Let's play something out:

1. Imagine waking up in Feb of 2023, after midterms, & hearing that another Supreme Court Justice has passed. Majority Leader McConnell comes out with “let the voters decide,” promising to deny President Biden his rightful nominee to the Supreme Court.
2. Former Senator Warnock is on Morning Joe, lamenting that the Georgia voter suppression laws that kept him from reelection, doomed yet another SCOTUS nominee. 

Two years later, in February 2025, President Josh Hawley’s SCOTUS pick sails through the Republican-held Senate.
3. GOP legislatures have gerrymandered Democrats out of more than a dozen districts in states like GA, TX & AZ, and now Kevin McCarthy’s House is working to quickly double down on the 2017 Trump tax cuts and kill the ACA.
4. Retrospectives on the Biden Admin focus on THIS moment - our chance to fix a democracy broken by a party willing to steal fair representation from the people so they can retain power.

They say, “Democrats should have done everything they could to pass the #ForThePeopleAct.”
5. We will lose ground on EVERY issue we care about, and on top of that - our democracy is lost, probably forever.

This, right now, is our chance.

Anybody that worked hard to defeat Trump & flip the Senate needs to work just as hard to #PassFTPA.

And we need to do it now.
6. The #ForThePeopleAct will repair the foundation of our democracy so that we can stop future Trumps. It will lead to fairer & more politically diverse House districts, make voting more accessible, & protect our elections. It sets up a fair electoral playing field for a decade.
7. Even if this law is ALL we get done during the first two years of the Biden administration, it will be a huge victory because we will have secured our right to free and safe elections and to fair representation. We will have secured the peoples' right to be heard.
8. If Republicans succeed in killing the For The People Act & stealing the voice of the people, GOP legislatures around the country will gerrymander, restrict voting access, purge voter registrations, & do everything necessary to ensure they stay in power.

We need to #PassFTPA.
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