1) "The Initiators of the Corona Crisis Have Been Clearly Identified - Virologists - who claim the existence of disease-causing viruses are committing scientific fraud and must be be prosecuted"
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2) "Overview
Science and the scientific method are important tools that help to identify and solve challenges. Science has very clear rules: Claims must be proven - they must be transparent, comprehensible and verifiable."
3) "Only statements that are verifiable may be called scientific, everything else falls within the realm of faith. Matters of faith must not be presented as scientifically proven facts to derive or justify governmental measures."
4) "Scientific statements must be refutable, falsifiable in order to claim them as scientific. The first prescribed duty of every scientist is to strictly check his own statements and try to refute them."
5) "Once refutation is unsuccessful and the failure of this is clearly documented through control experiments, a statement can then be called scientific."
6) "All corona measures issued by governments and authorities are ultimately regulated by law, in Germany the Infection Protection Act (IfSG). The law gives them the appearance of legitimacy but does not provide justification."
7) "With § 1 ifSG, for example, the legal framework is intended to subject the population to the rules of science. The most important rule of science is the documented and unsuccessful attempts to refute the statement which has been presented as true and scientific."
8) "All scientific rules require compliance with the laws of reasoning and logic. If these rules are disregarded or violated, the scientific statement is as equally refuted as by a successful control experiment."
9) "It is clear from the choice of words in all publications on all pathogenic viruses that virologists not only violated the laws of reason, logic and binding principles of science, but even themselves refute the existence of pathogenic viruses."
10) "Taking off the hypnotic spectacles of fear, reading objectively what the authors have written, any interested person able to understand English who has acquired an understanding of the methods used, will discover that virologists have misinterpreted..." ...
11) ..."normal gene sequences as viral components and by doing so have disproved their whole field of expertise. (NB This confusion doesn’t extend however, to the virologists who are studying phages and phage-like, so-called giant viruses.)"
12) "In the case of claims for the existence of alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus, this is particularly transparent."
As fundamental scientific requirements have all been violated by those working within the field of virology this can only be described as scientific fraud."
13) "Science fraud never falls within any current remit in criminal law and so far there has been no precedent for it to do so. By pretending to act scientifically but in actual fact acting unscientifically, virologists commit the fraud of not fulfilling..." ...
14) ..."the work they were employed to do. That is why I propose and am working towards having this established in court and in criminal law. The relevant governmental departments are called upon to prosecute the fraudulent pseudoscientists in order..." ...
15) ..."to prevent them from continuing to carry out their anti-scientific, anti-social and dangerous activities. As soon as a first court of law establishes the facts outlined in this article and convicts the first virologist of fraud, ..." ...
16) ..."this will bring about the end of the global corona crisis, judicially sealed, a chance for all."

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17) Translation of next section
The disciplines of biology and medicine have created self reinforcing tendencies/momentum, the consequences of fear and an anti-life outlook."

18) "These disturb and destroy the environment including fauna and flora, human society and culture including the economy. The corona crisis is only the visible tip of an iceberg on a collision course with everyone and everything."
19) "One of the reasons for this challenge is materialism, the attempt to explain life with purely material models. Today’s materialism was invented during "post-socratic" antiquity as an explicit counter-reaction to fear and abuse of power by religions."
20) "This was a plausible human and humanitarian motivation but it has had dramatic consequences. The materialist philosophy has brought with it a good/ evil dichotomy in biology, on which western medicine medicine is based (prevailing opinion) ..." ...
21) ..."and the resulting anti-life treatment approaches (antibiotics, radiation, chemotherapy, disinfection, restriction of basic rights, vaccination, lock-down, quarantine, social distancing etc.). Ever increasing numbers of people and the environment and economy ..." ...
22) ..."are harmed by this ideology. This materialistic good/evil theory which has no factual basis but has evolved from disproved assumptions, developed undetected, into the most powerful religion."
23) "The materialistic theory of life states that there are only atoms but no consciousness, no spiritual forces and no animator who could have created them and set them in motion."
24) "In order to be able to explain the cosmos and life in a purely material way, our "science" has been forced to claim a huge bang, during which all of these atoms were supposedly created out of nothing and then flew apart."
25) "It is assumed that a few of these atoms formed molecules through random touch. These molecules supposedly formed a primordial cell by a random coming together, from which all further life is alleged to have developed through struggle and selection."
26) "All this is said to have happened in the distant past, taking unimaginable lengths of time, and cannot therefore be subjected to scientific examination. This narrative cannot be called scientific."
27) "Leaving aside theoretical physics with its quantum theories, which imagines this mindset with ever-increasing capital investment into the ever smaller. For a clearer view of life that can be easily understood by conducting simple experiments, I would like to point out..." ..
28) ..."the very substance of which life consists: the membrane of water, the so-called surface tension membrane which is formed by water wherever it has contact with other substances and whenever it is in swirling, spiral motion. Aristotle called this substance ‘ether’ ..." ...
29) ..."and later Dr. Peter Augustin discovered it and called it the 'primary substance.’ Japanese plant physiologists referred to this substance as PI-water. This rediscovery of ether/primordial substance permits the pre-Socratic principle to be revived and discussed .." ..
30) .." - ‘as in the larger, so in the smaller.’ Thinking in terms of atomic theory impedes this kind of perception and brings about incorrect assumptions. The entire academic world of imagination in biology and medicine is based on such a misconception."
31) "In 1848, when constructive possibilities inspired by the French Revolution had a chance to also influence Germany, radical change failed and caused a dramatic hardening and deterioration of political and social life."

(continued translation of 'Introduction')
32) "The person responsible for the pivotal developments in biology and medicine as we know it today, was in 1848 advocating humane, logical and correct measures for the prevention of epidemics. Over the course of the following 10 years however, ..." ...
33) ..."his thinking conformed to the hardening and increasingly extreme political conditions. We are talking about Rudolf Virchow who in 1858 without any scientific basis, exclusively inspired by the atomic theory of Theory of Democritus and Epicurus, ..." ...
34) ..."postulated the Cellular Theory of life and all diseases, namely Cellular Pathology.
Throughout his life, Rudolf Virchow suppressed relevant facts of embryology and tissue histology in order to be able to present and popularise his new cell theory as factual."
35) " Embryology and histology - the germ theory of life, however, is an indispensable prerequisite for understanding life, it’s development and, above all, illnesses, healing, healing crises and obstacles to healing."
36) "Rudolf Virchow claimed, analogous to the atomic theory, that all life originated from a cell. The cell was alleged to be the smallest, indivisible unit of life, which nevertheless ..." ...
37) ..."was also supposed to generate all diseases through the production of alleged disease toxins, in Latin, viruses."

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38) "This laid the foundation from which the gene, infection, immune and cancer theories necessarily had to develop if the processes of life, disease and healing were to be explained within this theory. If it is to be believed that all processes are..." ..
39) ..."only caused by material interactions and that all life arises from a cell, adherents to this view are forced to maintain a structural and functional design of life, i.e. a hereditary substance, and to claim this as fact."
40) "The same forced logic arises for the claimed disease toxins:The cell allegedly produces viruses (disease-causing poisons) &spreads these inside &outside the body. In order for this to be true,a place within the individual must be claimed where this virus was first created."
41) "Once this way of thinking is elevated to dogma, to the exclusion of any other teaching, and other points of view are defamed as unscientific or conspiracy against the state, it precludes from the outset, other ways of thinking and considering of the origin of diseases."
42) "This forced logic only ever seeks causes in material defects or material malignancy. It conceals the fact that the idea of the virus as a disease toxin had already been scientifically refuted and abandoned in 1951, which meant that in 1952 ..." ...
43) ..."another idea had to be invented:
Viruses as a collection of dangerous genes. However, there is still no viable scientific proof for this assumption. The good news is that genetic virology, which became popular from 1954 onwards, has scientifically refuted itself..." ...
44) ..."through its own statements. I can testify that this statement is 100% correct and verified. I will stand by it as a virologist, a scientist, citizen and as a human being.
The transition from ‘toxin virology’ to today's ‘genetic virology’ ..." ...
45) "As it is still claimed that dangerous bacterial protein toxins exist in the body, the idea of disease toxins is still quite potent. Also claimed to be dangerous are bacteria such as the supposedly dangerous corkscrew bacteria, which allegedly drills it's way from ..." ...
46) ..."a presumed point of entry via the nerves into the brain. What virologists, physicians and science journalists fail to mention is that the theory of viruses as protein toxins had to be abandoned in 1951. That year two control experiments were carried out ..." ...
47) ..."in order to test the toxin virus theory:
1. Rather than only exposing tissues supposedly damaged by viruses, healthy tissues were also exposed to putrefaction. It was found that the proteins produced by the decomposition of healthy tissue were the same as ..." ...
48) ..."those produced by the decomposition of "virus-damaged" tissue. This disproved the virus assumption.
2. On top of this, the theory pre-1951 of what a virus is was refuted by the fact that no one could ever find or photograph anything different ..." ...
49) ..."in people or animals supposedly infected with a virus from what can be found or photographed in healthy subjects, using the electron microscope. This is still the case today."
50) "Virology disproved itself with these successful control experiments and abandoned itself, however this was only noticed by attentive readers of professional journals. The ongoing vaccination campaigns continued to be celebrated and promoted by the manipulators of power.." ..
51) .."therefore the mass media suppressed this news. The vaccination campaigns were not stopped even though disease-toxin viruses as justification were no longer valid. This was additionally due to the silence of the health authorities and the 'scientific community.'"
52) Continued translation of The transition from ‘toxin virology’ to today's ‘genetic virology’ in the Introduction https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
53) "After virology had invalidated itself, biology and medicine did not yet propose any other explanation for what had previously been defined as viral outbreaks, within the purely material cell theory."
54) "Therefore, a new theory regarding the nature of viruses had to be devised. Those involved, modelled their thinking on factually existing structures called phages."
55) "These are formed by bacteria when they are removed from their milieu and their vital exchange with other bacteria and microbes is inhibited. When I was a young student, I was lucky enough to isolate such a structure from the sea and study its structure, composition ..." ..
56) .."and it's interaction with the environment. This led me directly into the field of virology, as I innocently assumed that I had discovered a harmless virus/stable virus-host relationship which might therefore enable me to study the origin of viruses."
57) "Thirty years on, new examples of these structures now referred to as "giant viruses" have continued to be discovered and what’s more it has been clearly proven that these structures stand at the beginning of the processes with which biological life begins."
58) "Some researchers presently consider these structures to be part of the fourth kingdom of life along with the primordial bacteria, the bacteria and the eukaryotes."
59) "These structures known as phages and also as ‘giant viruses’ are erroneously considered to be eaters of bacteria. They can be described as a type of spore that bacteria and simple organisms form when their living conditions change in such a way .." ..
60) .."that they can no longer optimally reproduce or survive. This type of helpful structure always consists of a strand of the so-called hereditary substance DNA which is always exactly the same length and of exactly the same composition."
61) .."This type of DNA is always enclosed by a membrane of the dense material from which biological life emerges. That is why phages or 'giant viruses' - let us better call them bionts - are easy to isolate - i.e. to cultivate and separate from all the other parts of life."
62) "In this isolated form, they are routinely analysed biochemically. Every biochemical characterisation reveals that the nucleic acid of a phage/ giant virus is always exactly the same length and always has exactly the same composition."
63) Continued translation of the Introduction of https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
64) "Indeed, for decades phages were the only source of pure nucleic acid (DNA) in biochemical studies. The process of uptake into and release from bacteria, documented under the electron microscope, was interpreted as infection."
65) "Without any evidence it was claimed that phages attack bacteria, rape them, force their nucleic acid on them and the bacteria die as a result. In reality, the situation is quite different."
66) "Only bacteria that are extremely inbred, i.e. constantly propagated without contact with other bacteria or microbes, transform into phages in an act of metamorphosis. This transformation is misinterpreted as the death of the bacteria caused by phages."
67) "Whereas bacteria that are isolated from their environment never transform into phages and do not die when phages are applied to them in any quantity. This is also the reason why the often cited Phage Therapy as a substitute for antibiotics, .." ..
68) .."for example to suppress pain and other symptoms - as with any other poisoning - will never work in the intended sense of killing bacteria."
69) "Biology of phages and giant viruses and the resulting refutation of the cell theory of life

In the case of the alga (ectocarpus siliculosus) from which I isolated its "giant viruses", the situation is such: In the case of the alga (ectocarpus siliculosus) .." ..
70) .."from which I isolated its "giant viruses", the situation is such: The mobile parts of the alga, the gametes and spores, search for the "giant viruses" in their environment with their mobile flagella and absorb them. During this process, the growing algae integrate .." ..
71) .."the nucleic acid of the "giant viruses" into their own chromosomes. It has been observed that the algae which contain the "giant viruses" fare better than those which don’t. It has also never been observed that algae with "giant viruses" are worse off than those without."
72) "New and ever more remarkable "giant viruses" with ever more impressive properties are constantly being found, and increasing evidence is being found to demonstrate that bacteria and microorganisms, amoebae and unicellular organisms evolve from "giant viruses", .." ..
73) .." into which they transform again when their living conditions are no longer optimal.
‘Giant viruses' are naturally created by and around nucleic acids. These nucleic acids develop catalytic activities, .." ..
74) .."i.e. they independently release energy, synthesise further nucleic acids, other molecules and substances and thereby constantly generate new properties and abilities. The highly reactive and diverse nucleic acid forms of rNA ("rNA world") which can easily .." ..
75) .."and constantly change into DNA and change back again, also arise in the process of the self-organisation of life, without any scientifically comprehensible reason or cause. Biological life that is visible to us is evidently materialising out of the water."
76) "An increasing number of cellular microorganisms are being found whose genome consists largely of the nucleic acids of "giant viruses.” "
78) "With the discovery of phages - only ever produced by the transformation of extremely inbred (incestuous) bacterial cultures, giant viruses, which maintain, enlarge and actively metabolise themselves, and the discovery of new organisms composed of giant viruses, .." ..
79) ..."three things have been proven so far:
i. Cell theory that biological life only exists in the form of cells and only arises from cells has been disproved.
ii. The assertion that biological life arose in primordial times once and for all has been disproved." ..[cont]
80) [ii. cont] "If we only look at life objectively and unrestricted by dogmas and baseless theories we can see that life is constantly emerging anew and before our eyes. It has been proven that biological life, as we now know it, can arise wherever water is present .." ..
81) .."and perhaps create the conditions that are the same or similar to those on our mother planet, Earth.
iii. The false interpretation, viewing the absorption of nucleic acids from "phages" and "giant viruses" into other organisms as an infection and harmful, .." ..
82) .."has been disproved. This false interpretation made from 1952 onwards was the reason for believing that there were genetic viruses in humans which, by transmitting their "dangerous" nucleic acids, produced diseases and were responsible for death and destruction." ..
83) "To date, no virus has been observed in or isolated from any human being, animal, plant or their fluids. To date, not even one nucleic acid has been isolated that corresponds to the length and composition of the genetic strands of the alleged disease-causing viruses."
84) "This is despite the most basic standard techniques being long available for isolation, presentation and analysis of the composition of nucleic acids of this length."
85) "A Nobel Prize and its disastrous consequences

In isolated form, "phages" and "giant viruses" (bionts) can be photographed quickly & easily in large numbers using the electron microscope. This alone documents the degree of purity. However, the isolation and photographing.."
86) .."of isolated and characterised structures has not yet been successful for any of the claimed disease-causing viruses! In the course of scientific investigations bionts are regularly seen and photographed in large numbers in the organisms in which they are produced, .." ..
87) .."in the organisms that give rise to them. Conversely, there is no successful documentation of so-called pathogenic viruses from any human, other animal, plant or fluid using the electron microscope. Why is this not the case?"
Continued translation of https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
88) "The electron photographs of alleged viruses simply show structures that can always be obtained from other sources. These structures have never been isolated or biochemically characterised, this is very easily verifiable from the scientific papers."
89) "These photographed structures have never been used as the source from which short pieces of nucleic acid are taken and from which virologists THEORETICALLY CONSTRUCT the long nucleic acid, passed off as the alleged genetic strand of a virus."
90) "Exactly the same length and exactly the same composition of nucleic acids from all types of ‘phages' and 'giant viruses’ can be obtained every time."
91) "It has never been possible to isolate a nucleic acid (DNA or rNA) from a structure or from a bodily fluid with a length and composition that corresponds to what is claimed to be the genetic strand of a pathogenic virus."
92) "Looking at what happened between 1951 - 10.12.54 we can see how and why virology completely lost it’s way and ended up with a thoroughly dangerous and unscientific approach removed from reality."
93) "After medical virology was ended by control experiments in 1951, from 1952 onwards the structure of the phage became the model of how a 'virus' would present itself."
94) "The stubbornly persistent ideology of ‘disease-causing viruses' simply continued in changed form: a nucleic acid of a certain length and composition, surrounded by a covering consisting of a certain number of certain proteins."
95) "However: in the absence of electron microscope images of "disease-causing viruses" in humans/animals/plants, and lack of said images in isolated form, indeed without biochemical characterisation or isolation, virologists continue to be compelled .." ..
96) .."to theoretically assemble separate components from supposedly "virally" diseased tissue into viruses and to present these invented products to themselves and to the public as factually existing viruses!"

Continued translation of https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
97) "The virologists who maintain the existence of disease-causing viruses refer to a single publication [translator’s note: https://pubmedinfo.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/propagation-in-tissue-cultures-of-cytopathogenic-agents-from-patients-with-measles.pdf] to justify their actions and pass them off as science, this is easily recognisable as mind-bogglingly unscientific."
98) "The paper published on the 1st June 1954 explicitly describes the authors’ observations as speculations and that these speculations would need verification in the future."
99) "On the 10th December 1954 the lead author of the study, John Franklin Enders received the Nobel Prize for another speculation within the old "viruses are dangerous protein toxins" theory (refuted in 1951!), .." ..
100) .."and this Nobel Prize achieved two things: the old, disproved toxin-virus theory was given a pseudo-scientific halo and the new genetic-virology was given the highest, supposed scientific honour. This in turn ensured that verification .." ..
101) .."of the aforementioned measles publication would never take place."

Continued translation of https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
102) "The new genetic virology from 1952 onwards has two erroneous foundations: disease-causing viruses are in principle structured like phages and arise when cells die in the test tube after supposedly infected sample material is added."
103) "Enders and his colleagues established the notion in their publication on 1.6.1954 that cells which die in the test tube after the addition of supposedly infected material would be transformed into viruses."
104) "This die-off is passed off as the isolation of the virus - as it is assumed that whatever has created the changes MUST have come from the outside. At the same time this dying cell mass is used as a vaccine."
105) "Enders, his colleagues and indeed everyone else have overlooked - dazzled by the Nobel Prize - that the death of cells in the laboratory is not induced by a virus. Rather, the cells in the laboratory are systematically and unintentionally killed .." ..
106) .."without anyone realising that this is what they are doing! The cells are killed with cell-toxic antibiotics, through extreme starvation by withdrawing the nutrient solution and through the addition of decomposing proteins that release toxic metabolic products."
108) "Components from cells dying in the laboratory setting in this way are to this day theoretically put together to form a virus and passed off as reality. Virology of disease-causing viruses is as simple as that."
109) "Neither Enders nor other virologists have ever carried out the control experiments to "infect" the cells with sterile material. The cells die in the control experiment in exactly the same way as with supposedly "viral" material."
110) "Short, clear and easily comprehensible refutation of all disease-causing viruses

Error and self-deception are human, understandable and excusable. What is not excusable is the constant assertions by virologists that what they say and do is scientific."
111) "This is clearly false, easily demonstrable and understandable to everyone. That is why virologists who claim corona viruses or other disease-causing viruses are to be labeled as employment frauds and prosecuted by constitutional means .." ..
112) .."so that they retract their false, disproven and dangerous statements. Thus, the Corona crisis and other "viral" catastrophes with resulting deadly consequences such as 'AIDS,' 'Ebola' and other baseless 'viral' pandemics, can and will not only be stopped, .." ..
113) .."prevented in the future, but also turned into an opportunity for all.
The definition of what may be called a scientific statement and the resulting obligations are clearly defined. In summary:
A. Every scientific claim must be verifiable, comprehensible and refutable."
114) .."B. A scientific statement may only be called scientific when it cannot be refuted by the laws of logic and where applicable, through control experiments.
C. Every scientist is obliged to check and question his own statements." [C. continued..]
115) .."Since virologists have never verified their statements themselves and are reluctant to do so for understandable reasons - who would want to disprove themselves, their actions, their reputations? - we will do so with seven arguments."

Translating https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
116) "Each individual argument will be sufficient on its own to refute the existence of all pathogenic viruses and the work of virologists (excluding researchers who deal with the existing phages and giant viruses)."
117) "In the following points, the word 'virus' is used instead of the phrase 'pathogenic virus.'
1. The Matter of Alignment
Virologists have never isolated a complete hereditary strand of a virus and shown it directly in its entire length. They only ever use..." ..
118) .."very short pieces of nucleic acids, whose succession of four molecules they determine and then refer to as a sequence. From a multitude of millions of very short sequences determined in this way, virologists theoretically assemble.." ..
119) .."a fictitious long strand of genetic material with the help of elaborate computational and statistical methods. They call this process alignment.
The result of the complex alignment, the fictitious and very long strand of genetic material, .." ..
120) .."is declared by virologists as proof of the existence of a virus. However, such a completed strand never appears in reality or in the scientific literature, despite the standard techniques having been long been available for determining the length and .." ..
121) .."composition of any nucleic acids. By using alignment process instead of presenting a correspondingly long nucleic acid directly, virologists have disproved their own work."
122) 2. The lack of control experiments regarding alignment
Virologists have never used very short nucleic acids from control experiments to perform&document alignment. In order to do this,they would have to isolate short nucleic acids with the exact same cell culture procedure."
123) "The difference being that the so-called infection is not through addition of supposedly infected samples but with with sterile materials.
These logical & mandatory control experiments have never been carried out & documented. With this alone, virologists have proven.." ..
124) .."that their statements have no scientific value and may NOT be passed off as scientific statements.
3. Alignment is only carried out through theoretical construction
In order to be able to theoretically/computationally assemble the very short sequences of nucleic acids.."
125) .."into a long genome, virologists use a template to align these short sequences into a very long, supposedly viral genome strand. Without such a predefined, very long sequence template, no virologist is able to theoretically /computationally create a viral genome strand."
126) "Virologists argue that the theoretically/ computationally constructed genome strand originates from a virus because the alignment was carried out by means of yet another, predefined viral genome strand.
This logic is clearly and unambiguously refuted.." ..
127) .."since all templates were themselves exclusively generated by theoretical/computation and do not originate from a virus."
128) "4. Viruses have never been seen in a human/animal/plant or in their fluids
Virologists claim that infectious, i.e. intact viruses are in large numbers in blood and saliva. That is why in the Corona crisis, everyone is supposed to wear a mask. To date, however, .." ..
129) .."not a single virus has been photographed in saliva, blood or elsewhere in humans/animals/plants or their fluids, even though electron microscope images are now an easy and routinely performed standard technique."
130) "Something that has never been seen in humans/animals/plants or fluids from them must not be passed off as a scientifically proven fact."
131) "5. the composition of the structures that virologists pass off as viruses have never been biochemically characterised
There are two different techniques that are used to produce photographs of alleged viruses."
132) "In order to order to use transmission electron microscopy (TEM), cell cultures need to be embedded in resin, sliced into thin layers so that it’s possible to see through them. Particles that they show in these images have never been isolated and .." ..
133) .."neither has their composition been biochemically determined. All the proteins and the long genetic strand attributed to the viruses would first have to be identified. Neither this, nor the isolation of such embedded particles and the biochemical characterisation.." ..
134) .." of their composition appear in a single publication. This refutes the claim that such images constitute viruses.
The second method used to photograph alleged viruses is the simple and quick negative staining electron microscopy technique."
135) "To separate genuinely existing structures, such as phages and giant viruses, from all other components (isolation), a standard technique is used called density gradient centrifugation. By coating these particles with a metal-containing substance, the presence, .." ..
136) .."appearance and purity of these isolated structures become visible in the electron microscope and the underlying structures appear as shadows in the electron beam. The isolated particles made visible by negative staining are then biochemically characterised."
137) "When phages and giant viruses are isolated in this way, the complete, identical very long, identically imposed nucleic acids are always found and the result of the biochemical characterisation is documented.
In the case of all particles that are passed off as viruses.." ..
138) .."by means of negative staining, the following takes place. These particles are not enriched, purified and isolated with the density gradient centrifugation intended for this purpose. Instead, through simple centrifugation, they are sedimented onto .." ..
139) .."the bottom of the centrifuge tube (pelletisation), after which they are viewed under an electron microscope. To date, the composition of such structures, declared to be viruses, has never been determined biochemically."
140) "All publications in which structures are passed off as viruses in the electron microscopy can be easily checked and verified, and the virologists themselves have simply and elegantly - without realising it - refuted their claim for the existence of viruses."
141) "6. Electron micrographs claiming to be viruses are known typical artefacts and cellular structures
A large number of electron micrographs of structures claimed as viruses are published. This conceals the fact that ALL of these images are only typical structures.. " ..
142) .."of dying cell cultures or laboratory-produced protein-fat-soap vesicles which have NEVER been photographed in humans/animals/plants or fluids from them. Other researchers outside the field of virology refer to these same structures as .." ..
143) .."either typical cellular components such as villi (amoeba-like protrusions with which cells cling to the substrate & move around), exosomes or other particles that are of the size assumed to be viral (they are referred to as virus-like particles). This provides more.." ..
144) .."independent confirmation that the claims that viruses can be seen under the electron microscope are scientifically refuted."

Translation of https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
145) "7. virologists' animal experiments disprove virus existence claims
Virologists conduct animal experiments to allegedly prove that the substances they work with are viruses and can cause disease. Every single publication in which such animal experiments .." ..
146) .."have been carried out clearly shows that the way in which the animals are treated produces exactly the symptoms that are claimed to be the effect of the virus. It is clear from every single one of these publications that .." ..
147) .."no control experiments were carried out in which the animals were subjected to the same conditions with sterile material. This reality refutes the virologists who claim that they have established the presence and effect of viruses in animal experiments."
148) "Concluding remarks
In order to end the Corona crisis and turn it into an opportunity for all, these clear, easily comprehensible and verifiable refutations of virology must be made public and impactful. One way to make these refutations powerful is to use the .." ..
149) .."appropriate legal procedures against virologists in the courts and to make the results public. We will inform you via our Wissenschafft-Plus newsletter when we have reportable results to share."
150) "I guarantee that anyone who wants to check these statements on any disease-causing virus will come to exactly the same conclusions if they are proficient in English and familiar with the methods."

Translating https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
151) "For the time being, as long as the Corona crisis continues, my colleagues and I will only answer queries regarding so-called Corona and measles viruses. For enquiries about all other "viruses" during the Corona period, I refer to the articles on this.." ..
152) .."that have appeared in the magazine WissenschafftPlus since 2003.
If you are also considering taking legal action, please bear in mind that the ruling in the measles virus trial, which was upheld by the highest court in Germany, .." ..
153) .."has removed the basis for the entire field of virology. As explained previously, the unintentional and inadvertent killing of cells in the laboratory .." ..
154) .."was published as proof of the existence of so-called disease-causing viruses, [translator's note: please read https://pubmedinfo.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/propagation-in-tissue-cultures-of-cytopathogenic-agents-from-patients-with-measles.pdf]."
155) "It was judicially determined and is thus part of German jurisprudence, that the publication of the central method of virology (in 1954 [translator’s note, the previous linked paper]) no longer constitutes proof of the existence of a virus, as of the year 2016!"
156) "The corona crisis has improved the chance that the verdict of the measles virus trial alone can turn the tide from the good-evil mindset that dominates biology, medicine, society and the state today."
157) "The application of the seven arguments listed above are enough to end the anticipated momentum of the global Corona hysteria and the profiteering with test procedures and vaccines that sustain it."
158) "With regard to the measles virus trial and in general, I would refer you to the telegram channel Corona_Fakten. There you'll find an excellent summary of the significance of the measles virus trial along with many other extremely helpful texts."
159) "My confidence that the Corona crisis will prove to be an opportunity for all is based on § 1 of the Infection Prevention Act, abbreviated to ifSg. in § 1 ifSg "Purpose of the Act", sentence (2) .." ..
160) .."that states: "The necessary cooperation and collaboration of federal, state and local authorities, physicians, veterinarians, hospitals, scientific institutions and other stakeholders shall be organised and supported in accordance.." ..
161) .." with the respective state of the art in medical and epidemiological science and technology. The personal responsibility of the providers and managers of community facilities, food establishments, health care facilities .." ..
162) .."and individuals in the prevention of communicable diseases shall be clarified and promoted.”
All Corona measures and ordinances, now also Corona laws, are exclusively and solely based on the Infection Protection Act (IfSg). However, .." ..
163) .."since the mandatory provision in § 1 of the IfSg "shall be designed and supported in accordance with the respective state of medical and epidemiological science and technology" has been refuted by the published statements of virologists themselves and been proven .." ..
164) .."to be anti-scientific, all corona measures, ordinances and laws lack the legal basis to be applied.
None of the institutions and managers of community facilities, food establishments, health care facilities addressed in § 1, sentence (2), .." ..
165) .."nor any citizen may implement & tolerate Corona measures &regulations if they have recognised &can prove that virologists have no scientific evidence for the existence of disease-causing viruses, as they have disproved themselves through their own actions & publications."
166) "As long as the obligation of scientificity in § 1 ifSg is maintained, it is possible with reference to § 1 ifSg to successfully present the evidence of the untenability, lawlessness, harmfulness and immorality of all Corona measures, ordinances and laws before the courts."
167) "The majority of judges in Germany are honest and conscientious, following the law. If it were otherwise, there would have been an open dictatorship in this country for a long time which would have established itself increasingly visibly by means of pseudo-scientific .."
168) .."and disproved arguments from the fields of virology and medicine."

Continued translation of https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologen.pdf
169) The translated article in full! Please consider reading, downloading the pdf and sharing independently of my tweets 🙏🏽💗🕊 https://archive.org/details/virologists
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