Aight imma' make a thread for my shl thoughts:
wait waiT I purposely did not watch ep10 at yt last night, thinking I should save it AND ep 11 for tonight so I'd have the immediate gratification of WenZhou making up because ep10 was 🔪...

Nooooo where dafuq is Han Ying?? stop ZZS HIS LIVER OMG
the graves were half finished... Hngggggggg
Wait sorry I take it back. Thank you Han Ying.
Oh. Oh you would like to... accompany him to search for a cure... and maybe forsake tian chuang in the process? UHM
bruh yo wish what is it is it what I think it is or it isn't it, eye- 😬😬😬
Leave ZCL the fuck alone challenge omg these people
I DID NOT EXPECT THAT TEAR ZCL let GX Jie Jie break their damn legs AND arms 😡
boy doesn't want to get married, he wants to live with his dads and his GX jiejie, sorry pretty jiejie in white
and now we have WKX STILL drinking... aighttt
the evil fuvking leaked out
"Ah-Xiang, do you think I'm crazy?"

Gu Xiang nodding her head enthusiastically.

love it.
wkx baby calm down u just need your ah-xu pill
CWN precious. BUt down boy 😂
this staff meeting is just one big ohnoohnoohnonononono
END ep10 Chief of Ghost Valley Mode unlocked (at what cost)
EP11 ghost lady in red asking why wkx was going extra nuts again, madam, he hasn't had his Ah-Xu pill yet because they're currently divorced
Siji Manor suddenly brought up plotplotplotplot???
ZZS's drinking habit and it's exacerbation during this fight distresses meeeeeeeemakeupalreadyyyyy
but for real though, zzs's visuals ✨✨✨
waIT how dafuq did whoever sent that note to zcl knew one of his dads for them to sign it as "Xu"???
bb looks so excited tho 😢 he just wanna see his shifu this angel
godsss somebody finally hit that guy thnk u gxjiejie
wow hello they saw the man they were looking for and did absolutely nothing wow
zcl tough when shifu's not there, good boy good boy
these bitches waterboarding zcl dadzhou where????

but zcl did well, brave boy
for real ZZS so badass here, he truly is these pesky lady scorpions' senior in the trade
aight imma' watch this one first until the end (maybe), wenzhou coming
"in life and death will you never part" hi scorpion king u said that right
also, those two devils ended up together because of mystical moon magic keep up
sabe ko manonood ako until the end. sabe ko lang yon
ZCL being tortured by evil ladies: *spats on their face* that all u got? weak

ZCL seeing his dads: *sniffles*
I just fuckin "aWWWED" outloud gago nagulat nanay ko 😂
I did not understand the ref re: who's older than who between wenzhou during this scene but I read from another twt it was euphemism about who the...uhm... gong is supposed to be? And fucking WKX raising his brows when ZZS asked 😂😂😂
oh no bb zcl wants revenge... I mean, naturally he would but...oh no... *side eyes someone*

on the other hand, bb so tendie with dadzhou at this rate his heart won't be able to take it, and dadwen at the bg with his 'attaboy face', MMMLOVE
bb really had that thing embedded in him by his biological pops because said pops was in a rush wow
heeey not me feeling sad for this old uncle nooooo :'(

this small scene is so good, truly pinches the heart with old gao facing all the memorial tablets of his departed friends...
AIGHt WenZhou make-up project by zcl commence (even tho the boy doesn't even know why, he just wants his dads to make up, sweet chiiiiiild)
this is hilarious, I love it, BLESS BB ZCL
yeaaaah uncle wen, go comfort your ah-xu now, zcl knows u want too~

I can't with this, ZCL so cute heeeere stAHP
and now, the fuckn angst, roller coaster feels every damn episode, pigang piga ako every time 😩😔

back to flirting I see... what "I'm kind and wealthy, with many beauties around which I shall never reject" while looking LIKE THAT at ZZS. WKX ah WKX... we know Ah-Xu's a peerless beauty but pls control urself, the bb chick is watching

but fuck is this scene wringing me out... ZZS... :'(
bb chick being named as the first disciple of the sixth generation aaaaahhhhhhhh ZZS's happy smile ✨✨

END ep12 with WenZhou looking tendie at each other. This ep was soooo good.
WAIT IT'S ACTUALLY ONLY EP11 I CAN't even count properly now WenZhou brainrot
EP 12 start aiight gonna tag this with #shlspoilers from now on
ZZS here saying nothing is more important than life while suffering the seven nails which he self-inflicted and possibly dying in 2 to 3 years, we see you Master Zhou-
DADZHOUUUUUUU 😭😔✨ what a pure heart hnnngggGGGG

meanwhile we have WKX looking conflicted in the bg, hello sir
mmmgod Chen Ling is such a good boy, he just wants to be with BOTH of his dadssss and Xiang jiejie and stay with them forever. Zhang Cheng Ling PRECIOUS.
The famous date (among many) and little hidden 🔪
the old uncles didn't even get a proper surgeon for the boy, nope just get that piece out with a knife yourself and gimme' 🙃

back to WenZhou date-

also, their idea of vacation is messing around the scorpion's nest, they're so bored
Gu Xiang jie jie and Cheng Ling are adorable, their dads are so lucky
oh hello there Prince BYE

dadwen asking his little girl if she doesn't approve of zzs staying with him met with said girl's staunch approval, wkx in turn asking his a-xu if it's okay if his daughter tags along with them and disagreeing himself when zzs said ok 😂 surreal
CWN busted 😂😂 I bet zzs having the time of his life rn

wkx to cwn: no, you may not sit, no, I can take care of my A-Xu, your help is not needed bye

zzs: thanks lad but I'm terminally ill and won't live for long so don't trouble yourself

wkx: heh, ur funny A-Xu
CWN precious sunshine bean but pls stop talking, murderous ghost valley lord over theeeere
ZZS be dropping fucking lines "Instead of wasting my time seeking medical treatment, I would rather carry a jug of wine to travel around the world with MY SOULMATE while I'm still healthy, and do whatever I want to do without regret." all while looking fondly at WKX, SIR IKAW NA
panis wkx, medyo kinilig sya don 🥰

gago in the next breathe zzs casually mentioning to cwn a-xiang needs somewhere and someonw to settle down with right in front of wkx's salad, dadzhou on a roll
EP12 done!!
Maaan EP13 was so GOOD, SO SO GOOD.
BREAKING my own episode thread dahil hindi na ko maabala to hit pause every now and the because?this week's episodes?? FUCKING FANTASTIC. but anyway, Episode 18 *chef's mwah*

tbf each new episode gets better and better and the WenZhou? MYGOD.
Most memorable lines for today's episode were:

"If your master disappears one day, I'll also find a place like this to hide and see no one anymore." WKX PLS


"A-Xu, my dear..." I think I blacked out-

Their wholeass momentS together in any kind of situation I SWEAR 👌🏻
Mention of "ziliujin" startled me, my mind instantly went Marshal Gu? Chang Geng??(I was reading SPL since I finished TYK, maaaan I can't wait for Winner is King)
On another note, even with the blatant CGI for the puppet manor, it sort of blended seamlessly with the irl props and on point performance, with enough pacing so as not to make the scene/s awkward.

Ewan ko, anggaling lang. I keep reading posts and articles-
saying WoH/SHL(TYK at the time) had to work with a pretty low budget but that didn't stop them from creating something fantastic and setting the bar so high. I'm honestly continuously boggled with how good WoH is.

Anyway, watch SHL for clearer skin. They have WenZhou.
Ep19 *sippywater*

WKX finally had enough nouse coming out of the unfilial manchild *stfu rotten noodle

But tbh Qin HuaiZhang? ZZS's late shifu? FORKIN HOT WTH

WAIT THAT BOTTOM'S UP DIDN'T EVEN TRY 😂 walang laman yung mga baso mga mamser
ZZS watching and worrying for WKX hnnNGggGgg that's it that's the plot-
YBY: where's the ke-
YBY: *seethes*

Meanwhile WenZhou having one of their moments in the corner, nothing new
I like the fight scenes so much?? They so good?

Also... heart hurts for YBY? :(
Gago this Zhao jerk placing Gao Chong's memorial tablet among the others' like forkin collectibles hayop

The scenery in this flashback with Rong Xuan and the five... Idk what they were called before... mushrooms... Wow.
Again. The. Fight. Scenes. *chef's kiss*
Amidst the angst and wkx's turmoiled heart he still thinks of ways that can help cure his Ah-Xu 💔

Poor Rong Xuan tho...
#shlspoilers smol wkx *cries*
#shlspoilers so Uncle Long did all he could to save the little family by spreading rumours that there's another method using the Longyuan Cabinet to open the Armory... then suffering still because of it too.

truly, name one hero who was happy :’(

WKX hearing all these 💔

"Having a friend like you in life, one can have no regret even in the dwelling place of the dead."


The hellspawn midget was conscious all along wth-
hayupnayan. 🤣

End Ep19.
Pahabol tots for this ep. Now I really feel bad for Gao Chong. He carried the guilt for a crime he never comitted. He was framed and betrayed, all five of them were plus the Zhen family, by that sNAKE.
Ep20 again, I underestimated the amount of 🔪🔪... One of the very few people wkx truly feels thankful for has passed away in peace. Aiiight, more pain from here onwards.

XiangNing so cute... 💔
These... MEN. EUGH.
Qian Qiao jie hand in marriage please-
Xie-er plssss leave that good for nothing yifu :(

ZJ mthrfckn groomer extraordinaire fork this man...
Hellspawn offed himself... Wow. Okay. Moving on-
ZCL busiest kid in this show...
Hi YBY...
And whodafuq is this guy
Wkx be spouting lines "when everything is over, let's find a place that is warm and peaceful to live for retirement" to zzs BRUH U GONNA BE RETIRED IMMORTAL POLAR BEARS WDYM WARM?-
Wkx just... Accept your shidi-fied and shishu-fied stat pls....
lowkey everytime zzs says zcl is a good disciple my heart melts look at that baby chick-
these flashbacks 💔

Tendons... Okay.

Smol zhen yan bb nooo 💔💔
SMOL ZZS AND A PUPPER 😭💖 with this backstory mas matanda nga si zzs, can't recall who is older at tyk tho, 30ish ata si wkx while zzs isn't??idk???
These liddol kids and Yiguo are hurting me. Idk why I thought the present timeline hurt a lot, this hurts me more-
if my childhood friend(*coughsweetheart) put a goddamn leafy insect on my head when we were kids I would simply scream
THEY HUG ❤ ZiShu-ge protecc

Qin Huai Zhang is a handsome man wow, requirement sa Siji Pavillion pogi dapat

QHZ:"you must love and care for each other." SIR KUNG ALAM MO LANG-
Zzs ayaw daw nyang shidi tawag mo yan tuloy tumakbo char 🤣

Sherep nung hug na yon, isa pa pls yung wala nang kasamang tulak palayo sana-
"It's too late." 💔

End Ep20, I paused so much, needed to digest slowly with so many heavy scenes and flashbacks... I'm ready for a little fluff now 😔
Ep21 ff to the little family gathering in the woods (it's always in the woods wth insECTS) and it's sweet and hopeful with YBY leaving to find someone who can help Ah-Xu as per WKX's one and only wish, babies are excited! To go Home! But ZZS as always-
is a handsome pillar of restraint (but he smiles a little so). Scene change and I literaly thought "and then there's this put* @ ZJ... fluffy feelings effectively ruined.

Xie-er bb, leave him 😣
Wow another wild a/ssh*le appeared. QF choke on that tea-
"A fair lady has disappeared but a She-Demon only k/ills unfaithful men emerged." Idk about them but that sounds fantastic actually, these two should've been number 1 and 1.5 on her List
Xie-er, that other guy who was k/lled by Xie-er, Wu Yang... are there gonna be more adopted (*coughgroomed) sons?? pls I hope this WY isn't as brainwashed as the other two...
WenZhou + bb chick finally
ZCL so precious...idk how many times I'm gonna' say this but he iiiiiis he's just sitting there waiting for a bed time story eye-
Suddenly remembered it was WKX who taught this chick to be sticky
Lovelace won't shut up, somebody shut this sleazebag up-
Du Pu Sa is so tired of all the bullshit. SAME.
"You don't fail me and I won't turn my back on you."
ZZH mothering ZCL since day one
Ep21 end with bodies and XiangNing reuniting with WenZhou ft. chick.
EP22 The Whole Family minus Grandpa YBY in town again, ZZS wishing CWN goodluck not with GX but with Uncle Wen, we're starting this episode on a light note I see (but for how long-
THAT COUGH WAS REAL 😂 WKX pls let the man(cwn) breathe
I had to replay that GX honey, the way you stare at that man drinking his tea 😍

CWN and CWN are bABIES, must protecc
Right back atchu Lao Wen 😆 GX KNOWS.
yeeeeaaaah stop CWN you sweet child Ghost Valley Master RIGHT THERE

this is hilarious 😂
These Master-Maid (Bigbro-lil sis really) duo is the frickin LIFE of the Valley I just know it. That place is boring af w/o them
Girl, as in one whole episode ba to? wait pause-
Okay due to personal reasonsss uunahin ko muna tong special episode premiere baka mawala i 😂 pause muna episode 22
Your Gorgeous Face Sir.
Still can't get over how beautiful this man is.
Aygago ikaw pala nauna mambasa WKX eh 😂 look at this manchild, so happy teasing A-Xu
that was sO GOOD. Thank you 👖🙇
Okay well yaknow, knowing what we know about ZJ, watching him be so near ZCL creeps me the forkout

I still think Shen Shen needed to chill a bit tho
Skip to EP25, the first several seconds after the black screen for episode count? ZZS? SO? FINE? HNNGGG
putangnahen lang talaga nangingiti si WKX pag ramdam nya lalapit si ZZS...wala pang dialogue kinikilig na ko hayop
O tapos bumanat nang-
Yung mag asawang to nakakagigil
SO MARRIED MGA SER MYGOD. Thank you sa Wolong Nuts 😂
Smol Zhen Yan, smol Zhou Zishu, pupper Zhen Yi Guo... Smol ZY gave his family name to Yi Guo... 💔
how to hurt me no.1
Oh no XiangNing fighting...? Noooo...
Three old ppl suddenly fighting. CWN can't carry GCL and use qinggong... I just wanna go back to WenZhou flirting...
Boy bakit ang hina ni CWN dito? Because he was recently injured? also, old beggar gang leader d worded just like that??

Uhh... I think, of all the scenes so far, this has the "filler" vibe the most???
Godfuckingdamnit I really despise Shen Shen. So much.
Four Seasons Manor again, thank you
ZZS is on a roll this episode 💙

Also, ZCL forever precious cutie.
WenZhou no match with their son's puppy eyes. Whipped dads.
ang galing ni Gong Jun
XiangNing making up? 💓
EndEp25 with sweet XiangNing.

Heavy episode again... I miss the first six episodes :(
Ep27 first 17mins with WenZhou: *d/ying whale noises*

Next several seconds with XiangNing: *boiling kettle personified*

ZZS and WKX looks at each other like CWN looks at GX at his most besotted...*pterodactyl screech*
GX comparing CWN's staring at her to WKX looking (at ZZS):
"Let's burn their house down."

baby ChengLing soft and smiley until "some stinking bandits" hurt his shifu-

Chick def taking after WKX 😂
"Some words can't be easily said when I'm looking at you."
*cue ed music which basically doubles as their lovesong-
I have. To pause. A lot. To breathe. Wow.
CWN biggest WenZhou/ZhouWen shipper
This herb grinding is strangely erotic I'm losing my marbles-
Ep28 so far, aside from Han Ying, everyone has been either plotting Evil, being unbearably disgusting (this Du guy needs to go back to the womb), or both.
Yes thank you, Xie-er for the interruption. Time to WenZhou-
ZZS(to ZCL): don't listen to him(wkx), he has poor eyesight.

WKX: if that's true, I wouldn't be here now(implying this gae wouldn't have followed zzs back hom if he ain't beautiful af)

sirs pls it hasn't been a minute yet into your scene y r u both like this-
also, zzs's one to talk like he's not going blind by the minute-
Ever since ZZS learned to pout cutely he's been utilizing it without mercy
Lumabas bigla si Gong Jun nung dutdutin ng buto ng melon sa mukha, Han-ge Gremlin.
was it rly necessary to show ZJ's sinister mug in between the family moments ew 😔
pasalamat tong si zishu pogi na malambot pa pwe-puso. Puso.

I'm gonna' miss this easy family joy by the end of this episode...
I love Gu Xiang.

Also... CWN's uncle why can you not be the Sect Leader instead 😔
Just realized I broke my own thread wth

Ep30 so far: CWN is the best man in the entire jianghu; asking myself how Beiyuan is this beautiful; seeing Prince Jin holding the Bai Yi sword stresses me out-like your highness stop pawing ZZS's sword like that pls-
and the same prince dismissing this Peng Ju guy's mug pronto once ZZS arrives

Prince Jin: Priorities = ZZS
Sir I don't care about the wine, but the Wolong nuts?!?
Okay, what was Prince Jin about to say? ZZS used to?? WHAT

zzs used some avatar A/ang sht right there with the prince's cultivation/core/idk
Du Pu Sa is actually the mvp of the scorpions.
End Ep30 ZZS made the prince into a veggie and then he got literally hooked before the episode ended.
Ep31 idek wth happened what with XiangNing suddenly being delivered to Xie-er by the GhostBastards but I'm living for this shixiongdi emotional headpat
wkx: I wasn't a good boy, m sorry shixiong-
zzs: [pats head lovingly anyway]

In full view of everyone's salads
Precious girl A-Xiang. Her love for everyone she sees as family is so honest.
Bei Yuan asking how Zi Shu has been all these years like sir, can you not see how not okay he is rn pls

WKX's fACE. STAHP yer jealousy that's The Bestfriend!
He looks at Bei Yuan like he does with YBY while ZZS is all smiles

BY is so fiiiiine tho wow, good for Wu Xi.
I srsly canNOT with Gong Jun and Miles Wei's visuals in one scene, it's too much.
Oop BY straight on calling zzs "Zishu" and WKX replying with "do you know Ah-Xu before?"

I KNOW whatever my lizard brain thought just now ain't IT 😂 but I can't stop the TYK!war flashbacks
So putangina ito pala makakapagpataas ng presyon ko sa series na to, eksenang magkakasama lahat ng gwapo, dalawang pares mag asawa ft. XiangNing
ZZS prettiest lord to ever lord
It's funny how Siji Manor seems to acquire the good looking, well mannered lads as disciples while the arrogant looking fuccs goes to every other sect in the Jianghu
"I've seen this shit so many times already from my own lord and his spouse, this is nothing."-Ping An, probably, while WenZhou does what they do best: be sweet to each other.

He looks so done 🤣
ZZS looking prettier with WKX's jade hairpin he personally slipped on his shixiong's bun. *again, remembers episode 1 with the carved hairpin Jiuxiao gave the princess as a token of love*
NOT Bei Yuan and Wu Xi subtly flirting in front of XiangNing-

Look at him looking at his world hello-

I need to read QiYe but I'm Afraid😔
CWN is a real man, Uncle BY and WX approves.
Wow... Is this the start of the "Don't include ZZS (and also, XiYuan) on the Plan" thing? :(
I'm about to be very, very upset in the upcoming episodes, I know. I willingly spoiled myself heavily already but STILL. >:(
THAT was rly shitty, everyone involved and on the know. If only they knew what ZZS did to himself *upset seal noises*
CWN's priorities:

1. Ah-Xiang
1.5. WenZhou being happy and safe tOGETHER.
2. maybe CL too

That's it.
Man... I just... wanna' cuff wkx's gorgeous head. Whydafuq he thinks it's a good idea to keep something so very, veeeery important from his soulmate is beyond me, especially how his and Xie Wang's plans are gonna' be executed later. More rants to come when I watch THAT episode.
It's gonna' degenerate at its worst, you absolute bean-
Two spicy beans face off
Wait, hold up Shen Shen-

Rong Chang Qing was the first Chief of the Ghost Valley????? I thought the man just got cornered there when he lost his marbles
WKX you could've had Ah-Xu brushing your hair instead of a ghost valley maid
Uhh hello 👀
aww Aunt/Momma Spicy Bean 💖
Ugh... Imagine if Aunt Luo, Qian Qiao, and all their girls were led to live at the Siji Manor with its Lord(s) and disciples when it's rebuilt, protected, respected, and in peace at last :( that would've been great.
End Ep31
Valley Chief receiving so many head pats of love from the people who genuinely loves him this episode.
Five episodes to go hNNNGGGG
Ep32 uahsauhsushsha Iwasnotready. I thought I was. The script is just-

ZZS: Lao Wen promised me he would no longer manage the Ghost Valley. He went back to pick up something. After that, he'll live a cloistered life with me.

Baby chick invoking the "shifu" word instantly breaks something in wkx, you can see it in his eyes.
OooooOOh Ah-Xu arriving was not part of the pLan. (He was never part of the Plan, period)
And wkx need this whole scene to play out no matter what.

But... Ah-Xu... :'(
Just fuccing...*head in hands*
Ah noooo he really didn't count Ah-Xu trusting him with his entire being- this is fvcking pAINFUL

WKX how could you not include him jfc I'm so salty I'm about to turn into cured meat-
wkx, internally: babe, I need to appear evil and be k/illed by our silly bean by the end of this act, don't look at me like I'm your whole world rn plssss-
Shen Shen and CL's eyes: oh fuck oh fuck ohfuck this ain't part of The Plan waIT
Xie-er discreetly looking at ZJ spouting all his bullshit about being blinded by wkx
Did they also consider YBY??

watching zzs fight 3 vicious ppl all by himself got me thinking again if this is anyone's idea of keeping him safe, resting, and free of worry so he can recover the best he can before the nail extraction because I'm eye-ing wkx so hard rn
Beautifully choreographed fight scene tho, okay
Sir, he jumped after you with zero hesitation. SIR.

CL... You could've informed your beloved shifu right after... Literally anyone in the know could've even hinted to ZZS the truth...

jeesus their other lovesong is playing in the bg while they fall in slow motion it's so cheesy and sweet (but a wild YBY appears to save zzs)
Xie-er witnessing pure, unadulterated love borne from mutual trust play out when zzs followed wkx to their "death" as the person he thought he loved all his life but betrayed him time and again, cackle at his side...

he thought it was all a dream... only to find out it wasn't seconds after. ohlord wow. This is like the sensory barrage of an incoming panic attack.

zzs must punch wkx as hard as their [redacted] bodies can handle when they're both living on top of that [redacted] for this stunt
Why the fuck did they leave ZZS alone tho?? Why was there no one to stay by his side and look after him for when he wakes up??? THE GUY JUMPED AFTER WKX TO DIE TOGETHER FFS
CWN's shishu done with everyone's bs
Yeah, unpopular opinion but fuck u so much wkx for the hurt your little girl in purple feels and the haunted look of pure heartbreak you gave your soulmate.
"The world is not important, but my soulmate is. Since my soulmate is gone, what do I have to care about?" proceeds to yeet all the nails from his torso and hasten his d/eath

all three of them toasting ZJ while seething deep inside- (this lying liar who LIES)
Ye Bai Yi 😭
Oh noooo YBY talking fondly about "the brats" to the (unrequited?) love of his life jfc I was not expecting this??

#shlspoilers I did not expect to learn more at this point: RCQ creating the Ghost Valley and Water of Lethe to give evildoers another chance...this is so tragic wtf
"I didn't tell you even when you were dying that our child died outside Mount Qingya."

He referred to RX as their child. Fcking crush my heart YBY go for it-
Ep32 end, ZJ is a f/ilthy scum. That's it.
Ep33 staaart I honestly do not know what's gonna' happen here-
Every single cp in this world is so tragic. What the actual fuck. Name one cp who did not suffer. Chriist.
Xie Wang jfc baby, you make me so sad :'( Qian Qiao jie is so concerned-
Qian Qiao jie leave that maaaaaan, leave with Xie-er-
You failed the test with flying colors, congratulations
How dafuq ZJ got the confidence to face off with literally anyone in this godforsaken conference, I have no idea
If I was zzs I would've straight up thrown Bai Yi blade first at wkx with extreme prejudice
THIS HURTS. you fucked up so, so hard wkx :(((((
"We only share the same name. Are you all mistaking me for someone else?" Wtf wtf wtf
Enter the three stooges-this is so ridiculous

ZZS's face, fucking hELL.
No amount of cutesie pouting and explaining later will undo the damage wkx you idiot. Zishu just walked off but wkx's long awaited show must go on...
ZJ out here making a massive clown of himself.
Zishu's sigh... he already forgave wkx just know hngggg😔anrupok mo sir.
Zzs looked so proud of wkx.... they just smiled lovingly at each other too... 💔

Pain train entering pain tunnel next episode until the last...
I got slightly distracted by That Ass to Waist ratio woW
End ep33
Mo Huaiyang and these hyenas in human skin boils my blood

ZZS's devotion to his soulmate boils my blood for a different reason

Ye Bai Yi I just... adore the man.

3.5 episodes to go 😔
Just realized I added to the wrong post so Imma' just-

Ep34... Ily but you fucked up so bad. How could you bb :'((( Ah-Xu deserved better than that entire shit you pulled.
You go A-Xiang, dig it in, dig it deep that your master just went about making deals, plans, and promises with the Scorpion, and literally everyone else-to ZZS who knew nothing because it's not only ZZS who's FEELING IT. *sidefuckingeyesWKX
You know who else fucked up so, so bad? Yifu. Yifu did.
holding the tears at bay for Xie-er's poor, betrayed heart 💔 beautiful performance from Li Dai Kun.
Okay. Fuck. That little chin hook over Xie-er's shoulder? I FELT A THING. FuCK.
Now back to the tragic table of several ppl with a very quiet, very sad ZZS. Okay.
(I keep on pausing I'm so weak-)
Boy ZCL definitely feels something is off with his shifu...

"Ah-Xu, how would you punish me?"

-I'm about to d/ie in a few days and leave you forever because I thought you d/ied and left me first so I Romeo'd my fucking self so I can avenge you and fulfill your life goal and then follow you in the afterlife, how's that for pUnIsHmEnT-

ZZS loves his zhiji so, so much. 3 pots of wine as punishment? Pssshhh.. Man, crying in front of him and spilling his broken heart even w/o revealing the fact that his gonna' yeet to the afterlife in DAYS would've been equivalent to a slap to wkx's mug but no, he knows he only-
got days to live and by god will he not hurt wkx in any way until his literal last breath. He's going to spend his remaining days with the people he cares about and the person he loves the most. 😔

Boy hinawi mo lang yung buhok ba't naiiyak ka na agad Ah-Xu???!??? WAIT LANG-
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