to pass through the 'Land of Memory'. to do this, the children receive a magical hat with a diamond in the center
the hat allows them to see 'the Soul of Things', seeing the past, the future, and invisibility. this is a reference to the Third Eye/pineal gland, as Maeterlinck was a Symbolist with friends in the Rosicrucian Society
"the search for the Blue Bird gives them powers as they walk through the Land of Memory, the Palace of the Night, a graveyard, and an enchanted forest, meeting their dead grandparents"
"eventually, of course, the children arrive back at their home where they discover that the Blue Bird of Happiness has been there all along". but there are major occult themes throughout this play, and it's very similar to the Wizard of Oz, btw
Maeterlinck won the Nobel Prize for literature, largely thanks to the Blue Bird. and not for nothing was it used as a CIA project name, under the MK-Ultra umbrella
in 1950, the CIA ran Project Blue Bird, which focused on hypnosis and behavior modification
anyway, the CIA was studying all kinds of shit for mind control, like borderline personality disorder, which Marilyn Monroe had. which is a nice segue back to Marilyn Monroe, lol
here's a quasi-related quote from her, lol
anyway, HUAC totally destroyed the lives of many people in Hollywood. Trumbo was a good depiction of one of the many stories from that time. a lot of Hollywood reds fled to Mexico City in the aftermath
Mexico City at many points has been filled with spies, intrigue, a "fragile a western hemisphere Vienna", like for instance Castro and Che, and Lee Harvey Oswald, a lot of really interesting stories. another was Frederick Vanderbilt Field
Frederick Vanderbilt Field was a Vanderbilt, great-great-grandson of railroad tycoon "Commodore" Vanderbilt, and was probably the ur-archetype of the silver spoon communist
he went to Harvard, fucked around with the Fabians, became a real communist, then got burned in the HUAC fires and went into "self-imposed exile" in Mexico City, hanging around people like Diego Rivera, Luis Buñuel, and other red expats
the point is that Marilyn Monroe visited FVF there in Mexico City in Feb. 1962. its easy to forget that this is a critical time - the Bay of Pigs was in 1961 and the Cuban Missile Crisis was only months away
in fact, its hard to underscore exactly how many Communists surrounded Marilyn Monroe. if she had a type, it was either reds or powerful politicians and mafiosi. which, you know, is something to think about.
her psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, has been credibly suspected of being a Comintern agent. what else did he do?
Greenson studied in Bern under Wilhelm Stekel, Freud's student, and was named a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. He also had other famous clients, such as Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra, and Vivien Leigh.
"Greenson was well known for his early work on returning WWII soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress", which puts him at the bleeding edge of both the invention of the DSM (fundamentally a creation of the US military) and research on trauma and its uses
another person in Mexico City at the time? E. Howard Hunt, who ran a spy named Jose Bolaños
Jose Bolaños was a Mexican playboy communist who was also a screenwriter and director in Mexican cinema. he was "distrusted by the real left", according to Frederick Vanderbilt Field. it is almost certain that he was one of the main sources of FBI surveillance on Marilyn.
Bolaños and Monroe became lovers, and Bolaños was close to Monroe's shrink, Dr. Greenson. everything in Monroe's life is a tangled mess, lol.
the FBI and CIA had Marilyn Monroe bugged, which will be important later
who else was Marilyn friends with? Handsome Johnny Roselli, who was a major mafiosi in the Chicago mob
in a long criminal career, Roselli is notable for being a liason between the CIA and the mafia for the plot to assassinate Fidel Castro and, in all honesty, also w/ the plot to assassinate JFK, lol
Monroe was also friends with Sam Giancana, boss of the Chicago mob, key player in the failed Castro and successful JFK assassinations. Giancana was shot to death by a .22 pistol. former CIA Director William Colby has said, "we had nothing to do with it"
although her second husband, Joe DiMaggio, had some mafia ties, she met these guys through Frank Sinatra, who's a real piece of shit
so what we actually find, then, is that Marilyn Monroe knew and interacted with key players in Hollywood, the CPUSA, the mafia, and the Attorney General and the President (more on that to come). she was literally the American Christine Keeler of the Profumo Affair
it's probably time to talk about the Kennedys
Marilyn Monroe met the Kennedys through their friend, actor Peter Lawford, who was in the Rat Pack, named the Rat Pack because all of them acted like horrible rat people
Peter Lawford was brother-in-law to the Kennedys, which is ironic, because he was basically also their pimp. there are many, many substantiated stories about his throwing orgies for them at his house, which we know from FBI surveillance AND literally everything everyone has said
basically, the Kennedys acted like what they were, which is incredibly rich men who tried to fuck anything in sight. JFK's nickname in the Navy was "Shafty", for fuck's sake. we're talking about a class with fundamentally distorted views on sex.
did this apply to RFK too? the man who won "Father of the Year?" it sure did, lol
RFK seemed to womanize less than JFK, but not by much. and Peter Lawford was a freak.
based Marilyn, who seemed to actually have Kennedy-esque political views more than the reds or the fash you might get with Sinatra and the mafia
Marilyn Monroe told a lot of people about her affair with the President, but the main source of proof is from surveillance records and an overwhelming number of people testifying to the affair
Marilyn Monroe had an affair with JFK, but she seemed to have actually fallen in love with RFK. this was one of several ways the FBI and the mafia had blackmail over the Kennedys
speaking of blackmail, Mickey Cohen specialized in that, and he was involved in the infamous 1959 "wrong door raid" incident w/ Marilyn and DiMaggio, so there was already a precedent there re her and blackmail
I'm not gonna recount the 'wrong door raid' story, but Fred Otash basically ran the scheme, and he will come up again. he's also the inspiration for Jake Gittes, and both appears in and inspires characters in James Ellroy's Underworld USA trilogy
first Marilyn was with JFK, then RFK, but she wanted to marry RFK, and he absolutely wouldn't, which did not help her increasingly precarious mental state exacerbated by drug abuse
people are so full of shit, lol. "as in a Greek tragedy", come on, man. they liked to fuck, it's not that deep. it did cause problems for them in their righteous crusade, however.
not that there's any question, but one piece of proof that Marilyn had an affair with RFK is this letter from Jean Kennedy, and it pretty much sounds like the whole family was down with their sexual adventures, which is insane
there are indisputable phone records showing Marilyn Monroe calling the DOJ's special lines. why might she do that? lol
so, about a week before Marilyn Monroe's death, she went up to the Cal-Neva Lodge at Lake Tahoe with Peter Lawford and Frank Sinatra, as well as Sam Giancana. her masseuse said: "She told me it was a nightmare, a dreadful weekend"
according to multiple sources, Marilyn Monroe was assaulted by Lawford, Sinatra, and Giancana. they reportedly took pictures of the assault.
Joe DiMaggio, who had rescued her several times in the past, knew what was happening and tried to get into the Lodge to retrieve her, but was not admitted. one employee of the lodge saw Marilyn "at the edge of the pool, barefoot, swaying back and forth"
DiMaggio, while perhaps not the greatest husband of all time, does come across as a fundamentally good person re his treatment of Marilyn overall
Marilyn Monroe, who knew WAY too much, was upset that RFK dumped her, and threatened to go public with all kinds of things she knew. the theory is that her assault at the Cal-Neva Lodge was to convince her to keep her mouth shut, and to -make- her keep her mouth shut
the weeks before her death, she called RFK's house, offices, sent telegrams, called the DOJ, called his friends and acquaintances.
finally, there are a lot of weird anomalies with the timeline of Monroe's death. Dr. Greenson rushed to her apartment after being called by her maid, but there are a lot of issues with the timeline that you can read elsewhere
Dr. Noguchi did the autopsy. also known as the "coroner to the stars", he would later do RFK's autopsy. let's just say there are very valid reasons to doubt his motives and the conclusions he came to, lol
Daryl Gates strikes again, lol
the FBI swooped in and got the phone records, which would've shown exactly who Marilyn's last phone calls were to. of course it was to RFK, and they covered it up, lol
the case is pretty airtight, actually, lol. it's only our shitty Mockingbird media and pathetic Camelot narratives that keep the truth from being more well-known
the LAPD, most of whom were not obsequious Kennedy-lovers, were content to allow the cover-up, but told the truth whenever asked, lol
Fred Otash, PI, bugged Marilyn's apartment. “I listened to Marilyn Monroe die", he said. “She said she was passed around like a piece of meat. It was a violent argument about their relationship and the commitment and promises he made to her...
“She was really screaming and they were trying to quiet her down. She’s in the bedroom and Bobby gets the pillow and he muffles her on the bed to keep the neighbors from hearing. She finally quieted down and then he was looking to get out of there.”
“I would have kept it quiet all my life,” Otash told Vanity Fair before his 1992 death. “But all of a sudden, I’m looking at FBI files and CIA files with quotes from my investigators telling them about the work they did on my behalf...
“It’s stupid to sit here and deny that these things are true. Yes, we did have [Lawford's house] wired. Yes, I did hear a tape of Jack Kennedy fucking Monroe. But I don’t want to get into the moans of their relationship. They were having a sexual relationship, period.”
if anyone's a Greek tragedy, it's not the Kennedys, it's Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio
although Sinatra and the Rat Pack showed up, DiMaggio didn't let them attend the funeral. "make sure none of those damned Kennedys come to the funeral"
when this book came out, ABC's 20/20 was going to do a full 30 minutes on it. but it got squashed, thanks to the living Kennedys. Geraldo Rivera even got fired over supporting the story.
Monroe's diary went missing. you know who else had a diary that went missing? Mary Pinchot Meyer's diary.
now, to step into what I like to call the Angleton Mindset, there's a lot of people who might've wanted to kill Marilyn for a lot of reasons. the simplest one is that the Kennedy camp wanted to be rid of her
let's not kid ourselves about Hoffa being above doing it just to make the Kennedys look bad, although that's probably too indirect
of course the mafia might've done it, either for their own reasons, or on behalf of the Kennedys/CIA/FBI/Hoffa, or some combination thereof
the ghoul or the old queen might've wanted it done because they both fucking hated the Kennedys
fundamentally, though, we've got the same issue as the Kennedy assassinations. literally all the same [top] people are involved, but in different ways. the preponderance of evidence still leans heavily a certain way, though
at the end of the day, even if RFK didn't literally have his goons inject her (which is not unlikely) with poison, the Kennedys absolutely killed her in a metaphorical sense, by using and abusing her. so did Lawford, Sinatra, and the mob.
several real freaks floated around her. E. Howard Hunt, Jose Bolaños, Dr. Greenson. spooks and spies. Marilyn got in over her head in many ways.
there's no real justice in this world
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