[ stupid cupid, stop hitting on me ]

Bakugou Katsuki is a delinquent.

Well, that's according to everyone in his stupid ass school.

Yes, he's quick to explode in anger. Yes, he always have scowl in his face. And yes, his mouth spew garbage whenever its open.
But you see, the handsome blond who inherited his mother's unique temperance, is really not a deliquent.

The guy doesn't smoke, never throw the first punch, hates alcohol. Does his homework, studies hard, sleep early, feed stray cats, and write poetry for the love of his life
And nothing frustrates Rank E Cupid Midoriya Izuku more than anything else when people perceive Katsuki (or Kacchan as he decided to coin him) as a good for nothing deliquent who only knows violence.

The guy is so sweet! He likes flowers, drinks hot choco instead of coffee!
He even helps old people cross the street.

Yes, his mouth filter is the worst and his insults for anyone is an all time high but the guy volunteers in animal shelters on weekend!

Izuku had been with Katsuki since he was young. He was his first assignment as an angel.
Back then Izuku is still stuck with confusion on which career path he'll take. Some of his friends had became full pledge guardian angel, some decided to be arc angels, others became death angels while he just wanted to stay with Kacchan and watch him.
Until he ran out of time to submit his chosen career and the high up chose it for him.

So for a year now, he's training as a cupid or love angel whose job is to bring humans to the person they love.

He was given a new set of wings, a new set of equipment and position.
Lucky for him, he was assigned to be Katsuki's cupid! To help him win the love and affection of his supposedly 'soulmate'.

Izuku was just so excited about the whole thing. Watching Katsuki grow up, he knew exactly who the guy likes and he had been silently cheering for him.
Other Cupids shake their heads at his fate because Katsuki happened to be a tough case but no one will stop Rank E Cupid Midoriya Izuku in helping his Kacchan achieve the happiness he deserve!

Izuku settled himself next to Katsuki's table as the guy sketches his crush.
"Don't worry, Kacchan! Today is the day!" Izuku excitedly said as he flew his way to Todoroki Shouto.

Katsuki had always been crushing about the guy but is good at hiding it. It frustrates Izuku whenever Katsuki is just content on looking from afar.
The Cupid can't do anything because Angels, no matter the designation, are not meant to meddle with their humans. So all he could do is just wait for the right time, the order in which he could finally help Katsuki.

And today is the big day! He finally received a go signal.
Izuku didn't waste anytime and did his incantation. He pressed his hand against Todoroki Shouto's chest. Light burst as an arrow emerged from the human's chest. And that arrow is Todoroki Shouto's heart.

All he need to do is hit Katsuki with it and his love will bear fruits.
Izuku squealed in delight holding Shouto's arrow in his hand. The arrow that will make Katsuki happy!

He quickly summoned his bow and placed the arrow on it, positioning to hit Katsuki.

Until he made a wrong move, losing control of his new wing.
Izuku fell in the floor with a loud thud. The Cupid whined, as he looked up.

"Oh shit," he clamped his hand over his mouth as he saw Todoroki Shouto's arrow hit their science teacher, Yaoyorozu Momo.

He turned to Shouto to see him looking at the woman with a blush.
"No! No! No! No!" Izuku quickly flew to Momo to pull Shouto's arrow before it completely merge to her but the thing wouldn't budge.

Izuku dropped on the floor as the arrow completely disappeared. He turned to Katsuki and saw a sad and pained expression on his face.
Izuku quickly hugged Katsuki, "Kacchan, I'm sorry!!" He cried even when the human can't hear nor feel him. "I promise I will fix it!!"

The day went on with Izuku following Katsuki while crying in between.

Katsuki and Shouto went to lunch, the two had been bestfriend.
They grew up together after all.

"Hey," Shouto called thr guy over his soba. "Do you know what it feels like to be in love?"

Katsuki rolled his eyes, "How would I know?" He grunted.

"I think, I am in love." Shouto shrugged.

"No! You are not!" Izuku screamed at him.
"You are supposed to love Kacchan!" He added.

Katsuki dismissed him, "I am not interested, Half and Half."

"Okay," Shouto answered missing the sadness in Katsuki.

Izuku growled in frustration, latching at his Kacchan. "Don't worry I will fix this!"
Before he could day and cry anew, Izuku was transported back to their headquarters with his supervisor, Kayama Nemuri looking at him with an impressive glare.

Izuku quickly fixed himself bowing down.

The lady gave an exhausted sigh, "Explain everything, Izuku."
The Cupid began explaining everything. "I may or may not be bad at controlling my new wings."

Nemuri slapped her hand over his forehead. The guy had always been hopeless. But she never thought he was this hopeless!

"Please tell me we can undo this!" Izuku was frantic.
"Kacchan deserves to be happy! He is like the best boy!" He added like he was talking about some dog.

The higher ranked Angel sighed. "There is a way."

"There is!" Izuku's green eyes filled with life.

Nemuri began chanting incantation as Izuku's wings lost its fathers.
The greenette looked at all the feathers of his once wings on the ground.

"Rank E Cupid Midoriya Izuku with license number 003-675331, I am punishing you to go to Earth and help Bakugou Katsuki reverse the arrow effect and get the man he loves to love him back." Nemuri said.
"You'll only be able to regain your wings back once you complete your punishment. You have a year, without your wings, you will cease to exist." The lady added.

"Wait! Wait!" Izuku protested but before he could say anything, he was falling from heaven.

Today fucking sucks, Katsuki thought Everyday fucking sucks but some just sucks worse than the other.

He wad walking back home, grumpier than when he left this morning. How amazing would it be to find out the guy you have love all your life is now in love with someone else?
He knew that him and Shouto was impossible in the first place but is it really necessary to slap it hard on his face.

The blond rolled his eyes, mumbling curses.

His eyes were caught by a commotion on the middle of the playground. His brow lifted at the sight of the crowd.
He's not really the kind of person to gossip but something is somehow compelling him to see what's happening. So he marched to the crowd to see what they were all hurdling about.

His brows furrowed at the sight of a nearly naked mad, wrapped in gold ornaments filled with gems.
His hair was soft green curls his lashes were long, and his skin housed delicate freckles.

He had never seen such beautiful man before.

The guy groaned, fluttering his eyes open. Blinking, he quickly sat down looking all over the place while people asked if he's okay.
His green eyes locked with Katsuki's and it light up like he had seen the day light after a long night.

The guy quickly stood up, throwing himself to him. "Kacchan!" He excitedly said. Katsuki just stood frozen on his spot, every eye on him.
The beautiful stranger pulled away and began crying. "I'm so sorry, Kacchan." He sobbed, fat tears rolled down his freckled cheeks. He was crying but god, he looked every bit adorable. "Because of me Shouto doesn't love you back!" He wailed.

What the fuck?
Katsuki quickly clamped his hand over the guy's mouth and pulled him aside. The crowd began whispering which irritated him. "Shows over! Get fucking lost!"

People began to leave while still saying things.

"Kacchan!" Izuku hugged him. "I'm sorry, don't worry we'll fix it!"
Katsuki quickly pushed the guy off him. "I don't know who you are and how you know Shou but you better not be following us, creep!"

Izuku cried more as he pushed himself to hug the guy but Katsuki kept his palm against his cheek pushing him away. "Stay away from me, weirdo!"
"Ah, Kacchan, you have grown so fast. I remembered the time you were just five and you look so cute being so independent and responsible." Izuku hicupped. "You even gave up your lunch to Sei-chan because his family is having problems."

Katsuki glared at the guy.
"You're a full blast disgusting stalker! Get off me or I will punch you!"

Izuku shook his head. "I am not a stalker!" He defended.

Katsuki pushed him a little too hard that he fell on the ground ungracefully.

"Stay away from me!" He sneered, turning to walk away.
Izuku's lips wobbled, his tears kept streaming down. "I would understand why you hate me." He sobbed. "It's my fault after all."

You see, Katsuki might say the worst thing but his heart is soft.

"Fuck," he turned around yet he can hear Izuku's sobs that he tried to hide.
Katsuki rolled his eyes, he faced Izuku, offering his hand. "Get the fuck up and go home! And don't follow me again or Shou!" He said offering his hand.

The Cupid took Katsuki's hand, crying a new because he's really kind. The kindest for him.

"I can't go home." He said.
"Not until I make sure Shouto loves you." Izuku added Katsuki clamped his hand over his mouth looking all over the place, making sure no one heard him.

"What the hell are you even on?!" Katsuki whispered at him. "Stop this shit."

"But it's the truth! I can't lie." Izuku said.
Katsuki grabbed his hand to pull him, "Let's talk somewhere else, you shit." He growled.

"Okay!" Izuku agreed walking until Katsuki noticed how he's barefooted.

"Where the fuck is your shoes?"

"I don't have one." Answered wiggling his toes.

"What the fuck?"
The greenette shrugged, "I never really needed one before." He said, wiping the remains of his tears. "But I guess, I need one now?"

Katsuki rolled his eyes. Clicking his tongue, he got down. "Hop in." He said offering his back for a piggy back.
"It's okay, Kacchan! I can walk." The guy said flustered.

"Hurry the fuck up." The blond huffed.

Izuku smiled climbing up as Katsuki held him, stood up and began walking.

"Where the hell do you live?" Katsuki asked.

"Oh, nowhere really." He answered.
"I sort off just been watching you since I can remember."

"So you are really a stalker," Katsuki said. "I should drop you to the police station."

"I am not! I am an angel assigned to you since birth! I recently was promoted to be a Cupid." Izuku explained.
Katsuki was convinced he just gave a mentally deranged person a piggy back and was planning to even take him home.

Maybe he should really just drop him to a police station. This guy clearly needs a different kind of help.

They arrived at his house, his parents are still out.
But also, he needed to know why he knew about Shouto and even know about that Sei thing. Up until now, he's damn sure that even Sei himself didn't know that it was him who gave him lunch.

He placed Izuku down and told him to follow him.
Izuku happily walked inside as if he had been in the house all his life. He sat down on the sofa.

"Oh wow! It's so soft!" He happily said.

Katsuki stared at the guy, the white fabric wrapped around him was mess from lying ok the ground. His body was full of gold accessories.
"Okay, Stalker, talk." He glared at him, arms crossed over his chest.

Izuku stood up, "I am Midoriya Izuku, I am a Rank E Cupid with license number 003-675331." Katsuki nearly fell on his seat when the guy summoned a fucking license, giving to him.

"What the fuck?"
The blond looked at the card. It looks like your average driver's license.

Heaven have a license?

"Rank E?" Katsuki asked. "Is that the lowest rank."

"Yeah!" Izuku nodded. "But I am only hundred points away to Rank D!" He followed up.

Katsuki groaned.
No wonder his love life had been shitty the Heavens assigned him the lowest and apparently the dumbest Cupid in town.

"This is fucking insane." Katsuki looked at the license. "If you are a Cupid why the fuck are you here? Shouldn't you be like shooting people's ass?"
The Cupid fumbled with his fingers. "Well, uhm, you see, I have been watching Kacchan all my life so I know you like Shouto. And when I became a Cupid a received a new equipment and wings."

"Can we hurry this up? I don't have all the damn time." Katsuki deadpanned.
"Oh yeah, Kacchan needs to go to grocery for food!" Izuku squeaked. This guy really knows Katsuki's schedule which crept him out.

"So when I received an order that it's time to make Shouto realize he loves you too, I kind of mess it up." Izuku's voice is getting smaller.
The blond narrowed his eyes. "Mess it up?"

Izuku nodded. "IhitsomeoneelsewiththearrowandnowShoutoisinlovewithsomeoneelse."



"I hit someone with the arrow and now instead of him being in love with you, he's in love with someone else." Izuku repeated.

Izuku closed his eyes fearing what happens next.

"Let me get this straight. Shouto was supposed to be in love with me?" Katsuki's voice was eeriely calm.

Izuku nodded.

"But you messed up and hit someone else and now he's in love with someone else?"

Another nod.
"So, he was supposed to be in love with me?" Katsuki repeated.

Izuku stood up. "Don't worry! We can still fix this!!"

The blond stood and grabbed his meager fabric he couldn't even call clothes. "Tell me, idiot, how the fuck are we fixing this?"
"It's easy! Shouto just need to fall in love with you!"

Katsuki let him go, nodding, "Of course, it's that easy."

"Yes!" Izuku happily said.

"Are you fucking crazy?!" Katsuki snapped. "How in the world is Shouto going to love me when you made him love someone else!?"
"But, Kacchan! You are amazing! You're handsome, smart! And you have a soft heart! You are perfect!" Izuku defended.

"Do I look like soft hearted to you!?" Katsuki was fuming. He's so red.

Izuku winced, "Right now, no but it's the inside that counts."
"This is insane! You are insane! I almost believed you! You should leave. Leave the fuck now!" Katsuki yelled, gesturing, pointing the door.

"No! I am telling you the truth! I'm sure Shouto will fall in love with you!" Izuku fought back.

In panic, Izuku whip out an incantation and pressed his hand against Katsuki's chest. The blond shout in surprise when light burst in his chest as an arrow slowly emerged.

Izuku grabbed the arrow. "This is your heart!" He showed him.

What the fuck?
"If I hit someone with this, you'll fall in love with him or her!" Izuku explained.

That alarmed Katsuki.

"Give me that!" The blond wrestled with Izuku to grab the arrow away from him. "You have messed up Half and Half's you are not messing with mine!"
They began fight for the arrow, Izuku shouting for Katsuki to calm down so he can return the arrow while Katsuki was screaming for Izuku to give back the arrow.

They then stumbled to the floor as Izuku let out a loud yelp. "It hurts!" He shouted. Katsuki moved away.
He saw the arrow punctured Izuku's thighs but there was no blood. The greenette was lying on the floor, panting, face flushed, his meager fabric disheaveled, showing his creamy thick thighs.

Izuku looked like he was completely out of it.

The blond swallowed hard.
Shaking his head, he grabbed his arrow to pull it out but it wouldn't move. Katsuki ground his teeth, pulling it harder but instead it merged completely to Izuku.

He looked at the guy in disbelief.

Izuku finally snapped out of his trance. "What happened?" He sat down.
"Oh! Where's the arrow?" Izuku asked, looking all over the place while Katsuki just looked at him in horror.

"I-I don't know where did you put it, Idiot!" Oh fuck, he can feel his heart pounding. He needs to calm down. There's no way this was true.


Izuku whipped out an incantation and pressed his hand Katsuki's chest but this time nothing happened.

The Cupid looked at his hand, "Oh, I must have lost my power to do that." He looked at Katsuki. "Maybe that's why your arrow disappeared."

No. That's not it.
The blond wanted to scream!

This day just kept getting worse. He stood up pinching the bridge of his nose. He needed to calm down.

He turned to look at Izuku who's still on the floor.

"Does the arrows work on you?" He asked, huffing.


This idiot, he thought.
"Hypothetically, again HYPOTHETICALLY, if you get hit by the damn arrow will it work?" Katsuki ground his teeth.

Izuku's answer was instant, "Of course not. There's no way it will. You are a human, I am an angel."

See? All is well.

"You are a shitty angel." He rolled his eyes
Izuku pouted at that and Katsuki felt his heart launched to his throat.

Calm down, he told himself. He tried to fill his head with Shouto's stupid face but all he could think was the loose fabric sliding against Izuku's skin.


"Hey! I am really trying hard!"
"And yet you are a failure!" Katsuki snarked back but as soon as those words are out and Izuku's face contorted in pain, he regretted them.

"Yeah," Izuku breathed. "But I will still do my best." He added looking back at him with determination.
He's screwed, Katsuki swallowed hard. He's so damn screwed.

"Whatever, get the fuck off the floor!" He growled yet offered his hand to him. Izuku smiled taking it but when he wanted to stand up, he stepped on his clothes as it finally untangled leaving him naked.
Katsuki panicked telling him to cover up but in the mess, Izuku took him down with him on the floor. The guy hovering above him when the door opened and his mom with his dad entered yelling his name while complaining about work.

The world stop as the four of them locked eyes.
"Bakugou Katsuki!" Mitsuki yelled.

Katsuki quickly got up while Izuku scrambled for his 'clothes'.

"Calm the fuck down! It's not what you think!" Katsuki shouted back.

The lady walked over to Izuku, picking him up from the floor. "Oh my god, you look beautiful!" She said.
"You damn brat! Did you just get down and dirty with your boyfriend without introducing him to us? And in our damn living room!!" Mitsuki said, pulling Izuku on a hug. The greenette tried to reason out but Mitsuki wasn't even listening too busy glaring at Katsuki.
"Get your damn mind off the gutter, old hag!" Katsuki fought back.

"Are you worried that we won't accept you for loving another man?" Masaru asked gently, placing his hand over Katsuki's arm.

"Damn no!" He looked at his father. Yes, he's worried about that but not now.
"It's really okay, son but please refrain doing sexual activities in our living room. Just do it in your room." Masaru said with a small smile.

"That's not it! What the fuck!?" Katsuki growled in frustration, his eyes went on Izuku and he grabbed him away from his mother.
"Shut it!" He said, pulling Izuku to his room and slamming the door hard.

"Fuck!" The blond ruffled his hair. Frustrated and mad.

"I could explain things to your parents!" Izuku offered in a low voice.

"What are you going to do? Show your damn license?" He glared at him.
Izuku nodded, "Yes, this will help clear up things."

Katsuki briefly considered hitting his head against the wall. Surely this is not innocence or naivity, it's just plain stupidity.

"Okay, fuck, you can go back to heaven or hell, I don't care." He said slumping oj his bed.
His heart hurt at the thought of the guy leaving but Katsuki pushed it away. No. He's not in love with him. Not a little bit.

Nope. No. Not a chance.

"I told you, I can't go back." Izuku whispered.

Katsuki looked at him. "Better elaborate that shit." He glared.
"I am actually being punished because of my mistake. They took my wings away." He turned around showing Katsuki a huge scar on his back where his wings used to be. "I can't go back unless I reverse everything."


Izuku gave a small smile.
"But it's okay even I don't get back as long as Kacchan get his happy ending!" He said, eyes glimmering with so much determination and hope. "I'm sure Shouto will like you when he sees how awesome you are!"

Katsuki swallowed hard.

"Where the fuck are you going to stay then?"
Izuku looked at him, blinking, as if this eas the first time he thought about his situation. "I-I don't know." His stomach then mad a growl. "What's that?" He asked, confused.

The blond stood up, "It means you're hungry."

"Oh, I never felt hungry before?"
Something in Katsuki is telling him that this was nothing but the beginning but he kept his face straight. This person—no entity or what the fuck ever—is clearly human right now and he doesn't know how the whole human thing works.

Well, fuck.
He pulled clothes off his closet tossing it to Izuku who surprisingly caught them.

"Change clothes," Katsuki ordered while he also pull out his own clothes and the two of them changed without looking at each other.

Okay, Katsuki took a peek. He's worried, okay?
Izuku is a whole bunch of stupid. It's so natural to worry about the idiot.

"You are not going to say anything and you will let me do all the talking." Katsuki turned to him once they're both clothed.

And no, Izuku doesn't look good in his clothes.
And no, his heart didn't swell with pride or shit.

Why the hell does this angel have huge emerald doe eyes? Anything with big eyes are cute. Even Katsuki knew that fact.

"But I want to help you explain!" Izuku protested.

"You'll help me more if you shut your mouth."
Izuku pouted at that and Katsuki had to fought everything in him so he won't pinch his cheeks or kiss his lips.

He's going insane!

"Just don't say anything! Just think of damn ways to help me with Shouto or whatever."

The cupid light up at that. "Okay, Kacchan!"
Katsuki then snatched his hand holding him, his fingers filling the space between Izuku's. A small blush crept to his cheeks.

"Eh? Why are you holding my hand?" The guy asked him, tilting his head lightly.

"Shut up." Katsuki looked away as he opened the door of his room.
The blond pulled him to the kitchen where his parents are having their tea.

"Oh, so we are finally having proper introduction?" Mitsuki smirked over her cup of tea.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. "His name is Midoriya Izuku, he's my boyfriend but his parents kicked him out."
The three looked at Katsuki with a shock look on their face. Izuku moved closer to Katsuki. "Kacchan, you can't lie! That's bad." He whispered to him.

"Shut up," he whispered back.

"Oh my, what the fuck happened?" Mitsuki asked, scandalized.

"They found out we're dating."
Masaru looked at Izuku and pulled the guy on a hug. Katsuki pushed his father away from Izuku.

"Stop touching him." He glared. "Anyway, he will be living with us until everything settled down."

"Okay, sure." Mitsuki shrugged. "Remember to just not be too loud okay?"
"What the fuck! Get your head out of the gutter, old hag!" Katsuki said fully red.

"Brat," Mitsuki sighed. "You are a teenager with a raging hormones of course even if I tell you to not have sex I'm sure you are just going to do what you wanted to do."
His father even nodded to what his wife just said. "Don't forget to use protection. Be sure to buy condoms and lube."

Katsuki wanted to disappear.

Is disowning your parents a thing?

"Kacchan, what's a condom?" Izuku asked next to him.

"Shut up, Deku." He's so red.
Maybe he should tell his parents how they should not talk about this thing in front of a whole ass angel! Goddammit!

"Shut up! We are not doing shit!" Katsuki growled at his parents.

Mitsuki raised her eyebrow. "No way," the lady dismissed with a smirk.
"If my boyfriend is that cute, I don't think I'll keep my hands to myself."

Katsuki scrunched hid nose, "Gross."

Izuku's stomach let out a growl. "Oh, sorry." The greenette said.

"Brat, please feed your cute boyfriend!" Mitsuki sighed shaking her head.

"Shut up!"
The blond grumpily made Izuku sit down as he began preparing food. He haven't gone to the grocery good thing he had enough ingredients for a single serving Katsudon. He told his parents to go grocery shopping and they just happily oblige.

"My stomach is starting to hurt?"
Katsuki grabbed a small cracker and gave it to Izuku telling him he'll be done soon.

Izuku just ate at the cracker amazed on how it taste while questioning everything Katsuki was doing. The guy nearly tell him to get the fuck out but endured it.
He placed the food in front of Izuku whose mouth quickly waters while declaring how it smell so good. Katsuki handed him a chopstick but the guy struggled with it. Snatching the utensil away, he handed a spoon and fork.

"This is so good!" Izuku moaned eating the food.
Unknowingly, Katsuki smiled at Izuku while he ate the food he made, praising him so much that his head would have gone so big and he will just ascend to outerspace.

"I wish I could eat your food forever!" Izuku smiled happily.

Katsuki just clicked his tongue.
The night ended with Izuku taking the guest room and sleeping early while Katsuki lied down in his bed thinking about the insanity of the whole situation.

He even considered everything as a dream and when he woke up tomorrow everything will be back to normal.
When he got up, his parents and Izuku had been sitting on the table eating breakfast. Izuku was now clad in his school uniform which was weird and he had to ask him about it.

His mother had been talking about her disastrous work while Izuku listen tentatively.
After breakfast, the two of them walked to school with Izuku carrying a huge yellow bag.

"What happened?" Katsuki asked.

"Oh, Ochaco came and fixed everything for me! She gave me clothes and teach me things. I mean i knew them since I have been watching you but it's hard."
The angel explained how this 'Ochako' gave him everything he will need from clothes, to money, and even fix his said 'transfer paper'.

"She told me, it might also help to keep pretending we're together so Shouto will be caught off guard." Izuku happily said.
Katsuki rolled his eyes, "As if that's all it takes for the guy to love me or something."

"It's not, but it's okay, I will absolutely do everything to make you happy! So i have to undo my mistake and let Shouto see how amazing you are."

The blond glanced at him but said nothing
When they got into school, every eye was on Izuku. Well, he was a new student but not only that he looked beautiful. Katsuki knew that for a fact. He had seen him up close.

Soft green curls, emerald doe eyes, pink lips, smooth skin, freckles.
Even if he didn't know that the guy is an angel, he would probably make the connection by just looking at him.

Damn, he'd turning sap and he's getting irritated by all the eyes on Izuku.

Growling a curse, he held Izuku's hand making people gasp in surprise.
The blond accompanied him to the registrar before they went to their classroom where a new desk had already been added.

When they got inside, Katsuki's classmate looked at him and began bombarding him with questions.

This overwhelmed Izuku to the point he held Katsuki tight.
"Stop scaring Deku for fuck's sake!" He shouted making everyone freeze. He then pulled Izuku leading him to the seat behind him while he settled down on his own seat.

His phone beeped.

[ Who's that? ]

Katsuki turned to look at the guy who raised his brow on him.
He quickly replied.

[ Will tell you later. ]

[ Okay. ]

[ You never mentioned him. ]

Katsuki looked at the guy, he looked visibly upset. Serves him right, he thought.

[ You don't need to know everything about me. ]

[ You are right. ]
The class begin with Aizawa asking Izuku to introduce himself.

Katsuki frowned hearing what Izuku said. Apparently his script from 'Ochako' is that he was from America and he decided to go hom because he wanted to see Katsuki and live in Japan for a year.
"Wait, so you are really dating Bakubro?" Denki asked loud.

Izuku nodded. "Yes! I also live with him!" He smiled brightly and beautifully enough to disarm an army.

"Wow! That's like a different level of relationship!" Mina sighed dreamily.

Katsuki rolled his eyes.
The entire day was spent on talking about Izuku and his relationship with Katsuki. People just can't see how the guy who radiates sunshine dates someone like him.

The blond is aware on how people perceive him but screw their opinion because none of it mattered.
When they got into the cafeteria, he left Izuku to order food for the two of them with Shouto.

"You never mentioned Midoriya to me." Shouto said.

Katsuki shrugged. "It's a stupid online relationship. Don't wanna get my hopes up." He lied smoothly.

The other guy nodded.
"You like him?" Shouto asked. Katsuki looked at Izuku quietly waiting on the table. People are saying hi to him here and there which was annoying as shit.

"Yeah." Katsuki looked at Shouto. "I do."

The guy nodded. "So you do know how it feels to fall in love?"
Katsuki opened hid mouth to answer but it was their turn to order and the conversation was dropped.

They got into the table after Katsuki grabbed spoon and fork. Izuku insisted he wanted to try eating with chopstick. They argued but Izuku won in the end.
The two guys painfully watch Izuku struggle with chopsticks but when he did it, he was so happy thar it just radiates so much it's impossible not to be happy for him.

"Shouto-kun," Izuku called Shouto who was surprised. "Isn't Kacchan amazing! He's so smart and caring!"
The taller guy turned to look at Katsuki who was elbowing Izuku telling him to stop.

"What? I didn't lie! You're really the best!" Izuku defended himself.

"Well, he is. Katsuki had always been an amazing person." Shouto said.

Izuku perked up, "He is!"
To Katsuki's frustration, Izuku was beyond serious about helping him win Shouto back.

And he only realized the gravity when Katsuki and Shouto are waiting in the cafe after Izuku told them he needed to see someone for just a minute only to receive a message five minutes after —
— that he needed to do something suddenly. Both message was sent to him and Shouto and an additional message was sent to him.

[ You can do this, Kacchan! ]

He even sent him tips and what movies they should watch. Katsuki was seething.
"Guess it will be us onwards." Shouto said.

"Deku's an idiot." He mumbled. He debated if he should tell the Cupid that his damn heart arrow hit his idiotic ass and now instead of Shouto he dreams of him every night in awkward situation in which they're both naked.
Another message came.

[ Kacchan stop frowning! You gotta let
Shouto see that you look great! ]

Katsuki looked all over the place to look for Izuku and he saw him outside not looking suspicious with his glasses and beret.

"Isn't that Midoriya?" Shouto asked looking at Izuku who just quickly hid.

"Ignore him. He's being a dumbass." Katsuki is beyond over.

The other guy shrugged. "Why is he trying to set us up?"

"Please don't fucking ask me." Katsuki finished his drink.
"Are you two having problems with your relationship?" His bestfriend asked.

Was there a relationship in the beginning? All of this was happened because Izuku hit someone with Shouto's arrow.

"I don't even know anymore." Katsuki looked at him.
"By the way, you like Ms. Yaoyorozu right?" He asked which made Shouto blushed profusely.

"How did you know?" He asked.

"You don't even hide it, bastard."

"Really? It's obvious?"

"If stuttering and turning tomato red is not obvious, I don't know what the fuck is."
Shouto groaned in embarrassment.

Katsuki rested his cheek on his open palm. His eyes glanced at Izuku who looked like he was happy seeing the 'development' between him and Half and Half.

"How did you found out you like Ponytail?" Katsuki asked.

The other guy looked at him.
With a sigh, Shouto told him, "It's actually weird. It's sorta just happened. Suddenly I am aware that I like her. Like she's the one for me."

"Yuck." Katsuki grabbed for a fries.

Shouto rolled his eyes. "How about you, how did you end up with Midoriya?"
The blond shrugged. "He looked pretty." He lied.

Shouto agreed with a nod. "Midoriya is indeed pretty. I didn't even know that a guy can be beautiful."

"People call you beautiful, dumbass."

"Do they?"

Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"But Midoriya is different." Shouto said.
"He's pretty in a different way like there's something different about it."

"Shut up! Don't call my damn boyfriend pretty."

Shouto raised his eyebrow at him. "Everyone thinks he's pretty."

"Well they can fucking keep it to themselves."

"You really like him huh?"
"Shut up, he's my boyfriend, I am supposed to like him." Katsuki grunted.

The two of them decided to go to the movie anyway. They both watched a horror movie and Izuku followed them.

The movie wasn't even in for 10 minutes but Izuku had been screaming at the back.
"Maybe you should go and comfort him." Shouto whispered to him.

"Let him be, he chose that." Katsuki grunted but he fidgets with his feet.

Izuku let out another scream followed by a sob.

"I'll do it if you don't want to. I can't take it anymore." Shouto said.
Shouto stood up but Katsuki tugged him to sit down. The blond stood up and quickly sat next to Izuku who's cowering over, shaking. He's not even watching but every sound he flinch and yelp.

Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"Hey, Idiot," he called.

"Kacchan?" Izuku looked at him.
"You're so damn hopeless." The guy pulled him to hug him after he lifted the arm rest between their seat.

"What is this and why is this scary?" Izuku cried.

"Well that's a devil, you are supposed the one to know that, damn Deku."

Izuku shake his head, holding him tight.
"Devils don't look like that! They look hot and pretty like you and Shouto! My friends have crushes on them!" He cried against his chest.

Katsuki wasn't even surprise at that. And he doesn't know why.

Izuku just held him in the duration of the movie.
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