Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh #RSS
Why do people have so much [email protected] & issues with?
Let's see the other perspective
Plz read though with patience & decide for yourself how important RSS is
As well as why there is so much effort to malign it's image!
#RSS was found Dr.Keshav Baliram Hedgewar,in 1925,at Nagpur
Initially he was a Contemporary of MG but differences started due to the mellow approach of him
While Dr. Keshav believed in military training, &agitation for complete Independence
This never sat well with Cong ever
RSS currently has only approx 5 million following, a very small fraction of total population of India
However all these yrs, RSS has worked majorly in organizing #Hindus to work as a team
Also making them trained in self defense!
Organizing multiple Camps, working against
Forced conversion & love [email protected]
Over the yrs now, multiple efforts have been done to project RSS as an extremist organization, even going to extent of planting evidence against them in various [email protected]
(Remember kalava with [email protected] & PC arresting a tĂ«rrorist carrying rudraksh)
To make issues worse, RSS has been projected as misogynist
Thai video was played over & over again on SM, to prove it
Plz listen carefully!
It's part of a speech, not ghe entire dialogue
Mohan Bhagwat ji was trying to explain why does marriages fail!
Yes! India Today!
Contrary to what was propagated, Mohan Bhagwat was saying that the women shouldn't be controlled by men
On the other hand if u try to dictate women, or treat marriage as a mutual benefit contract then marriages are bound to fail!
Now plz hear this where he clearly talks about how it is important for every man to respect women, not see them with disrespect or object
He talks about changing mentality of men at grass root level.
Don't just depend on Govt to protect or take action once the offense done
I have taken this video intentionally from Print bcoz still many people calling themselves Staunch Hindus, quote Print, wire, scroll & such [email protected]
Disregarding other media as being biased.

So whats the agenda!
Agenda is "Unification, Organization & Empowerment " of #Hindus
#RSS had a major role to play in #RamMandir
Now that it's done, Sangh is not only fghting legally for #KrishnaJanamBhoomi but also defending the ones struggling for Saving Hindu temples

Sangh has successfully saved India & ideas of #Hinduism from being totally lost
Even when Cong was in power.

Since Modi ji & other prominent posts being taken up by Sanghis, idea of Hinduism rising as well as demanding for #HinduRashtra is the biggest fear!

We have been taught to exist apologetically, fragmented, educated but unaware

Thats it!
If u see #NCC being celebrated, new syllabus to include more school, colleges having compulsory NCC training, special college to train politicians, Police, IAS
Would lead to increased #Nationalism
Obviously anti Hindu forces would do their best to defeat it
My hurt again though from #Hindus who either due to vested interests or to prove themselves secular or kewl
Hurting the overall cause of #Hinduism
I am a #Hindu
And supporter of #RSS
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