FYI: The fetishization & eroticization of people of color is ANOTHER FORM OF RACISM.

Some of y'all are watching porn so much that you have normalized this shit.

From BBC and Black bucks, to docile Asians and muy caliente Latinos -- the oversexualization is killing US.
When they try to say that this white man isn't racist -- but was driven by a sex addiction -- his sex addiction to Asian women was a fetishization. That sex and racism can't go hand-in-hand is ignorance.
As a Black queer man, I know what it's like to be fetishized for presumed sexual attributes that I don't personally invite to be violated.

But I have also heard Asians be erroticized in certain ways as well. It has and continues to be a form of racism society let's slide.
I can't tell you how many times I have heard men of all racism make remarks on Asian women being something safe, tender, and/or softer.

I can't tell you how many times in the queer community, the term "Asian twink" has been used to fetishize presumed innocence of Asian men.
In pop culture, we've seen Asian women be hypersexualized and pitted against other women of color as being more feminine.

Asian men aren't used in films/TV as love interests, often framed as nonsexual unless shirtless and hyperaggressive.
To try to deny the role of race in the white terrorism that took place in Georgia is to continue to ignore how sexual addictions driven by racial fetishizations is violence.

You can be sexually attracted to someone of a different race and still be racist.

Part of the problem with racism and sex is that people presumed that sexual attraction equates to love.

White supremacy shows us that sexual desires are separate from love and compassion.

In fact, racism is reinforced often in sexual pursuits driven by fetishization.
And for the love of all mankind, can we stop continuing this romanticism of American soldiers' fetishization of Asian women during the Vietnam war be anything less than an act of racism.
Using your military power and presence to lure sex with women isn't romance -- it's manipulation and coercion -- a perpetuation of the very rape culture that continues to terrorize all women.
What happened in Georgia was an act of racism, sexism, and misogyny that was driven by a white man who felt entitled to the bodies of Asian women.

And to be clear, I am not shaming sex workers or blaming porn soley for these crimes taking place ----- BUT just noting how the industry itself sometimes aid in perpetuating racism and misogynoir within it and how such tropes induce such fetishes.
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