Homeschooling is the trend I’m most bullish on relative to how little attention it receives.

Institutional trust is falling, online education is getting better fast, smartphones are getting cheaper, and it’s getting easier for parents to team up and educate their kids together.
Homeschooling reminds me of the taxi industry in 2008.

In ride-sharing, smartphones vastly expanded the market. Homeschooling will benefit from computers, Internet adoption, and learning-focused video games.

Expect lower costs and schools that operate at a global scale.
Right now, the top two reasons why parents don't homeschool their children are (1) it seems lonely for the kid, and (2) parents can't stay home to homeschool.

Camps and learning pods will emerge to solve the 1st problem and online schools will solve the 2nd one.

Source: @usv
The homeschoolers I know who want to attend a traditional college worry that being homeschooled puts them at a disadvantage.

Here, I’m pro standardized tests because they level the playing field.

Or, as I show in the thread below, we can restructure higher education.
“There will be more change in how we think about education in the next five years than there have been in the last fifty.”

— Marc Andreessen
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