What is wrong with @chartgerink and his company @libscie? What is wrong with #OpenScience community? What is wrong with these people?
Why one of his past employees Lisa Hehnke @DataPlanes doesn’t want to be even linked to the development of his #OpenScience product Hypergraph for which she dedicated 8 months of her work ended in October 2020?
I reached Lisa and she responded that the reason why she wrote this and left the company is confidential. As @libscie is a commercial entity, she cannot comment on this further for legal reasons as advised by a lawyer.
The same story happened to people volunteering for Hypergraph. Wojciech Francuzik @wolass was warned for using the word “inferior” in the context of a software. #OpenScience totalitarian mode « ON »: https://twitter.com/wolass/status/1372073163635445760
What was Chris’ public response to this event and to Johanna Havemann’s @openscicomm message (below)? Sending 600 euros donation to one of projects she runs, AfricArXiv. Jo did not get any comment from Chris about closing the issues on GitHub and his sudden charity act.
It definitely can be treated as (an attempt for) a corruption. But at least, open and transparent, I must agree 🤣 It seems that Chris behaves as a monopolistic commercial academic publisher which he hates so much.
Chris @chartgerink, in case you wanted to shut me up for publicly criticizing you, 600 euro will not be enough. Maybe 60,000? Or 600,000? 🤑 Here you can transfer your funds to #OpenScienceTV: https://opencollective.com/open-science-tv 
Anyways, it is not the first time Chris is trying to expel people from his comfort zone. Back in December 2020 after the incident at #JROST2020 he wrote me this:
Maybe you can comment on that @ShuttleworthFdn? Are you aware of your current fellow’s actions and behaviour? It is not a coincidence, it is a pattern. (I wrote to the Shuttleworth foundation a week ago using their website contact form and did not get any answer yet)
It is just a shame that such person being called “Open Science champion” and “AKA the Bernie Sanders of Open Science” uses undemocratic practices. There is no place for this kind of people in #OpenScience.
Another ex- @libscie employee resigning from Hypergraph contribution. Details are not disclosed obviously but what’s about respect, Chris @chartgerink?

#ToxicPublisher #OpenScience CC @ShuttleworthFdn https://twitter.com/juliangruber/status/1374843672563490824
To note that both @DataPlanes and @juliangruber left @libscie in October 2020 (info from their LinkedIn profiles).
During one of his presentations Jon Tennant mentioned the role of fear which pushes scientists to do stupid things.

@chartgerink, what is YOUR fear which made you delete 5,757 tweets on the 6th of April 2021? And what were those tweets, honey? #ToxicPublisher #OpenScience
Maybe you’ll try to be more responsible for your wordings, @chartgerink? At least because Big Brother is watching you 👀 #OpenScience #OpenAccess
One of screenshots from missing tweets I made. Others I assume were about your statements on inclusion/antiracism/feminism/equality w which you do not agree anymore, @chartgerink? #OpenScience
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