Excited to see the Snyder Cut. But ahead of its debut – and with the aid of a good amount of #AviationGin - tonight at 6pm EST I’ll do something I’ve never done: actually watch Green Lantern. Happy #StPatricksDay
It’s apparently the only fucking movie in existence that’s not streaming anywhere so you’re SOL if you want to watch along. But I’m going deep. #GinnerAndAMovie #AviationGin
Starting GL now. First time ever. Too early to ask for a #SnyderCut of this fucker?
I enjoyed The OA on @Netflix btw
I only ever read my parts of the script so this is genuinely exciting for me to watch
This protagonist seems reckless but likable
I swear I’m drinking to Grammy winner and international ambassador of joy, @TaikaWaititi. Not to numb any pain I might be in.
Oh boy. Tragic childhood flashback sequence killing a beloved parent. Designed to instill a level of depth and hard fought empathy for our hero. Disney perfected this move.
Hey @BlakeLively is in this movie!!
This was not bad foreshadowing for my life as a dad
Love Stanley Tucci.
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