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Bakugou Katsuki, a notorious student that always chased off his tutors because he never really needed them. Sure, he was smart and just about to graduate high school, but his parents insisted on him continuing with tutors for higher-

He was more of a delinquent than a proper student. Finally, Katsuki’s mother complained to their neighbor, a single parent, Midoriya Izuku. The young man recently moved to take care of his child who was starting daycare. It was perfect since he would be nearby and-
Katsuki can come by whenever.

Izuku was sweet and pleasant to be around. His attempts to get Katsuki to even listen was like speaking to a brick wall. It was okay, though, the freckled man had an adorable daughter who also acted a bit spoiled.

After a few more failed attempts,
Frustrated, Izuku did not want to resort to these means, especially to a high school senior. But he saw those lingering red eyes on his ass and his body. Not only that, Katsuki was handsome. Very handsome. It was no wonder why he was so popular. He was much taller than the green-
Haired man and was cocky enough to show it.

Izuku couldn’t deny his attraction for him. But, as someone close to their 30’s, he was an adult. And sometimes, one must use adult means to get something done. So, the man prepared. He asked Mitsuki to take care of his precious-
Daughter for a bit, while he handles Katsuki.

He hasn’t worn these kinds of things since he gave birth. But he forgot how nice it felt. The laced thigh-highs with garter belts attached, along with his black laced panties. He zipped up his skirt and tucked in his collared shirt,
leaving his chest exposed. Wearing some glasses and he waited for the blonde to come for his session. He crossed his leg on top of the other when he heard the explosive boy make his way in.

“Oi, Deku--” when the blonde entered and witnessed the person in front of him. He-
Gulped when emerald eyes glared.

“Sit, Kacchan, we will get started,” Izuku ordered.

“Hah?! The fuck is going--” the freckled man cut him off by slapping the table.

“Only good boys get explanations, do you understand?” Izuku purred, his voice slightly dark.

The man could-
Tell the blonde was starting to enjoy everything that was happening. Dropping his bag on the table and taking out his books, Izuku huffed. He was a brat but at least he understood the circumstances. If this gets him to be more obedient then he would reward him.

“Now, Kacchan,
Do you understand?” Izuku glared, noticing how the high schooler was doing the problems wrong. He wasn’t stupid, he knew this was being done on purpose.

“Hmm, I’m not sure...” the brat said.

“Right...” the tutor sighed, standing up and walked towards Katsuki, whose gaze was-
Slowly getting predatory. Izuku wasn’t going to let him have his way.

He knew that the blonde never wore a tie which is why he prepared ahead of time, grabbing one of his own and ordering the boy to give one of his hands. The blonde snorted but listened and Izuku quickly-
Grabbing the other sneaky one that was about to touch him and brought it behind the chair and tying it to the other wrist, nice and tight.

“Good boys get to touch, Kacchan,” the man glared, looking right at lustful red eyes. Katsuki smirked but said nothing. He seems to be-
Enjoying everything, almost like he waited for it to happen. It didn’t matter, for the time being, Izuku would show him.

The man quickly unzipped his skirt, slipping it down to reveal his lingerie. Katsuki gulped, his eyes widening as he viewed the man in front of him. The-
Tight panties were clearly unable to hold the thick lips of Izuku’s as the freckled man approached the high schooler.

“I know what your game is, Kacchan,” Izuku carefully sat on the boy’s lap, making sure his pussy was grinding with the forming tent in the other’s pants. “I-
Have a proposition,” he leaned in to whisper in the blonde’s ear, “If you’re good and do well, I’ll give you a reward.”

If Katsuki had a tail and ears, they would stand in attention at the sudden words that blow through his lobes and into his head. Izuku giggled at the thought.
“What kind of reward?” Katsuki quickly said, wanting a sample.

Izuku decided to indulge him, humming as he started to undo the other’s belt and pulling the elastic from his boxers as well as the pants down. A red, hot cock sprung out and the tutor’s eyes widened, immediately.
It was large, girthy. Far bigger than anything he had seen.

“Like what you see, nerd?” the blonde snorted to which Izuku hummed, reaching for the thick, veiny prick and begins to pump it.

Katsuki hisses, as Izuku begins to stroke faster, before stopping, getting up to slide-
Down his laced panties, revealing a beautiful shaved pussy. He smirked as he watched Katsuki stare at his privates.

“Like what you see, Kacchan?” he teases, causing the other to growl and struggle against his restraints. Izuku tuts, returning back to his position on the other’s-
Lap, “I said to be good and I’ll reward you, didn’t I?” His hands roam the muscular body, the expanse of his toned chest.

Mitsuki had told him of Katsuki’s achievements in sports and it shows even with all the clothing on him.

“I’ll only give you a taste of what you’ll get-
But then you have to pass and graduate at the top,” Izuku smirked, closing in their groins together as the thick lips of his cunt latch onto the length of Katsuki’s girthy cock. They still weren’t big enough to cover his expanse, the man had to bite back a moan just from the-
Feeling as he began to rock back and forth.

Katsuki groaned as the soaking pussy stroked his cock, covering it in Izuku’s slick. As the tutor found his rhythm, he teased his own clit with the tip moaning as he enjoyed the feeling of teasing himself on that hot girth. He slowly-
Picked up the pace, both men moaning as the chair shook from their momentum.

Izuku gasped as he teased his hole with the thick cockhead then smirked when he saw Katsuki’s needy face wanting to insert. He cups the boy's face, facing him as he continues his ministrations on their-
Lower region.

“Do well, and you’ll be able to fuck me anywhere, anyhow,” Izuku leaned in, his lips teasing the other before Katsuki leaned into the kiss, hungry and wet.

They separate as Izuku picked up the pace.

“D-Deku...c-coming,” Katsuki said, breathless as the other-
Man squeezed his thighs together and moved upward so his clit kisses the precious tip of the blonde’s cock as he came. Ropes of white cum spill between both men. Izuku purrs as he feels some of it drip down his cunt, enjoying the blissed out face of the other, before getting up-
And putting everything back on.

He teased his ass before covering it back up and playfully looked at the blonde’s hungry gaze before untying him.

“Now, will you be good for me?” Izuku cooed.

“Fuck it, fine! But you keep your promise!” Katsuki said with a growl, the tips of-
his ears turning red.

The older man chuckled, “Of course, Kacchan~”

From then on, the blonde was easier to handle and Izuku would give him small rewards such as some hand jobs or blowjobs. There wasn’t a day where Katsuki left feeling empty, rather he left with a mark or two.
At some point, some lipstick marks were left on his cock after one request for being good.

Izuku was happy to see the beast was finally tamed.

When graduation came, the blonde graduated at the top of his class and as promised, Izuku gave him his reward. In the months that led-
Up to it, the tutor was also starting to get hungry for that cock, so he didn’t mind being thrown around from the table to the wall and into the bedroom.

Luckily, his daughter had become attached to the Bakugou’s so he was safe.

Now, to explain how he’s pregnant with a-
Sibling is another thing. And with the father being his student he tutored.
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